EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Handicap - Harp, Harps



mental, salvation of people with LDE 293

Handicraft, Handicrafts

Handicraft, Handicrafts, different, every person needs some knowledge of Ed 218

one, every person should become proficient in at least Ed 218


Handiwork, God’s glory displayed in His 4T 581

Handkerchief, handkerchiefs

Handkerchief, handkerchiefs, used in miracles of healing at Ephesus AA 287


Handshake, importance of, in evangelism Ev 439

in personal work GW 192

no need to be ashamed to give, to Negro 9T 223

showing lack of interest GW 189

that gains confidence GW 189

two different kinds of GW 189

with friend, praise God on giving SC 119

See also Handclasp

“Hands off!”

“Hands off!”, warning of, to gospel workers 5T 595-6


Handwriting, God’s: recognized in nature Ed 119

remains in His created works DA 20

upon things of nature PP 599

on Belshazzar’s palace wall: bloodless hand wrote 5T 244

characters of, gleamed like fire PK 524

Daniel interpreted PK 528-30

gleamed with terrible distinctness PK 530

how revelers were affected by PK 524

Thomas Paine’s, devils imitated EW 264-5


on the wall, those asleep cannot discern UL 241:4


Hannah (Samuel’s mother) AH 536; 2BC 1008-9; CG 197; CT 143; FE 96; LS 120; MH 372; PP 569-72, 592; 2SG 108; 1SM 319; 5T 304

little garment woven by, for Samuel PP 572

prayer of PP 570-1

prophetic, uttered under inspiration of Spirit PP 571-2

prophetic, was song PP 572


dedication of child by, fulfilled by early training LHU 339:2

love of, represented by coat for Samuel RC 195:3

rewarded by seeing her son’s character RC 195:4

taught Samuel love and ownership of God early RC 195:2

Hannibal, N. Y.

Hannibal, N. Y. LS 112

Hansen, Mr.

Hansen, Mr., experience of, in Australia FE 212


Hanum, Ammonite king PP 714

Haphazard life

Haphazard life, man cannot live, and be true Christian 2SM 383

Haphazard manner (way)

Haphazard manner (way), God does not work in 6BC 1054

person will not work in, who labors in calmness of fear of God 8T 189

Haphazard work

Haphazard work, in home, will not stand test of judgment CG 25

not acceptable in miss. work WM 105

preparation for God’s kingdom is not MM 202

some ministers do, for churches Ev 326

there is to be no, in God’s service 4T 212; TM 319


Happier, he is, whose spirit is most unselfish CS 25

Happiest heart

Happiest heart, has Christ as abiding guest ML 157

Happiest people

Happiest people, world’s FE 83-4; ML 161

Happiest place

Happiest place, on earth, for Abraham PP 126



1. Essentials to

2. Kinds of

3. Sources of

4. True (real)

5. Miscellaneous


1. Essentials to

amusement is not TM 103

cultivation of love, sympathy, and true courtesy 3T 539

genuine and trusting faith in God MYP 410

health CD 20; CH 38; 3T 150

little courtesies of life CG 189

meek and quiet spirit 3T 81

obedience to God’s law CG 79; ML 163; 1SM 218

obedience to God’s natural and moral laws FE 61

perfect accord with God’s law of love GC 493

religion that is ML 246; WM 38

self-control 4T 243

true religion MYP 142

useful employment CG 349; 3T 235

work 1BC 1082; CG 345; 2T 529-30; 3T 77

useful LS 87

2. Kinds of

cheerful, devotion to God not detrimental to CH 627

children’s, marred by parental fault-finding and severe censure for trifling mistakes 1T 401

Esau’s concept of PP 178

eternal, course you now pursue determines your 2T 293

perfect and perpetual obedience essential to PP 49

family’s, God’s word increases CG 484

from earthly sources, changeable as varying circumstances can make it MB 16

future and eternal, growth in grace enhances CS 165

future life’s, God has made every provision for MM 100; 1SM 173

greatest, doing good to others brings 1T 161; 2SG 261

serving God brings DA 57

greatest amount of, what brings 2T 507

immeasurable, source of 1T 565

in home, principle lying at foundation of AH 421

in social relations, devotion to God not detrimental to 3BC 1156

inestimable, source of CH 28

innocent, pleasing to Christ ML 186

lasting, doing good to others brings 1T 161

life’s: does not consist in amount of earthly possessions 3T 402

little things make up 2SM 237

neglect of trifles poisons 2T 700

man’s, all heaven interested in SC 46

knowledge that safeguards 1SM 264

of intelligent beings, depends on perfect accord with law of love PP 34

of the redeemed, in world to come GC 677; 4T 72

will increase as years of eternity roll SR 432

of the whole, well-being of each is essential to FE 479

of whole universe, perfect obedience to God’s law essential to SC 62

others’: angels ever work for SC 77; 3T 381

duty to cherish kind regard for PP 536

duty to seek to promote COL 339

our words and deeds affect SD 42

preserving and industrious contribute largely to 5T 180

seize every opportunity to contribute to ML 165

truly converted soul is thoughtful of 5T 569

present and eternal, God requires only that which works for Te 278

pure and unalloyed, how to obtain more 4T 417

results when powers are most elevated and refined CH 51

sought from selfish motives, is ill-balanced, fitful, and transitory SC 124

sought outside of path of duty SC 124

stealing in almost unsought ML 184

sum of, faithful performance of littles composes 2T 700

false religion teaches that selfish pleasure is WM 172

sum of life’s: little attentions do much to make PP 158; 2T 133

little things that make up 2T 133

thoughtful courtesies make up 3T 540

supposed, that proves to be ashes ML 158

that is buried forever 3T 539

truest, pure love brings 4T 138

reward of well-doing ML 169

unalloyed, Scriptures teach men how to enjoy greatest amount of 3T 374

wife who can make or destroy her 2T 464

your, lies with yourself ML 120; MYP 31

3. Sources of

bearing Christ’s yoke 3T 335

Christ as Ev 266

Christ’s presence alone AH 28

duties performed in Christ’s name 4T 19

each person possesses his own 5T 487

empty show is not AH 150

fixing mind on cheerful things MH 248

following leadings of natural heart is not 2T 590-1

forbidden pleasures are not 2T 291

harmonious and healthy action of all powers of body and mind CH 51

heart at peace with God 7BC 942

helping others AA 12

indulgence in sin is not 4T 364

indulging in self-pleasure is not CG 182

indulging pride and luxury is not PP 49

intellect is not 2T 305; 4T 125

light and peace 2SM 298

living for self alone is not 4T 224

making others happy 2T 248, 313

many, Christians have AH 513; CT 342; FE 84; ML 212

meditation was to be 1BC 1082

money is not Ev 556

moral worth 2T 305

never-failing PP 600

not in any false path CG 67

obedience to God’s laws SD 66

obedience to laws of God’s kingdom 3BC 1143

obedience to physical laws governing our bodies 1BC 1118

performance of duty and forgetfulness of self 3T 330

perseverance and industry 5T 180

repentance toward God and faith toward Christ 4T 625

selfish gratification is not CG 206; ML 180

serving God 4T 495

shutting yourself up to yourself is not MH 362

simple order of well-regulated home AH 150

simplicity of character and lowliness of heart 3T 476

spirit of unselfish labor for others SC 80

Spirit’s transforming influence 1T 566

true moral worth and sense of duty performed 4T 125

true principles of Christianity open a 1T 565

wealth is not Ev 556; 2T 305; 4T 125

wearing Christ’s yoke 4T 224

what is around us is not, but what is within us ML 185

work Ed 214; PP 50

for happiness of others 3T 381

4. True (real)

Christ explained what constitutes DA 305

Christianity in no way incapacitates man for enjoyment of FE 83

class who know the meaning of 9T 42

defined SD 153

doing good to others brings 2T 132

experimental knowledge that brings 1T 566

found only in: being good and doing good ML 168; MYP 210-2

life of service 4BC 1160; SD 272

obedience to God’s laws Ed 103

foundation of SD 298

helping people in need brings 3BC 1153

how a student may find 7T 275

how to find ML 160, 162, 166

in faithful discharge of life’s manifold duties 2T 132

learning of Christ brings ML 181

misconception of DA 305

naturally petulant man does not know 4T 367

not found in self-indulgence and self-pleasing SD 82

obedience to God’s word essential to CG 80

possession of wealth or position does not constitute SD 153

proportionate to unselfish works prompted by Christ’s love 3T 382

result of self-denial 4T 345

seeking good of others brings CS 24

soul who forsakes truth will never know 2T 225

surmiser of evil is stranger to 5T 176

talebearer is stranger to 5T 176

unselfish ministry brings ML 165

way to, same in all ages ML 167

why many youth do not find ML 166

youth who follow impulse and inclination do not find CG 258-9

5. Miscellaneous

appetite should minister to Te 12

bound up with existence of God’s law GC 671

capacity for, how many homeowners lose AH 151

Christian has trials and afflictions with LS 292

Christian should grow constantly in ML 156; MYP 95

Christianity promotes GC 47

class who overlook, within reach 2T 640

class who seem to think, is sin MH 251; 3T 334

class who vainly depend on others for 4T 655

consciousness of duty performed increases 4T 39

courtesies small and simple contribute much to PP 158

crown of, Pharisaic concept of DA 305

does not consist in doing nothing AH 27; 1BC 1082

erroneous opinion that religion is not conducive to PP 600

evil habits destroy 4T 654

faithful Christian can enjoy, if anybody can CG 147

follows only in wake of duty CG 206

fruitless search for, that results in unhappiness 2T 640

God created man for COL 290

God delights in man’s CT 188

God designed that man should find, in work MYP 365

God desires that men constantly grow in MH 398

God does not wish men to give up anything that is for their AH 502; 2T 588

God has bountifully provided for man’s CD 20; 2T 368

God loves to provide, for youth AH 497

God requires men to give up only what would not be for their good and 2T 588

God’s law regarded as restriction upon COL 204

guarantee of, prohibitions of Ten Commandments are sure 1SM 235

heart cannot know, until molded by Spirit MYP 56

heart will never know, till it submits to Spirit SD 282

holy men of old did not seek, in worldly plans or aspirations 5T 188

home influence determines, to large degree GW 204

how men mar, by trying to stand for their rights 1T 308-9

how to find CG 79-81; ML 161; 3T 536

mistaken idea of ML 162

how worldlings expect to get 9T 254

how youth may find ML 156; MYP 95

lessons of, often hard to learn CT 51; FE 544

love of dress and pleasure wrecks, of thousands 3T 366

man can have, as he goes along LS 292

man does not have to wait until the end to find LS 292

man who could not find, because of self and sin 2T 423

man’s desire for, Bible recognizes ML 160

man’s hope of, in two worlds depends on his improvement in one AH 301; MYP 243

man’s strongest impulse urges him to seek his own ML 160

men mutually depend on one another for PP 541; 4T 71

mind centered on self cannot find 2T 248

mirth mistaken for FE 422

more men know of God, more intense will be their DA 331

multitudes seek in vain for PK 185

must always be guarded by God’s law ML 163

never found by seeking it 2T 136

obedience to Christ does not detract from men’s 3T 374

obedience to laws of nature promotes CH 386, 390

only path of, obedience to God’s will as CG 233

path of, path of obedience to God is LS 270; ML 162; PP 591

people continually seek, that they do not realize 2T 640

person wrapped up in interest for himself cannot find 4T 72

plan of salvation opens way for man to secure LS 270; ML 180

professed Christians who seem to think, is sin SD 116

progressive GC 678

proportionate to unselfish works WM 302

responsibility for our, placed by Bible upon ourselves ML 184

sacrificed on altar of fashion CG 432

Satan offered to men, for their homage DA 130

Satan the great enemy of PK 183

search for: class on wrong track in 4T 186

Solomon’s 3BC 1164; ML 167

soul and body sacrificed by some in SD 61

secret of ML 169

seek, in right way and from right source ML 162

selfishly seeking, poor work and unprofitable business 2T 56

sharing with others your, increases it 5T 262

sinners seek, in forgetfulness of God COL 200

things that mar and destroy 1T 706; 2T 640

things that throw a pall over 2T 591

thoughts too much on self are not conducive to 3T 330

way to, defined clearly PK 179

which selfish man seeks in vain 3T 397

wicked would not find, in heaven GC 542

without Christ there is no ML 157

woman who searched for, while overlooking blessings within reach 2T 640

words that destroy 1T 310

youth seek, in worldly amusements 1T 501

See also Gladness; Joy; Rejoicing


actions more than words bring TDG 244:3

activity required for TDG 33:3

adultery destroyed TSB 130

affliction with cleansing brings HP 279:3

all of life will be, if consecrated HP 66:5

amusement is not the way to obtain RC 160:4

appreciation for favors of God brings TMK 127:5

blessing another with cheering words brings OHC 64:5

called to, brethren of our Lord OHC 166:3

Calvary, pledge for our HP 45:5

character here determines, in heaven Mar 326:5


daily in the family FLB 279:3

Jesus loves and blesses; time is short TDG 238:3

children to understand that obedience to God brings LHU 160:6

choice whether or not we have OHC 63:4


as counselor brings OHC 64:2

brought, wherever He went TDG 283:3

came to bring, to all around TMK 306:3

is the only source of true FW 88:2

the storehouse of AG 259:2

wants for us, here and in next world LHU 79:6

wants us close to give us FLB 123:5

wants you to have OHC 29:2

Christians should have,

most LHU 376:5

rather than begging pardon 2MCP 643:3

to enjoy OHC 201:5

claiming promises for salvation brings HP 113:5

coming close to God brings UL 307:2

compensates self-denying effort OHC 186:2

conforming to God’s will brings AG 60:4

connection with Christ brings HP 198:6

courtesy helps make up life’s HP 180:6

wives appreciate kindness HP 206:3

depends on faith in God; we have hope TDG 333:4

disappointed in seeking, by selfish indulgence RC 305:4

diverting God’s gifts to secure TDG 132:4


performed in Christ’s name ministers to our FLB 245:7

(small) and courtesies essential for RC 305:4

to have UL 102:2

earthly things not to be chief source of TDG 42:4

educating the soul for, in conflicts of life OHC 120:4

employment provided for, in Eden OHC 223:2

endangered by relationship leading to poor marriage LYL 64:7


humanity in obedience controlled by divinity TMK 291:2

lost by wasting time on vanity TMK 309:3

evil that destroys, carried with us OHC 21:2

failure to make calling sure results in loss of OHC 76:2

filled with, while bearing burdens TMK 92:5


path lighted by Word of God brings TDG 188:3

reason for 2MCP 758:3

from what we are, not what we have HP 245:4

fruit of long cultivation TDG 190:6

gathering flowers like concentrating on 2MCP 807:2

given to others brings joy HP 180:5


desires, for humans; reason for giving law RC 305:4

is always pleased to see us have TDG 241:3

is pleased to give UL 327:3

withholds nothing that promotes TDG 162:6

God’s rules of life bring HP 361:5


does not produce OHC 63:2

is not the source of RC 305:4

grief might not hinder (for J. N. Andrews) TDG 348:3

happiness of those we help and bless brings us OHC 164:4

harmony with God’s law brings OHC 262:4

heaven affords no, for halfhearted Christians TDG 145:2

heavenly, little known HP 61:3

helping others and glorifying God brings OHC 64:4

holiness and conformity to God’s will bring RC 303:5; 3SM 191:1


and trust in God whether feeling, or not OHC 119:6

in Christ brings TDG 304:6

husbands and wives make, by continuing attentions TDG 335:2

impossible in departing from God’s requirements RC 56:4

improvement in this world determines, for both worlds RC 142:7

impulses and your own way cannot bring OHC 29:2

increase in, following where Jesus leads LYL 26:1

inexpressible, never-failing Friend brings RC 161:2

knowing God and Jesus whom He sent TMK 338:3

laboring to secure own, misery of HP 325:5

lack of, because not learning in school of Christ LHU 245:2

law of God,

thought irksome but requirements bring TSB 150:4

was to ensure UL 90:2

laws given to Israel for health and LHU 160:5


of, in eternity; sins cannot be taken along TDG 338:5

of service only place to find HP 229:2


of Christ reflected brings, and helps the world TDG 364:3

of heaven brings, to those who forget self OHC 63:3

little and great things compose HP 66:4


for glory of God brings peace and LHU 91:6

to do good and to honor Redeemer brings true TDG 280:4

looking forward to, many who are, do not find it OHC 63:2

love of God received and keeping His commandments gives OHC 13:3

love’s possessors will have OHC 175:2

loving and fearing God brings OHC 263:2


made or lost by partners’ HP 204:3

where love is cultivated is little world of 1MCP 158:1

meekness brings OHC 98:6

mind fixed on Christ brings, despite difficulties TDG 372:3

narrow way (people in) look for, at end of journey TMK 303:2


is essential to, even in this life 3SM 151:0

is the only way of OHC 24:4

to God for RC 56:3; UL 25:4

only, making Christ a constant counselor is OHC 259:5

others brought,

by speaking the praise of God HP 275:6

by those who watch and pray OHC 132:3


had greatest, among those faced with shipwreck CC 352:3

lived not for his own, yet he was happy OHC 363:4

peace and presence of Christ is the greatest FLB 237:7

poisoned by feelings of envy, evil-surmising, jealousy TDG 19:2

practicing, during new year TDG 9:6

privilege of, with Jesus OHC 97:5

probation is for forming character for Con 12:1

promoting, for others TDG 79:2

reaching for God’s ideal brings HP 33:3

real, God removes anything lying in the way of OHC 81:5

reason found for, looking on the bright side 2MCP 573:1

receiving God’s love and obeying His commandments is LHU 232:3


of good works necessary to TDG 25:5

(pure) brings OHC 333:5

(true) entering entire life gives RC 161:7

restrictions of God bring, without shame Con 73:0

rich tide of, in eternity UL 46:3

sacrifice (fire on altar of) brings OHC 191:5

sacrificed by brooding 1MCP 62:3

secret of, found in trust, obedience and love TDG 310:3

seekers of, disappointed OHC 64:4


by own way, revolting against God 2MCP 663:1

earthly TMK 232:3

outside the Divine Fount FW 88:2

(true); look at cross; turn from the forbidden LHU 233:3

seeking to bless others and glorify Christ OHC 242:5

self-indulgence not the source of TMK 121:3

selfish hopes poison TMK 253:5


destroys self-respect and 1MCP 271:2

is the bane of; it causes guilt 1MCP 271:3

shared with afflicted OHC 185:3

shown to others by God’s Spirit HP 307:3

silliness not way for Christian to find TMK 141:4

sin must be removed for OHC 81:5

sinfulness sensed poisons 2MCP 451:2

Spirit brought, in meetings to quell doubts about Ellen White 3SM 164:1

springs of, poisoned by sense of sinfulness TMK 241:4

striving to reach God’s ideal/standard brings TDG 145:4; UL 197:5

submitting to Holy Spirit’s molding brings OHC 152:5

Sun of Righteousness sufficient to bring, to world RC 304:3

sunshine of, behind the cloud HP 274:3


centered in Christ for HP 164:3; RC 308:2

of spring bring, during winter OHC 158:3

timber caused to grow for; people must use the trees TDG 276:4

treatment of digestive organs affects TDG 206:3

trust as child and have meekness and quiet spirit for TDG 310:6

trusting Jesus brings HP 62:2, 262:3

undimmed, awaits one who surrenders all HP 262:2

unknown to petulant, ill-natured person OHC 70:4

value to be placed on, by obeying nature’s laws TDG 123:2

victory in Christ to bring OHC 148:5

violating the principles of OHC 63:2

virtue is the basis of LHU 339:6

well-doing brings 3SM 280:5

without being trifling FLB 236:4


and actions affect; we can warn the youth Con 68:1

bring, by those whose thoughts are right OHC 112:4

of Christ bring OHC 329:5


brings, to the wretched TDG 132:4

(labor) indispensable for TDG 133:3

yoke of Christ brings TDG 304:4

See also Cheerfulness; Contentment; Joy; Satisfaction; Spirit; Unhappiness


Happy, Christ loves to see people AH 513

control your thoughts and words in order to be 4T 344

God wants His children to be 5T 122

in order to be, you must live to make others happy 3T 251

you must strive to attain character Christ exhibited 4T 227

no man can be, without connection with God MYP 137

persons who are most 2T 529

are always busy ML 168

go cheerfully about their daily tasks ML 168

persons who are never 1T 352

Happy Christian

Happy Christian, man cannot be, unless he is watchful Christian 8T 100

Happy people

Happy people, Christians should be most ML 177; MYP 363

Happy person

Happy person, irreligious person cannot be ML 158

Happy spirit

Happy spirit, God would have His people cultivate AH 432


Haran, city in Mesopotamia DA 479; PP 127, 172


Haran, Lot’s father PP 127; 3T 138



See Provocation

Harbinger, Harbingers

Harbinger, Harbingers, of grand and awful future, manifestations that will be 9T 47 See also Signs


Harbor, dangerous, many people are sailing in MYP 443

of gracious experiences TM 516


Hardened, how soul becomes, in course of wrongdoing 1SM 47


Hardhearted, Christianity never makes man 8T 63

follower of Christ cannot be 2SM 20

true Christian cannot be 6BC 1111

See also Heart


Hardheartedness, Christ weeps over, of professed Christians content to do nothing 8T 32

God’s compassion and man’s, contrast between COL 251

in dealing with others, warning against TM 363

why, is seen in church TM 162


abhorrence for, when God allows us to feel it TDG 239:4

religion of Christ never causes HP 141:5

Hardhearted person, Hardhearted persons

Hardhearted person, Hardhearted persons, why there are so many DA 516; 3T 539


Hardihood, that seems to pass worst human presumption 5T 628

Hardship, Hardships

Hardship, Hardships, aid in relieving and softening COL 417; PK 719

be good soldier in enduring 8T 52

be ready to endure, to tell others of Christ PK 173

Christ endured, every day MH 197

Christ lived a life of 3T 372

class least disturbed by 5T 483-4

class unaccustomed to endure, fate of LS 191

class who have no real, but borrow them from future CH 629

do not murmur or complain at 3T 423

early church endured AA 595

everyday life’s, mind needs to be braced to bear up against MM 108

gospel workers should learn to endure, in saving souls GW 144

gospel workers should not complain of 5T 406

Israelites unwilling to endure, in wilderness 3SG 249

John Mark failed to endure AA 169-70

Joseph prepared by, to fill exalted position 3SG 146

learn to endure 2T 595; 6T 335

lot of true shepherd is 2T 339

man is not degraded by DA 822; 6T 259

men unwilling to face, weakness brought to God’s work by PP 548-9

ministers must expect to endure 7T 254

Nehemiah and companions did not shrink from PK 644

part of Christ’s legacy to His people 3T 423

Paul and Barnabas endured AA 169

Paul constrained to press forward in face of AA 484

Paul’s life a continual scene of AA 331-2, 352, 439-40; 7BC 903

permitted by God as greatest blessing MB 117

persons who have not experienced, complaining of 1T 130

practical lessons in applying principles of Christian life to meet 5T 344

privilege discerned in Ed 270

school of, God trained David in Ed 152; PP 658

SDA pioneers endured 9T 98-9

shrinking from, ministers made weak and inefficient by 2T 510

strengthen men in formation of correct characters 3T 494

true minister will not shun AA 501

whatever your, trust in God Ev 238

why God permits His people to encounter MB 117

wife inclined to shun 2T 427-8

See also Adversity; Difficulty; Misfortune; Privation; Trial; Trouble


blessing instead of curse HP 46:6

Christ honored humanity in accepting its TMK 47:5

Christ was exposed to, as a man OHC 57:3

Christian legacy UL 139:6

John the Baptist fitted for self-control by CC 270:5

purposes of life led Paul forward in the face of TDG 374:5

those who pass through, to remember Jesus’ experiences UL 247:4

work of God to bring more pleasure than TMK 263:3


in new areas have, described by Christ TDG 107:3

suffering, Isa. 49 expresses sentiments of TDG 179:3

See also Convenience; Difficulties; Trials


Hareth, forest of, David in PP 658

Harlot, Harlots

Harlot, Harlots, Christ’s words were beginning of new life to MB 129

Jewish church as GC 382

lady friend of married man told to leave position of TSB 141:0

married woman who is TM 434-5

Midianite, Israelites fell prey to PP 457

slain with Zimri by Phinehas PP 455

mother of, Babylon as See Babylon

Roman Church as GC 382-3

Samson’s unhappy experience with, of Gaza PP 565-6

seductive influences of, ministers warned against TM 434-5

See also Fornication; Immorality; Licentiousness; Prostitute; Whore


Harm, physical, power near to deliver from PK 545


connection with God protects from HP 241:5

suffered by lack of love among members TDG 165:3

Harmon, Elizabeth

Harmon, Elizabeth See Bangs, Elizabeth (Harmon)

Harmon, Eunice

Harmon, Eunice

accepted Millerite Adventist teachings early EW 13

advised Ellen to seek counsel of Stockman (Elder) EW 12; LS 36; 2SG 20; 1T 29

answer of, to officer charging her family with disturbing peace 2SG 80-1

attended conference at Topsham, Me., in 1849 2SG 118

attended meetings of Millerite Adventists at Beethoven Hall in Portland, Me. LS 47; 1T 38

attended Methodist camp meeting at Buxton, Me., in summer of 1840 LS 22, 24-5; 2SG 12; 1T 16, 18-9

care of Ellen by, after her nose was broken 2SG 8

conversation of, re state of the dead LS 48-9; 1T 39-40

deeply interested in doctrine of second advent EW 13; LS 50; 2SG 23; 1T 9, 40

devout and active member of Methodist Episcopal Church 40 years LS 17; 2SG 12; 1T 9, 16

disfellowshiped by Methodists in 1843 EW 13; LS 50-3; 2SG 23-5; 1T 9, 41-3

disgusted by conduct of fanatics 2SG 50

eight children of, converted LS 17; 1T 9

encouraged Ellen and her sister to economize to save money for miss. work MYP 300

foot of, rusty nail passed through 2SG 117-8

lived at Gorham, Me.: after Ellen’s marriage 1T 79-80

in 1849 2SG 117

in 1852 2SG 161-2

in 1853 2SG 182

when Ellen was born on Nov. 26, 1827 LS 17; 1T 9

loved flowers 1T 19

mother of EGW LS 17; 1T 9

moved from Gorham to Portland, Me., while Ellen was child LS 17; 1T 9

moved from Portland to Gorham, Me., in 1846 2SG 83

resided in Maine many years LS 17; 1T 9

taught Ellen to work CG 124

Harmon, Mary

Harmon, Mary See Foss, Mary (Harmon)

Harmon, Robert, Sr.

Harmon, Robert, Sr., accepted Millerite Adventist teachings early EW 13

attended meetings of Millerite Adventists at Beethoven Hall in Portland, Me. LS 47; 1T 38

attended Methodist camp meeting at Buxton, Me., in summer of 1840 LS 22, 24-5; 2SG 12; 1T 16

death of 1T 593

deeply interested in doctrine of second advent EW 13; LS 50; 2SG 23; 1T 9, 40

devout and active member of Methodist Episcopal Church 40 years LS 17; 2SG 12; 1T 9, 16

discussion of, with Methodist minister re second advent LS 50-1; 1T 40-2

disfellowshiped by Methodists in 1843 EW 13; LS 50-3; 2SG 23-5; 1T 9, 41-3

disgusted by conduct of fanatics 2SG 50

eight children of, converted LS 17; 1T 9

exhorter in Methodist church in Portland, Me. LS 50

father of EGW LS 17; 1T 9

hatter by trade LS 47

home of, EGW given visions in 2SG 37, 65; 1T 64

in Georgia when Ellen’s nose was broken 2SG 10; 1T 11

leader of lay Methodist meetings LS 50

lived at Gorham, Me.: after Ellen’s marriage 1T 79-80

in 1849 2SG 117

in 1852 2SG 161-2

in 1853 2SG 182

when Ellen was born on Nov. 26, 1827 LS 17

moved from Gorham to Portland, Me., while Ellen was child LS 17; 1T 9

moved from Portland to Gorham, Me., in 1846 2SG 83

pillar in Methodist church of Portland, Me. LS 50; 1T 40

resided in Maine many years LS 17; 1T 9

Harmon, Robert, Jr.

Harmon, Robert, Jr., died of consumption at Gorham, Me., in 1852 LS 143; 2SG 161-4, 174

early religious experience of LS 43-6; 2SG 21; 1T 9, 34-5

expelled from Methodist Church in 1843 2SG 163

feeble in health when 19 years old LS 70; 1T 63

in 1845 2SG 82

later rejoined Methodist Church 2SG 163

left Methodist Church shortly before death 2SG 163-4

naturally devotional in youth 1T 34-5

testified in Methodist class meeting LS 45-6; 2SG 21; 1T 35-7

third angel’s message accepted by, shortly before death 2SG 162

third angel’s message rejected by 2SG 161

two years older than EGW LS 70; 1T 15, 63

EGW’s brother LS 43-6; 2SG 21; 1SM 413; 1T 15

Harmon, Sarah

Harmon, Sarah See Belden, Sarah (Harmon)

Harmonious action

Harmonious action, erroneous ideas re 1T 650

essential to success 1T 650

God requires, of His people 6T 293

need of, in gospel work 2SM 204

needed more than large buildings and numerous institutions 6T 293

result of, among church members TM 188

Satan knows that success attends 1T 650

unity and, are credentials of church before world 5T 279

want of, due to self-love and self-esteem 5T 539

Harmonious working

Harmonious working, needed among God’s people MM 96


Harmony, all gospel workers should labor in AA 92; TM 490

believers seeking, wrong spirit toward 2T 163

Christianity spreads GC 47

creation’s, depends on perfect conformity to God’s law PP 52

deceptive, among the ungodly 5T 101

discordant elements worked in, in Korah’s rebellion PP 398

erroneous concept of 5T 143

erroneous idea re 1T 650

God would have His people brought into, of action 3T 360

God’s people should work in 4T 540

God’s work moves in, when men are under His rule CS 276

gospel worker should draw in, with fellow workers 9T 258-9

gospel workers should seek to be in 9T 109

heart in, with God partakes of peace of heaven MB 28

heaven’s divine, must be represented in church DA 680

how to obtain, in family CG 205

with God SC 49

important in institutions MM 207

impossible where there is no agreement FE 181

in church, is powerful evidence in favor of Christian religion 4T 19

lack of, among gospel workers displeases God Ev 101

maintain, without compromising one principle of truth CW 79

man originally was in, with God SC 17

need of, among God’s people 4T 221-7

between SDA periodicals CW 78-9

Paul desired to be in, with brethren AA 405

perfect: gospel workers must cherish TM 329

runs through Scriptures 1SM 25-6

throughout universe before Lucifer sinned PP 35

perfect and beautiful, where finite minds see only confusion and broken purposes SC 113; 5T 706; 9T 286

persons refusing to work in, dishonor God 8T 240

physicians should strive for MM 48

plea for, among gospel workers TM 490

polygamy destroys, of home PP 145

restraint needed to preserve 2T 698

see how fully you can be in, with brethren 5T 336

should prevail among gospel workers of different nationalities 9T 187

soldiers acting in, under competent general 6T 139

soldiers of Christ must act in 6T 139

Spirit in hearts creates, among believers 5T 28

strongest witness for Christ is, among men of varied dispositions 8T 242

wheels working in, with each other 9T 259-60

when one pulse of, will beat throughout creation GC 678

when the human will be again in, with the divine GC 646

with God, brings men into harmony with one another 5T 169; TM 499

See also Concert; Co-operation; Order; Organization; Peace; Union; Unity


bringing, requires time, labor and distress RC 277:3

Christianity in the life brings UL 104:5

Christ’s life was perfectly in 1MCP 182:3

created by God’s Spirit ruling in the heart RC 300:2

decisions (publication) should wait for, among leaders PM 332:4

disciples were in, before Pentecost TDG 10:3

God’s servants to work in; minds are different TDG 262:3

lack of, excused TDG 274:3

leaders to consider the body in order to have 3SM 17:0

nationalities blend in, when in Christ’s mold OHC 171:2

principle never to be sacrificed to obtain 1MCP 244:1

seek, with brethren HP 178:4

speech and work in, with others working to the same end TDG 297:3

Spirit and Word are in; no new truth aside from the Word FW 88:1

study group after disappointment had, after light given CET 193:1

words to bring, instead of animosity VSS 45:2


all to be done in; remember Christ’s example 3SM 15:1

for TDG 111:4

of God to move in PM 229:1

workers will have, when they have spirit of Jesus 2MCP 428:1

Harp, Harps

Harp, Harps, Adam will play on, in City of God GC 647-8

angels play on See Angel

band of prophets played on PP 610

David played on: melodies he had composed PP 641

to charm away King Saul’s evil spirit PP 650-1

when harassed by anxiety PP 644

while shepherd boy 2BC 1018

while singing PP 637, 650-1, 660-1; 4aSG 113

while singing Psalm 133 PP 658

David was skillful performer on PP 643

David’s psalms were sung to accompaniment of 4aSG 93

human body as, of thousand strings ML 148

hung upon willows by Israelites in exile DA 28

music in heaven as we touch our Mar 317:6

music of: ark of covenant moved to Jerusalem with PP 707

David constantly sought themes to awaken PP 642

in dedication of Solomon’s temple PK 38

King Saul’s troubled spirit soothed by PP 643

redeemed children will be given CG 569; ML 21, 352, 357

redeemed will be given 7BC 982, 988; CS 350; CSW 55; Ev 503; EW 16-7, 52, 288-9; GC 646, 648-9, 678; LS 66-7; ML 91, 339, 357, 359; 2SG 33-5; 1T 61; 5T 485; 8T 254; Te 292

sacred, human hearts as ML 171; MYP 107; SD 198; 2SM 254; TM 519

sweet singer of Israel praised God upon MB 44

used anciently in religious services Ev 150, 500-1; 6T 62

used by angels, described 1T 146

vocal organs as, of thousand strings Ev 667