EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Fire, balls of - Flesh food, Flesh foods

Fire, balls of

Fire, balls of: Sodom destroyed by 5BC 1122

vision of buildings destroyed by Ev 29; 9T 28; WM 136-7

EGW struck on heart by, while praying LS 71

Firebrand, Firebrands

Firebrand, Firebrands, babbling tongue scatters 5T 57

temple (second) set afire by GC 33

Fire engines

Fire engines, unable to operate LS 413; 9T 13

Fireproof building

Fireproof building See Building


Firm, God’s great: all that men enjoy is received from 6T 447

believers are part of Ev 355

man is honored by being made co-partner in SD 15

no prosperity for any, unless God presides 2SM 182

See also Business; Company; Organization


Firm, Christian must stand, as rock to principle 4T 555

as rock to Christ’s teachings 9T 266

Daniel was, as rock to principle 4T 569-70

God needs men, in testimony against sin TM 412-3

martyrs stood, for truth under most aggravated circumstances 4T 336

result of standing, as rock to principle 4T 357-8

JW and EGW had to stand, as rock 3T 315


Firmament, glories of: important lessons in AA 572; CS 17; SD 17; SL 72

speak to man of God’s love CS 17; SD 17

God might have written truth on 4T 473

spangled with stars, speaks of God’s love SD 17

of chosen ones, God has in reserve PK 189

See also Heavens; Sky


look at glory of, at night FLB 26:4


Firmly, meet demands of God’s word TM 452

men in positions of trust in God’s cause must adhere, to principle AA 199

rebuke sin TM 182

Firmly rooted

Firmly rooted, result of failing to be, in truth 4T 556


Firmness, Christ’s life was characterized by SD 130

cultivate, earnestly CT 226; 4T 656

of purpose 3T 44

developing power, conflict and perplexity call for MH 500

discipline of temptation, poverty, and adversity develops DA 72

element of good character AH 320

essential in every family 5T 45

exercise, with proper discrimination AA 386

Gideon’s, where principle was concerned PP 555

habits of, training that encourages FE 73

lack of, in modern youth 5T 43

men of, needed to resist Satan TM 412-3

SDA offices need 4T 453

messengers of God need, in rebuking sin PK 105

misinterpreted as hardheartedness and willfulness 3T 315

must be most unflinching when God’s law is despised 5T 136

must not degenerate into domineering spirit 6T 151

needed in great final crisis AA 431

needed to step out on unpopular side Ev 240

overcoming sin calls for 2T 101

Paul’s, in standing for the right AA 199-200

reform must be advocated with 4T 569

SS teachers should cultivate CSW 97

Samson was one of weakest in PP 567

shun overbearing spirit in manifesting 4T 569

sister of, mercy is 4T 420

some men lack, of character 5T 297

time has come to manifest, for truth TM 165

true Christian character should be marked by, of purpose 4T 543-4

true Christian combines, of purpose with tenderness of feeling TM 176

youth who manifested, for religious principle 5T 43

See also Constancy; Steadfastness


Christ combined gentleness with HP 54:4

Christ had, but was invariably kind 3SM 237:2

cultivation of, character foundation on sand without 2MCP 688:4

repress wrong with TMK 135:3

young men to be trained for RC 195:7

See also Commitment

Firm purpose

Firm purpose, people of, God calls for 4T 75

Firm severity

Firm severity, authority must be sustained by PK 236; 5T 45


First, man who loved to be 3T 456

why some souls accounted last will become COL 403

First, seeking to be

Christ cannot trust those who are LHU 294:3; TDG 242:3

Christ’s humility shames those who are TDG 356:3

judgment will cause shame when TDG 200:3

unnecessary UL 136:4

First aid

First aid, in accidents: children and youth should be instructed in Ed 196

missionaries should know how to give Ed 221

students should know how to give FE 426-7

in common diseases, children and youth should be instructed in Ed 196

students should know how to give FE 426-7

in drowning, in 1856 2SG 207-8

First angel’s message

First angel’s message EW 232-7; GC 355-74; SR 356-63

accomplished its work SR 373

announced hour of God’s judgment GC 379

approaching judgment announced by GC 311

calls attention to true Sabbath 2SM 105

calls men to worship God as Creator GC 436-7; 2SM 106

carried to distant lands GC 368, 611

carried to every miss. station in world GC 611

children impelled to declare, in some parts of Europe SR 356

clearer understanding of, faithful Millerite Adventists received GC 432

coming of Christ as announced by GC 393-4

designed to separate God’s people from corrupting influences of world GC 379

does not point to second advent GC 424

erroneous idea that, is still in future Ev 613

erroneous ideas re EW 257

essential that we repeat CW 26-7

few ministers accepted SR 358

first preachers of, motives and labors of 1T 53; WM 80

give, to world in publications and discourses CW 27

given at right time GC 352, 405; SR 373

given to test and purify church GC 353, 380

great religious awakening foretold by GC 355

heralds truth to be proclaimed till Christ’s intercession ceases GC 435-6

how rejection of, affected popular churches EW 232-3; GC 380-90; SR 364-6

importance of proclaiming EW 188

is part of “everlasting gospel” GC 312

is to prepare men to stand in judgment GC 436

leads men to keep Sabbath GC 438

linked with second and third angels’ messages 6T 17

location of, no human authority has right to change CW 26

loud cry of Ev 84

manner in which, was given Ev 435

many thousands of people accepted SR 358

Miller (Wm.) and associates preached, in America EW 232; GC 368; SR 356-7

must be proclaimed in time of the end TM 115

must extend to islands of sea Ev 19; GW 470

must go to all people GC 450

must lighter, darkness of every continent Ev 19; GW 470

not a peg or pin of, is to be removed CW 26

not all who proclaimed, are to give third angel’s message EW 62

obedience to God’s law is required by GC 436

opening of investigative judgment was announced by GC 355-6

opposition of popular churches against SR 358-61

Paul did not preach GC 356

persons having had no experience in, duty of EW 188

persons who embraced, through fear of God’s wrath 1T 53

points to: closing work of Christ’s ministration for salvation of men GC 435

investigative judgment GC 424

popular churches rejected EW 237; SR 362, 364-5

power attending, attends third angel’s message also 2SM 109

present, in connection with second and third CD 209

proclaimed from 1840 to 1844 7BC 971; CH 547; CW 26; Ev 390; EW 232; GC 398, 611; 2SM 104; SR 356-7, 368; 1T 78-9; 9T 98

proclamation of EW 232-7; GC 355-74; SR 356-63

all heaven watched, with interest EW 260

angels interested in EW 235

effects of EW 233; SR 358-9

farmers helped in SR 358

God’s purpose in EW 232; GC 379

health institutions are to co-operate in Ev 20

house-to-house visitation in 2SM 402

in America SR 356

in Boston, Mass. Ev 84

in Europe SR 356

in Portland, Me. Ev 84

institutions of learning are to co-operate in Ev 20

largely committed to humble laymen SR 358

located by God’s word CW 26

mechanics helped in SR 358

most solemn work given to mortals is CD 76

opposition to EW 233-4, 237

ordered of God GC 457

professional men helped in EW 232; SR 358

prophecy fulfilled in EW 245; SR 373

pub. houses are to co-operate in Ev 20

SDA given work of 9T 19

some ministers united in SR 358

tended to repress fanaticism and dissension GC 398; SR 368

traders helped in SR 358

what would have happened if churches had accepted GC 379

widespread movement under SR 367

work of SDA is to sound 7T 107-8

zeal of believers in 2SM 402

prophecy of, fulfilled in advent movement of 1840-44 SR 356

Reformers did not preach GC 356

rejecters of: could not appreciate third angel’s message EW 260-1

could not receive second angel’s message EW 249

could not see light of second angel’s message EW 237

left in darkness 1SM 63

not benefited by second angel’s message EW 260

relationship of, to everlasting gospel GC 355-6

relationship of passing of time in 1844 to CW 30

seven thunders delineated events transpiring under 7BC 971

SDA faith in reference to, was correct LS 278

shows time when it was to be given GC 355-6

sound, by pen and voice CW 26-7

spiritual fall of churches that rejected EW 237

still to be proclaimed CW 26

symbolism in GC 355

testing message comprehended in Ev 613

there can be no third angel’s message without CW 27; 2SM 105

third angel’s message embraces 7BC 980; CW 26, 29; Ev 196; 8T 197

true understanding of, is vitally important EW 258-9

truths contained in: all should understand CW 29-30; Ev 196; GW 470

must be proclaimed till Christ’s intercession ceases GC 435-6

must go to all parts of world GW 470

must go to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people Ev 19

warning of, designed to correct evils shutting people away from God GC 379

was to be proclaimed: in time of end TM 115

prior to second advent PK 714

went to every mission station on earth GC 611

what would have happened if professed Christians had accepted GC 379

will be proclaimed to every nation PK 187

woe to him who removes block or stirs pin of EW 258

work of investigative judgment is announced by GC 352

See also Advent movement; Midnight cry


obedience required by RC 62:2

First and second angels’ messages

went with power; wake up TDG 282:4


First-born, Israel as God’s, among nations DA 51; PP 273; 3SG 195

of animals, angel destroyed Egypt’s DA 51; PP 273-4, 276-7; 3SG 229

set apart for God by Israel AA 337; PP 274-7, 526

First-born son, First-born sons

First-born son, First-born sons, Christ as See Christ

dedication of: commanded again when Israel left Egypt DA 51; PP 274-7

had its origin in earliest times DA 50-1

redemption money paid at DA 52

Egyptian, smitten by plague COL 85; DA 51, 77; GC 614; MH 403; PP 273-80; 3SG 228-9, 245-6; SR 118-9

Israel’s, protected from destruction in Egypt DA 51, 77; MH 403; PP 273-80

law re presentation of, significance of DA 51

of patriarchal times: advantages and privileges of DA 51; PP 177-8, 235-8, 273, 350, 395; 3SG 113; SR 87

redemption (ransom) price paid for AA 337; DA 51; PP 274, 277, 526; 4T 467

roll of, name “Jesus” was inscribed on DA 52

tribe of Levi chosen in place of DA 51; PP 277, 350, 395

See also Birthright

First commandment

First commandment See Ten Commandments

First day of week

First day of week See Sunday

First fruit, first fruits

First fruit, first fruits, Andrew and John as, of Christ’s ministry DA 138

barley sheaf offered as: before harvest could be reaped DA 786

Christ as antitype of 6BC 1092; DA 77, 785-6; GC 399; 1SM 305-7

on second day of Feast of Unleavened Bread DA 77, 785-6; PP 539-40

righteous dead raised at Christ’s resurrection as antitype of DA 785-6; 1SM 305-7

waved as thank offering before God DA 786

See also Barley; Wave sheaf

bring to God, of all your increase 6T 384

of bounties He has given you AA 340; CS 18

consecrate to God, as tribute of loyalty 4T 477

Cornelius and household as, of harvest of souls AA 139

devoted to use of priests AA 337; PP 526

faithfulness in giving, would with tithe fully supply funds for God’s work 6T 385

God’s claims upon, of all that He has given CS 72

God’s portion of, set aside first CS 81

Israelites brought: as offerings to God 4T 77

at Feast of Tabernacles PP 540

at time of yearly festivals PP 311

of all God’s gifts 4T 474

of barley DA 77, 785-6; GC 399; PP 539; 1SM 305, 307

of corn 4T 77

of every product of land PP 526

of field AA 337; PP 526; 4T 77

of harvest AA 337; 6BC 1092; 4T 77, 467

of oil AA 337; PP 526; 4T 77

of orchard PP 526

of ripe fruit 6BC 1092

of vineyard PP 526

of vintage AA 337; 4T 77

of wheat AA 337; 6BC 1092; PP 526; 4T 77

of wine AA 337; PP 526; 4T 77

of wool AA 337; PP 526; 4T 77

on second day of Feast of Unleavened Bread DA 77, 785-6; GC 399; PP 539

to Jerusalem 6BC 1092; DA 786

to sanctuary AA 337; PP 526

Israelites required to pay ransom for, of flock 4T 467

of harvest 4T 467

of Canaan, Achan robbed God of PP 496

Jericho as PP 491

presentation of, ceremony of PP 526-7

public acknowledgment of God’s goodness PP 526

presented as thank offering in Abel’s time PP 71

presented to God before tithe could be reserved PP 526

redemption of, by substituting equivalent 4T 474

reminders that God is Owner of all PP 526

reserved by God to sustain His work 6T 384

tithe was given of, of all increase CS 71

See also First-born


bring, joyfully to our Creator FLB 245:2

consecrated to God recognizing His goodness AG 149:2

First love

First love, when, will not die but increase in fervor Ev 356

Fir tree

Fir tree, life-giving properties of 7T 77

Fish, Fishes

Fish, Fishes, Christ fed, to 4,000 See Miracle to 5,000 See Miracle

contaminated and diseased by feeding on filth MH 314

daily food of fisherfolk about Sea of Galilee included DA 367; MH 47

diseased by feeding on sewage of large cities MH 314-5

caught in distant waters MH 315

in Nile River, died when water was turned to blood PP 265; 4aSG 55

in sea, man’s sin has brought God’s curse upon 1BC 1085; CD 411

Israelites clamored for, in wilderness PP 379

miraculous catch of, swept away disciples’ unbelief RC 237:6

miraculous draft of, at Christ’s bidding See Miracle

Nile River supplied Egyptian tables with plenty of 4aSG 54

on coals of fire, when Christ met with disciples by Sea of Galilee DA 810

Peter caught, with coin in its mouth DA 432-4

unclean, Israelites forbidden to eat MH 312

See also Whale

Fisher, Fishers

Fisher, Fishers, Galilean, Christ’s first disciples were Ed 85

on way to Passover PP 538


Fisherfolk, about Sea of Galilee, diet of DA 367; MH 47

Fisherman, Fishermen

Fisherman, Fishermen, coarse garments of, used as covering by day and blankets at night DA 299; MB 5

experience of, in overcoming tobacco habit Te 118-9

who overcome tea habit Te 118-9

Galilean: Christ’s words thrilled COL 395

wonders wrought for 4T 320

garb of, seven of Christ’s apostles wore DA 809

lowly dwellings of, one room in MB 39

Peter was MH 29

poor: lived in wretched hovels DA 299

Messianic hopes of DA 299; MB 5

whom Christ accepted as followers CS 152

reconciled to Stockbridge Howland 9T 191-2

Spirit made, witnesses for Christ TM 67

uncultured, became men of refinement and ability ML 96

uneducated (humble, unlearned, or untutored), Christ chose disciples from among 5BC 1088; CH 317; CT 511-2; DA 249-50, 279; Ev 632; FE 47, 359, 363; GC 171; GW 24; MH 197; MYP 169; 8T 14; 9T 174

listened to John the Baptist 2SM 148

uneducated people will be called as were the TDG 115:2

Fisherman’s boat

Fisherman’s boat, Christ used, in preaching DA 244-5


Fishing, Peter’s old love for DA 810

with nets in Sea of Galilee, night only favorable time for DA 246

Fishing boat

Fishing boat, parable of sower spoken by Christ from COL 34

Fish net

Fish net, parable of See Parable


Fissures, opening quickly, will destroy cities and villages 3SG 80

See also Volcanic eruptions

Fit, Fits

Fit, Fits, baby’s, breathing poisonous tobacco fumes causes 2SM 467; Te 58-9

nursing baby’s, causes of CD 228; 2SM 432

mother’s unhealthy condition of mind causes CH 80

unholy, that control a person unnerve him FE 264

woman subject to, healed by prayer 2SG 71-2

See also Convulsion; Spasm

Fitch, Charles

Fitch, Charles EW 17; LS 67; 2SG 35; SR 366; 1T 61

prophetic chart prepared by GC 392; SR 366-7

Fitful performance, Fitful performances

Fitful performance, Fitful performances, God is not served by CT 196

Fitful person

Fitful person, man who was 2T 638

Fitful service

Fitful service, not acceptable to God 6T 277


Fitness, God imparts, for gospel work 6T 333

heaven measures, by ability to love as Christ loved AA 551

imparted righteousness is our, for heaven MYP 35

ministers who lack, because of physical habits 4T 264-5

moral, for finishing touch of immortality 2T 66

young men who enter God’s work without CT 538-9


moral, for life with pure and blessed is solemn work OHC 338:2

Fits and starts

Fits and starts, nothing should be done by 3T 325

Fitting-up time

Fitting-up time, for heaven, now is 1SM 111

Five thousand

Five thousand, fed by Christ See Miracle


feeding of, by same One who fed people in Old Testament LHU 62:4


Flag, EGW honored with, in Europe Te 226, 267


See Banner

Flag, Flags

Flag, Flags, by river’s brink, Moses placed in ark of rushes among PP 243

See also Bulrush; Rush

Flagon, Flagons

Flagon, Flagons, used in Feast of Tabernacles DA 448-9

Flame, Flames

Flame, Flames, devouring, will consume the wicked GC 672-3

earth enveloped in a sheet of, at second advent GC 638

great, how little matter can blaze into 4T 243

John the Baptist’s life encouraged Christ’s witnesses in Ed 158

of light, glory of God’s presence like 4T 151-2

See also Fire


Flatter, allow no one to, you 5T 596

many people ready to, minister who can talk 4T 376

pastors needed who will not, God’s people AA 526

person foolish enough to, you is not true friend 3T 226

persons who, themselves that they will be saved 1T 153

Satan will, you through his agents 1T 503

to, is Satan’s work 2T 338


Flattered, confused college professor who had been 5T 92

man who loved to have his vanity 3T 552

men who permit themselves to be 5T 16

nothing pleases people better than to be 3T 345

Satan tempts men to seek to be 4T 567

two bright young men who were 3T 226

EGW pained at seeing men 5T 595

Flatterer, Flatterers

Flatterer, Flatterers, world is full of LS 330; TM 471

Flattering inducement, Flattering inducements

Flattering inducement, Flattering inducements, from enemies of truth, strictly guard against PK 570

Flattering phrase, Flattering phrases

Flattering phrase, Flattering phrases, condemned MB 68

Flattering position

Flattering position, persons hoping through disobedience to gain some 5T 625

Flattering word, Flattering words

Flattering word, Flattering words, Korah and associates used, to stir up rebellion PP 401-2

sweet to unconsecrated heart 5T 478


Flattery, beware of bestowing, on youth 5T 478

cannot be given without doing great wrong 5T 75

characters warped by 3T 364

cheap and coarse, at pleasure parties CT 340

children ruined by CG 184-5

children unfitted by, for better life CG 37

children’s vanity and willfulness fostered by 4T 200

Christ never used DA 254

Christian experience that largely depends on TM 270

coarse, in social gatherings TM 83

curse to many people 2T 338

danger of, warn man of ability re CS 147-8

Daniel did not use PK 529

Darius the Mede yielded to PK 540; SL 43

David succumbed to PP 717

delusive intoxicant of Satan FE 305

do not be elated by 4T 567

do not bestow, on persons rescued from intemperance MH 178

do not overwhelm children with CG 38

do not receive FE 304-5

does not lead to meekness and humility 2T 338

encouragement given to ministers should not savor of 1T 446

faithful pastor will not use Ev 116

false, children injured by 4T 201

fanatics who used 2SG 73

foolish, sin of condescending to MYP 349; 2SM 476

girl who becomes dupe of, by frivolous clerks 2T 181

girls warned against, from men 5T 536

give, to no man Ev 630

given to minister, is out of place 2T 338

giving or receiving, beware of COL 161

God cannot use GC 498; PP 42

God sends no messages of, to sinners PK 435

God’s people will be assailed by 1SM 194

gospel workers should stand unmoved by 3T 25

gospel workers warned against, from women 5T 595-6

has done most to lead souls into false paths SD 73

institutional workers should shun MM 145

integrity should not be moved by MH 498; 3T 47

intoxicating effects of FE 304; SD 73

Korah used, to gain adherents PP 401; 3T 345, 349

man of ability spoiled by CS 147-8

man who loved 3T 436, 456

men generally think enough of themselves and do not need 2T 338

men turned from God’s approval by 2T 494

many people love 5T 50

mind perverted by 2T 338

minister exalted by 1T 623

minister of ability may be ruined by 3T 185

minister should never receive, because of his ability 3T 185

minister who loved 3T 552

ministers ruined by 3T 236

ministers should despise Ev 679-80

ministers should not be given 2T 338

ministers should not use Ev 116; 1T 474-5; 2T 338

ministers should rebuke persons coming to them with 1T 437

ministers warned against, from brethren 1T 436

from women Ev 679-80

never give, to person of ability 3T 185

no part of Christ’s policy FE 304; SD 73

of world’s great men, Christ’s smiles more valuable than CG 41

one of Satan’s most successful devices to ruin souls FE 304-5

parents warned against, of children’s pride and folly 2T 180

part of world’s policy FE 304; SD 73

Paul did not address Felix and Drusilla with AA 423

people deserving reproof love 3T 345

permit no one to give you Ev 630

persons who garnish souls with 5BC 1093

persons who receive, from worldlings as sweet morsels TM 270

persons whose ears welcome DA 392

puffs up man with high thoughts of himself FE 304-5; SD 73

put away all 2T 338

reproof is more to be prized than 2T 338

Roman Church tried to use, on Zwingli GC 176

Satan beguiled Eve by GC 554; SR 33

Satan charms and deludes by 2T 287

Satan comes to God’s people with all kinds of MM 93-4

Satan could use, which God could not GC 498; PP 42

Satan deals in COL 161

Satan seeks to spoil gospel workers by CS 147-8

Satan used, to deceive King Saul PP 680

Satan uses: to deceive SD 73; 1SM 194

to deceive youth FE 304-5

to lure men to destruction Ev 608; PP 688

Satan’s merchandise CT 340; TM 84

Satan’s work 2T 338

seductive influence of, from men 2T 283

SDA schools should not encourage FE 286

shun, as venomous serpent Ev 679-80

Solomon unable to withstand PK 68

students endangered by FE 304-5

Tertullus tried to influence Felix by, against Paul AA 419-20

true gospel workers find no pleasure in, of women 5T 595

use of, wicked and unprincipled ML 74

women should not bestow, upon men Ev 494-5; 5T 595

women warned against, from men 5T 536

words of: deceiving and infatuating 5T 536

must be met in judgment 5T 536

persons desire, of people MB 80

souls hurt by 5T 478

used by Satan to destroy souls 5T 536

words spoken in, Satan takes advantage of CT 325

wretched state caused by 2T 326

young ministers endangered by AA 354; 1T 439, 446

youth endangered by FE 304-5; SD 73

youth nourished on, many FE 304-5; SD 73

youth should be guarded against 3T 226

youth warned against 1T 503; 5T 398

See also Applause; Approbation; Commendation; Praise


Christ never used TMK 156:4

Christians not to digress to human conjectures and TDG 40:5

Daniel did not use, on Nebuchadnezzar CC 253:2

defeats one trying in own strength to be humble 1MCP 39:2

evil of, between men and women TSB 246:2

honoring those who give you UL 119:6

instead of warning associates of danger TMK 308:4

John the Baptist did not deal in; power in his words VSS 358:2

love of HP 172:4

minister and congregation exchange TDG 55:2

poison for children; show tender regard 1MCP 145:0

Flavel, John

Flavel, John GC 252-3

Flaw, Flaws

Flaw, Flaws, picking CD 464; CH 451; 4T 324

cease 9T 106

man noted for 2T 389

spiritual starvation shown by 5T 286

with God-sent message CT 342


Flaxseed, mixed with charcoal, swollen knee treated with 2SM 300


“Flesh,” significance of, in Scriptures AH 127-8


Flesh, cut, nature’s efforts to heal MM 11

holy, erroneous doctrine of 2SM 31-9

of itself, cannot act contrary to God’s will AH 127

raw, offensive smell of CD 401

soul’s tabernacle of, belongs to God MYP 69


Christ saved our, by giving His own HP 198:4

crucifixion of,

means death to temptation not pain to body HP 198:5

required for spiritual success HP 117:4

prayer gives strength to overcome OHC 177:4

sinful, Christ suffered in the likeness of 3SM 141:5

sowing to, following the desires of the natural heart TMK 92:2

war against, needed TDG 175:3

will of God cannot be violated by, of itself HP 198:5

Word made,

praise God; possibilities almost too great to grasp TDG 373:4

wonderful condescension TDG 373:3

Flesh food, Flesh foods

1. Animals supplying

2. Diet of

3. Discarding of

4. Ill effects of (general)

5. Ill effects of (mental)

6. Ill effects of (moral and spiritual)

7. Ill effects of (physical)

8. Substitutes for

9. Miscellaneous

1. Animals supplying

disease in CD 292; Ev 664; 2T 369, 404

danger from CD 411; CH 115; 2T 63-4, 153, 404-5

rapidly increasing MH 313

diseased: effect of eating 2T 153

not good for pregnant woman 2T 383

repulsive thought of feeding on CD 412; MH 313; 2T 404

sold on markets for CD 413; MH 314; MM 280; 4aSG 146-8; 2SM 418-9

fattening and fitting of, disease produced by CH 115; MH 314; 2SM 418

having highly inflamed blood, poisonous 4aSG 147

Israel forbidden to use, not carefully bled MH 312

that had died from itself MH 312

that was torn MH 312

Israel permitted to use only, in good condition MH 312

should be healthy CD 292, 394; CH 450; 2T 369

strangled, Gentile Christians were not to eat AA 195

pagan Gentiles were accustomed to eat AA 191

2. Diet of

change from, to vegetarian can be effected MH 316-7

countries in which use of, is not justifiable CD 390

Daniel and companions did not follow 4BC 1166-7

depraved appetite finds excuses for CD 410

do not give up, for impoverished diet 2T 63

God calls for reform re Ev 664-5; MM 279

God sought to withhold, from Israel 6T 372

God understands influence of, on human system MM 277

God’s people are to take firm stand against CD 383; Ev 663; MM 278

human structure wholly affected by CD 487

is gross diet CD 322, 409

Israel deprived of 1BC 1112-3; CD 375, 378, 406; CH 111; MH 311; MM 277; PP 378; 2SM 412; Te 160

Israelites permitted to eat CD 378; MM 277; PP 295, 378, 382; 4aSG 17-8, 122

not for their best good 4aSG 18

under careful restrictions DA 617; MH 311-2

with God’s curse 3T 171

not in harmony with health reform principles CD 319, 401

not most wholesome of diets CD 394

not necessary CD 387

not right where fruits, grains, and nuts are abundant 9T 159

persons who plead for indulgence in CD 384

physicians should not prescribe CD 294, 448

positive testimony against, borne by JW and EGW in presenting health message 3T 21

reason teaches that, not as advantageous as supposed CD 397

serious question re CD 388

SDA should not subsist on CD 82, 294

SDA who follow CD 400

stimulates, but does not give strength CD 448

students affected by CD 395

sweet cakes and pastries generally more harmful than CD 334

teachers affected by CD 395

testimony re advantages of, should have no weight with SDA MM 276

unfit for Christians CD 414

unsound argument for CD 291, 397; Te 158-9

work in behalf of people who live on CD 462-3

works against spirit of true refinement and moral purity Te 161

worst diet that the sick can have CD 448; MM 223

3. Discarding of CD 82, 108, 203, 472; CH 148; MH 316; 1T 548-9; 2T 486

arguments for CD 291, 397

as hard for some people as for rum drinker to forsake his dram CD 410; MH 316

beneficial CD 445

best for physical and mental soundness CD 488

better than to eat unhealthy animals CD 394, 410; CH 450

care needed in, for vegetarian diet CD 108, 318

church members who rebel against 1T 548

duty of God’s people re CD 381; 3T 569; 9T 153

family in need of 2T 62

feebleness and weakness resulting from, soon overcome CD 292

force should not be used in bringing about CD 292, 401; Ev 664; MM 279

God’s will for His people CD 411; MM 278-9

good cooking is essential to CD 398

health reform and, in certain countries CD 462-3

Health Retreat physicians and helpers opposed CD 408

how to educate sick people re MM 227

lack of vigor felt as result of MH 316

many people could recover health by MM 222

ministers should set right example by 9T 159-60

mistakes made in 2T 63

needed to have: clear mind CD 383; Ev 663

pure blood CD 383; Ev 663

only safety now is CD 412

people should be instructed re CD 268, 462; 2SM 283; 7T 134

persons dying with tumors should not be burdened with CD 292

poor families’ duty re CD 205-6, 358

reason for, be prepared to give CD 462

restaurants should educate people re MM 306

safest course is 2T 64

sanitarium patients should be educated re, by parlor talks CD 290, 408

SDA should work steadily toward CD 381

students should be instructed re CT 313

temporary effects felt as result of MH 316; 1T 549

time has come to aim for MH 317

time will soon come for CD 357, 384; CH 495

weakness felt as result of CD 397; MH 316

EGW benefited by 4aSG 153-4

EGW’s experience in 2T 371-2

why some find, difficult to MH 316

work steadily toward CH 450

4. Ill effects of (general)

children harmed CD 232-3; 2T 362; 3T 136

cruelty to animals MH 315-6

harmful Ed 203

ill health in variety of forms CD 383; MM 222

immediate 3T 487

Israelites suffered CD 406; CH 111; MH 312; PP 377-8, 382; Te 160

need felt for drugs CH 261; 2SM 281

not always immediately realized MH 315; 4aSG 147; 2SM 418

5. Ill effects of (mental)

brain beclouded CH 115; 2T 62

brain in unwholesome condition CD 387

brain’s sensitive nerves benumbed 2T 486

development of mental powers hindered CD 402, 430; MM 274; 7T 134

intellect beclouded CH 115; 2T 62, 64

intellect enfeebled CH 114; Te 160

intellectual activity diminished CD 389; MM 277

intellectual faculties weakened 2T 60-1

intellectual powers depreciated 2T 64

intellectual powers diminished CD 389

irritable disposition Te 160

mental faculties injured CD 487

mental health endangered CH 575

mental powers weakened CD 269

mind’s fine sensibilities blunted CD 395

mind’s finer sensibilities benumbed CH 115; 2T 63

perception enfeebled CD 384

vigor of thought enfeebled CD 384

6. Ill effects of (moral and spiritual)

development of moral powers hindered 7T 134

development of spiritual powers hindered CD 402, 430; MM 274

disposition changed CD 389

eater robbed of love and sympathy he owes to others 9T 159

insubordination 1BC 1112-3; CD 375; Te 160

lustful propensities stimulated CD 389; MM 278

moral and spiritual nature enfeebled CD 389; MM 278

moral faculties injured CD 487

moral powers deadened 2T 352

moral powers depreciated 2T 64

moral powers weakened CD 269; Te 160

moral sensibilities blunted 2T 64

morals deteriorated CD 383; MM 222

not less marked than physical ills MH 315

spiritual health endangered CH 575

spiritual nature weakened Ev 663; MM 278-9

7. Ill effects of (physical)

animal appetite strengthened 2T 486

animal nature strengthened CD 383; Ev 663; MM 277-9; 2T 62

animal passions cultivated CD 390

animal passions bear sway CD 269

animal passions excited CD 384; 4aSG 132; 2T 362

animal passions strengthened CD 407; 2T 63; Te 160

animal propensities excited 2T 63

animal propensities strengthened CD 395, 487; 2T 60

animalism developed CD 390; CH 576; 9T 159

animalism strengthened CD 389

appetite created for intoxicating liquor CD 268, 487; Ev 265

appetite perverted CH 148; 2T 487

apoplexy 2SM 419

best development of physical powers hindered CD 402, 430; MM 274; 7T 134

children harmed CD 232-3

blood contaminated CD 384; MM 280

blood corrupted CD 387, 400, 412; CH 115; 2SM 360

blood depreciated 2T 368

blood fevered MH 316

blood filled with cancerous and scrofulous humors by FE 140; 3T 563

blood impurity aggravated CH 115; 2T 64

blood of bad quality 2T 61, 368

blood poisoned CH 115; MH 315; 4aSG 147; 2SM 418; 9T 160

body deteriorated CD 383; MM 222

bone in unwholesome condition CD 387

cancers CD 383, 388; MH 313; MM 278; 9T 159

children injured 2T 61-2

children’s inherited disease aggravated 2T 94

cholera 4aSG 147; 2SM 418

constitution undermined 1T 548-9

convulsions 2SM 419

cramps 2SM 419

disease and death among Israelites MH 311-2

diseases 1BC 1112; CD 292, 375, 388, 411, 488; CH 115; 2SM 418

fatal CH 115; MH 313, 315; 4aSG 147; 2SM 418

increase of CD 386; CH 115

fainting spells CH 531

faintness CD 175; 4aSG 129; 2SM 415-6

fevers 2T 153; 4aSG 147; 2SM 418

filled with cancerous germs, people eat MH 313

flesh of poor quality 2T 61

grossness of body CH 115; 2T 61, 63

harvest of pain and death CH 575-6

health injured CD 203, 367, 413, 415; MH 315; 2T 61

human system deranged 2T 64

humors of worst kind introduced into body 2T 64, 405

inflammatory diseases MM 278

Israel reaped MH 312

liability to disease: increased CH 115; 2T 61

increased tenfold CD 386; 2T 64

life and health sacrificed CD 414

lower passions excited CD 389; 2T 352

lower passions given control over higher powers 9T 159

lower passions stimulated CD 389; MM 280

lower passions strengthened CD 390; 2T 352

lower propensities given balance of power Ed 203

lower propensities strengthened CD 390

muscles in unwholesome condition CD 387

nature’s fine machinery impaired 1T 548-9

nerves excited CH 114; MH 316

nerves irritated Ed 203

nervous system excited 3T 487

pain of severe nature 4aSG 147

passions excited Ed 203

people subsisting largely on, partake of animal nature 2T 61

physical faculties injured CD 487

physical health endangered CH 575

physical powers depreciated 2T 64

physical powers weakened CD 269

physical well-being injured 9T 156

poison of worst kind taken into system 2T 405

pulmonary diseases CD 383; 9T 159

relish for plain, wholesome, and nutritious diet destroyed 4aSG 130

resistance to disease lowered CD 386-7; CH 115; 1T 548-9; 2T 64

scrofula CD 388

scrofulous humors in system FE 140; 2T 62

secret vice encouraged in children CD 399-400

seeds of disease planted in system CD 386, 412

stimulant CD 291, 397; MH 316; MM 223; 2T 486; 3T 487, 569

hurtful 1T 548-9; 3T 569

unnatural 1T 549

stomach deranged CH 114

stomach injured 2T 486

sudden death 2SM 419; 2T 61

susceptibility to changes in malarious atmosphere CD 386

system apparently invigorated Te 158-9

system filled with disease CD 268-9

system in state of inflammation 2T 61

system injured CD 407

taste perverted 2T 486

tuberculosis CD 388; MH 313

tuberculous germs in food MH 313

tumors CD 383, 388; MM 278; 9T 159

way prepared for diseases CD 390; 1T 548-9

8. Substitutes for

combinations of nuts, grains, and fruits in making CD 269

duty to provide CD 384-5, 398; CG 384; CH 495

foods wholesome, nourishing, and palatable needed as CD 289; MH 316, 317; 7T 124

fruit as CD 394, 400; MM 310

God can give His people something as CD 385

God promises wisdom to prepare CD 269; MM 267; 7T 124

health-food business should supply CD 350

healthful dishes should be nicely prepared as MM 222

inexpensive foods needed as MH 317

manna given as, to Israel 1BC 1112-3; MH 311; MM 277; PP 377-8

manufacture, with taste and skill CD 269

milk should be used as CD 394

need to be well prepared CD 256, 398; CG 384

nurses should be taught how to provide MM 226

nuts and nut foods may be used as MH 298

olives as MH 298

poor people should be taught how to prepare MM 268; 7T 133

SDA need to learn to provide 7T 126

sugar is not 2T 369-70

variety of vegetable products needed as MH 316

vegetables and small fruits as CD 400; 2SM 360

vegetables and small fruits should be raised as MM 310

9. Miscellaneous

adequate diet can be provided without Ev 534; MM 275; 9T 112, 161

always a curse to humanity CD 412

animal passions should not be strengthened by CD 322

antediluvians ate CD 373; CH 109; 4aSG 121; 2SM 412

antediluvians rendered cruel and blood-thirsty by PP 92

appetite for, man made and educated Te 160

persons who would never open lips in justification of CD 384

appetite’s clamor for, fasting with prayer to overcome CD 400

as principal article of diet FE 140

Australians freely eat CD 462, 489-90

believers in present truth should refuse Ev 265

better for the sick in some cases than desserts CD 411

better work can be done without FE 428

body needs can be better supplied without MH 316

body vigor can be preserved without 3T 50

boy who thought he could not eat without FE 151

butter should not be classed with 7T 135

camp meetings used to serve, at dining tent 6T 112

cheapest food, in Australia CD 462

in some countries MH 316

children should avoid CD 239; MM 282-3; 2T 352; 3T 488

church leaders who eat, influence of 2T 393-4

class who digress occasionally to eat 2T 487

colporteur(s) should have conscientious scruples against CD 402

colporteur’s duty when offered CH 463

condemnation of, as unfit for use CD 413

conference worker should not make light of or oppose reform re Ev 664-5; MM 279

countries in which it is not right to eat 9T 159

craving for, fasting and prayer may be necessary to overcome MM 283

is unnatural Te 160

curse to men now CD 412

decay of, in stomach CD 383

desire for, proper education diminishes MH 317

diet free from 2T 486

blessing of 2T 45

diet should be free from 2T 45

dietary can be complete without MH 299

difficult to determine amount of disease caused by CD 413

discard CD 268, 358, 410; MM 288; 3T 569

as injurious CD 202-3, 358, 367

diseased, class who cannot avoid eating 2T 63-4

fluids of, blood directly receives 2T 64

good blood cannot be made of 2T 383

diseased and poisonous, disease contracted from eating 4aSG 146-7

do not place, before children 2T 352

do not prescribe that, shall never be used CD 291; MM 227

do not taste of CD 401

doubly objectionable now Ed 203; MH 313

dying consumptives do not need to give up CD 292

eat less and less of CD 407

eaten because depraved appetite craves it 2T 63

eaters of, controlled by taste and not by principle 2T 486

do not treat, as greatest sinners CD 462

God’s warnings disregarded by CD 383

have no evidence that they walk in safe paths CD 383

little know what they are eating MH 313; 2T 404

not qualified to judge of benefits of health reform 2T 487

partake of diseased dead flesh CD 412

vegetarian can endure more labor than Te 159

EGW’s experience with, at Cooranbong, N.S.W. CD 489-90

eating excessively of, wine drinking prepares way for Te 95

eating of 2T 60-4

arguments and excuses presented for CD 391

class who have no excuse for CD 383; MM 267

cooks who encourage CD 410

does not point to purity of health reform CT 313

excuse for, rare where plenty of good milk and fruit can be had CH 450

God calls for reform re CD 401

how, becomes habit 3T 487-8

no excuse for, except depraved and perverted appetite CD 407

not advised CD 199

not in harmony with light given by God CD 381

not safe now CD 384, 411; 9T 159

not test of fellowship CD 401, 462; Ev 664; MM 279; 9T 159

people die from, without understanding the cause CD 412

points to darkness and ignorance of Egypt CT 313

result of perverted appetite Ev 664

subject of, wisely handle CD 291-2, 462

unnatural CD 380; MM 229

education needed re CD 292

at camp meetings CD 462

eggs less objectionable than CD 367

eggs should not be classed with CD 402; MM 274; 7T 135

evangelist should not make light of or oppose reform re Ev 664-5; MM 279

faintness temporarily relieved by 4aSG 153

family that partook largely of 2T 60, 404

food preparation containing, do not encourage CT 313

free use of, warning against 2T 485

God will teach His people how to prepare wholesome food without CD 92, 310, 313; MM 267

God’s people will discard CD 82, 380-1, 407; CH 450; 2T 63

good blood cannot be made by CD 322; MM 277; 2T 368

grains, fruits, and vegetables should be cooked without 2T 62

greatest breeder of disease MM 266-7

health does not depend upon CD 395; CH 115; 2T 63

Health Home should not serve CD 293

health of sinews and muscles can be had without CD 292

health reform institutions should educate people re CD 388

Health Retreat counseled to discard CD 406-10

healthful cookery possible without 1T 681

healthful food preparations superior to CD 409

highly seasoned: children prepared by, to crave stronger stimulants 3T 488

children’s vital organs worn out by CD 232

chills and fever as result of 4aSG 126

digestive organs taxed by 4aSG 129

feverish state of system produced by 4aSG 126

harmful CH 111-2

objections to CD 332; 2SM 413

perverted appetite craves 4aSG 129

rich pastry eaten with CD 232

stomach fevered by 4aSG 129

way prepared by, for use of spiritous liquor 4aSG 126

with rich gravies, craving for 4aSG 129

inspection of, reports of daily paper re CD 413

instruction regarding MH 311-7

Israelites craved and clamored for PP 377-9; 4aSG 15; 1SM 277-8; 2SM 412; 3T 171

learn to do without 9T 156

light given decidedly against CD 388

man who ate sugar instead of 2T 369

man’s original diet did not include CD 395, 410; MH 311, 316; 4aSG 120; Te 160

many persons half converted on question of, will go from God’s people CH 575

may be best, in certain cases of exhaustion CD 394; CH 450

in certain cases of illness CD 394, 411; CH 450

milk should not be classed with CD 402; MM 274; 7T 133

ministers should have conscientious scruples against CD 402

ministers should not: animalize their natures by eating CD 399

set evil example by eating CD 399; MM 281

ministers should teach people to put away things creating appetite for CD 399; MM 280

ministers supported by tithe appealed to re use of 9T 160-1

ministers who persist in eating CD 401; Ev 664-5

must bear consequences CD 401

must not make light of or oppose message of reform re CD 401; Ev 664; MM 279

mistake of many people who do not eat 2T 412

mistaken idea that muscular strength depends on MH 316; MM 277

mixtures containing, stomach ruined by CD 411

money spent for, purchase fruit with CD 408

worse than wasted CD 402, 430; MM 274

mortality caused by, not discerned CD 391; MM 278

never (or not) the best food Ev 664; MH 313; 3SG 76; 4aSG 121; 2T 400; 6T 112; Te 158-9

no excuse for eating, in SDA sanitarium CD 412

not an ounce of, should enter stomachs CD 380; MM 229

not best food for students FE 226

not good for pregnant woman 2T 382

not one morsel of, should be put in children’s mouths CD 294

not proper food for God’s people CD 390; 9T 159

not safe now MM 280

nutritive elements not adequately supplied by MH 316

people ate largely of, after Flood 4aSG 121

people besides SDA will discard 7T 124

people have plenty to satisfy hunger without CD 391; MM 278

people preparing for society of angels should discard CH 116

people waiting for Christ’s coming will eventually discard CD 380-1, 407; CH 450

permission to eat, antediluvians were not given 4aSG 120-1; CH 109; PP 107; 3SG 76; 2SM 412

consequence of man’s fall Ev 663-4; Te 161

given after Flood Ev 664; MH 311; PP 107; 3SG 76; 4aSG 120-1

given to shorten men’s lives 4aSG 121

restricted to clean animals PP 107

why God gave 3SG 76

persistent eater of, consequences awaiting CD 389; MM 279

persons discarding, should supply its place with fruits and vegetables 2T 486

warned against gluttony MH 306

persons of sedentary habits harmed most by Te 159

persons who think they cannot get along without 9T 157

perverted appetite craves 4aSG 129

perverted taste accepts CD 410

physician should discard MM 223

physicians should not encourage patients in eating of CD 388

physicians should not prescribe CD 294, 411-2, 448

physicians who love CD 448

physicians who prescribe MM 223-4

physicians who recommend diet of, disqualified as superintendents of health institutions CD 294

physician’s duty re CD 413

physician’s prescription of, no excuse for CD 412

preferable to large quantities of milk and sugar 2T 369

preparation of meals without, public demonstrations of CD 442; WM 284

principal article of food in some families 3T 563

question of whether, is safe CD 394; CH 450

rich gravies and, objections to 2SM 420

reeking with fat, perverted taste suited by CD 393

regard, as unfit for diet CD 414

religious life is more successful without CD 389

restaurants should not serve 7T 95

sale of inferior, displeases God 2T 153

sanitariums and serving of CD 289-90

san. managers should not be served CD 414

san. patient may be served, in exceptional cases CD 294

in his room CD 290, 294, 414-5

san. patients should be served food that removes desire for CD 282

san. patients should not be served CD 414; 7T 95

san. patients who demand CD 290

san. patronage should not be increased by serving CD 407, 412

san. physicians should not be served CD 414

sanitariums serving, unsound arguments in behalf of CD 409

sanitariums should discard, as injurious CD 203

sanitariums should give parlor lectures on CD 290, 408

sanitariums should not serve CD 283, 289, 412, 414; 7T 95

in dining rooms CD 290; MM 284-5

sanitariums should teach people to discard Te 88-9

san. workers should discard MM 285

san. workers should not be served CD 297, 414

Satan’s suggestions re 1T 548

schools should not serve CT 298; 9T 157

secondhand CD 396; Ev 663; MH 313; MM 279

seeds of disease taken into tissue and blood CD 386

served in Health Home, reproof re CD 413

SDA ask people to discard CD 205; MM 288

SDA can all say re, Let it alone CD 402, 430; MM 274

SDA discard, from principle 2T 367

SDA ought to be awake to danger of CH 575

SDA who eat, and jest at health reform CD 400

shops that sell, repulsive to sense of smell CD 401

small amount of, advisable in case of pregnant women deprived of nourishing food 2T 384

stimulating effects of, not essential for health and strength CD 292

sufficient argument against its use Ed 203

stomach that is not fevered by CH 148

strength does not depend upon CD 395; CH 115; 2T 63

students accomplish more without having tasted CD 389; MM 277

sugar largely used is more injurious than 2T 370

taint of, God would have men eat foods free from CD 363

temptation to eat, resist FE 428

unfit to eat 2T 153

unnecessary CD 385; CH 495

where fruit is abundant CD 413; CH 450

variety of healthful and simple dishes may be provided without CD 322, 407

vigorous health can be enjoyed without MH 316

warnings re, disregarded CD 383

what to do when served CD 462

when will SDA learn that it is dangerous to use? CD 384

EGW after nearly one year without 4aSG 153

EGW banished, from table CD 488-9

EGW became more and more afraid of CD 394

EGW did not serve to guests CD 488-9

EGW discarded CD 351, 357, 466, 487-92; 4aSG 154; 2T 371, 487

in 1863-4 4aSG 153-4

EGW never said that, should not be eaten under any circumstances CD 395, 462

EGW placed at times where she had to eat a little CD 394, 487

EGW served, to person who insisted on having it CD 489

EGW was instructed re 2T 153

EGW’s experience while living on CD 487; CH 531; 4aSG 153; 2T 371

JW and EGW could not eat, in 1850 2SG 143-4

why God sought to withhold, from Israel 6T 372

will cease to form part of SDA diet CD 380-1, 407; CH 450

See also Animal; Chicken; Fat; Fish; Ham; Meat; Sausage; Swine’s flesh; Turkey

“Fleshly lusts,”

“Fleshly lusts,” significance of, in Scriptures AH 127-8