EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Destitute person, Destitute persons - Diet

Destitute person, Destitute persons

Destitute person, Destitute persons, children may aid in helping CS 293

gospel work for, as churches are established there will be an increase of helpers for GW 436

love to God is shown by mercy to ML 232; WM 49

needs of, God would have His people relieve MM 319; TM 425

provisions made by God for PP 534

relieve, as far as possible 4T 226-7

taking advantage of needs of, man who benefited himself by 2T 156

See also Needy person; Poor person


Destitution, among believers, church members’ duty re 4T 619

widespread, prevention of PP 536; WM 16


Destroy, God does not, any man COL 84


Destroyed, sinner who is, will have destroyed himself COL 84

Destroyer, Destroyers

hand of, ponder times God has saved from TDG 58:2

training of, under Satan 5T 77


Destruction, besom of, ungodly cities are to be swept away by 7T 83

coming like mighty whirlwind EW 49

death and, will be in earth soon 8T 50

increasing 9T 270

organ of, is large in babyhood and childhood CG 101

sudden, will come on world FE 354; 3T 205; TM 407

how to be saved from DA 634

work of, Satan’s agents never pause in 9T 220


angels protect us from HP 101:3

Bible is only chart for narrow path which shuns TDG 247:4

broad road travelers rushing to TMK 303:3

cities have idolatry and will experience CL 8:4

final, monuments of human greatness crumble before 3SM 419:0

full, forbidden until God’s people are sealed Mar 175:2

invisible ones about you bent upon your OHC 356:3


causes, and charges to Seventh-day Adventists Mar 176:2

permitted to cause, as people depart more from God Mar 216:7

See also Perdition; Plagues

Destructive force, Destructive forces

Destructive force, Destructive forces, wait to spread desolation everywhere GC 614


Detachment, painful work of, needed 5T 231-2

Detective, Detectives

Detective, Detectives, over brethren, warning to persons who would be TM 295-6

Satan’s trained, persons who are 4BC 1142


Deterioration, of earthly kingdoms depicted in Daniel 2 4BC 1168


Determination/Resolve, Christian needs, in struggle for eternal life AA 311

Daniel’s, to serve God MYP 150

firm, increased will power comes with 3BC 1143

opposing circumstances create, to overcome them COL 332

gospel work must be done with 6T 418

indomitable, marks true Christian character 2BC 1003; 4T 543-4

lack of, failure in religious life because of 2T 263

of purpose, serve God with firm 2T 262

press with, in right direction COL 332

seek Christ with 5T 132

show, in work of winning souls 6T 418

soul-winning work requires, that will not fail or be discouraged 6T 418

unfailing, God’s true servants work with PK 660


act with, as Daniel did and nothing can hinder 1MCP 105:0

character building requires earnest OHC 84:4

character determines nature of 2MCP 757:2

Christ gives steadiness of, with His character TDG 238:3

drifting without UL 139:5

dwell on heavenly attributes of Christ with 3SM 183:2

grace is not a substitute for 2MCP 691:3

great, required to incline to God’s will and way OHC 91:3

hold only to Christ by, for victory LHU 372:3

inclining the will to God’s will requires great 2MCP 757:2

influence of personal LHU 129:5

life molded by faith develops HP 109:4

living for God by FLB 82:7

needed rather than filling life with trifles FLB 316:4

power of, provided for last struggle 3SM 426:1

prayer brings holy HP 85:5

resolute, sanctified in Christ will do wonders 1MCP 51:1

seen in Spirit-filled life OHC 330:2

work for God with, and with a positive attitude 1MCP 44:3

workers carrying third angel’s message to show TDG 71:5

See also Decision; Principle; Will


“Determined,” in Dan. 9:24, signifies “cut off” GC 326


Detraction, persons proclaiming third angel’s message must stand bravely in face of GW 264

Detroit, Mich.

Detroit, Mich. Ev 402

Deuteronomy, book of

Deuteronomy, book of: book of covenant forms part of PK 392-4

God’s law repeated in 1BC 1117; PP 463; SR 170-1

Jeremiah called attention to PK 411-2

Moses wrote AA 222; CW 145; PP 463-8; 6T 12

after giving it in oral discourses PP 503

over 1,400 years before Christ DA 121

prophecies of, fulfillment of PK 394-6, 569

read and study 1BC 1117; PK 570; 6T 273


Development, all faculties of mind and body need CT 145

all powers of man’s being should receive CT 295

Christ’s, was perfect at each stage of growth COL 83; CT 141

different degrees of Ed 50

erroneous claim that mankind needs, instead of redemption PP 73

God’s method of Ed 14

God’s plan for, of man’s body, mind, and soul Ed 15-6

harmonious, needed of physical, mental, and spiritual powers Ed 13

highest, of strength, mind, and heart CT 32; Ed 16

highest possible, every faculty should receive CT 394

highest standard of, God desires His people to reach MH 397

in God’s service MH 497-502

individual, in Christian service 9T 42

man’s highest, law of monogamy was given for MB 63-4

mental See Mental development; Mind

moral should be combined with physical and mental culture in 3T 157

of all his powers, man’s first duty to God and man is COL 329

of all man’s powers, in world to come Ed 307; GC 677

of all their faculties, teach youth to aim at Ed 232

of body’s organs, child should receive proper CT 108

of character See Character

of Christian experience, education needs to insist on CT 416; FE 357

of plant from seed, object lesson in child training COL 82-4; CT 140-1

of talent and aptitude, in God’s service 9T 129

one-sided, failure to learn lessons in John 17 results in 8T 239-40

organization and, of SDA Church TM 24-32

possibilities of man’s, no limit to Ed 125

possibilities of soul’s, infinite Ed 172

principles of, in child care Ed 275

real, has its source in knowledge of God Ed 14

same, not all people reach Ed 267

spiritual, should be made daily 9T 278

true, unselfishness underlies all CT 32; Ed 16

whatever promotes physical health promotes, of mind and character Ed 195

youth’s, manual labor’s bearing on CT 307

See also Advancement; Growth; Improvement; Progress; Self-improvement


balanced, to serve God; student to guard affections LYL 76:3

personal, accountable to God for, not to others PM 139:0

talents used for balanced OHC 106:7

unselfishness underlies all true RC 51:3

Devens, R. M.

Devens, R. M., quoted GC 306, 333

Device, Devices

Device, Devices, Satan is fruitful in, for evading truth Ev 305

Satan’s, careless and indifferent believer will be overcome by 3T 572

pray that you may not be deluded by MYP 84

See also Deception; Delusion; Snare

Devil, devils (evil angels)

Devil, devils (evil angels), accidents caused by, to destroy gospel workers 1T 347

active and working, history of past shows 5T 504

adulterers who are aided by 5T 142

agency of GC 511-7

alarmed when Christians earnestly pray to Christ for help 1T 296

all, oppose soul-saving work 5T 204

will aid Satan in manifesting his power GC 398

angels are more powerful than 2SG 277-8

angels contend and battle with 1T 301

angels contend with, for men’s souls DA 259; MYP 52-3, 60; 1T 345-6

angels drive back, from praying souls MYP 53

from the faithful COL 318; 2SG 277-8; 5T 165

angels drove back, from Christ’s tomb EW 181-2

angels protect God’s people against harm by GC 517

angels taunted by: because of lukewarmness of God’s people 2SG 227; 1T 188

with covetous acts of professed Christians EW 268

with indifference of professed Christians EW 235

with sins of leaders of God’s people 4aSG 39

angels who rebelled against God became EW 145-7; GC 492-504; 3SG 36-8; SR 13-9

annoyance by, when God’s people shall be forever free from 1T 354

appear as messengers from spirit world SR 393

appearing in human form DA 733, 746

armed men will be urged by, to destroy God’s people in time of trouble GC 635

army of, pressed back from men by angels COL 318

assail all who serve God GC 610

atmosphere corrupted by, with poisonous influence 1T 180, 345, 430

attend: persons who refuse to be controlled by Spirit DA 656

sowers of seeds of dissension and strife 7BC 940-1

attracted in numbers about persons talking and cherishing unbelief 1T 430

battle for soul once under their dominion DA 259

beautiful and glorious when created as angels DA 760

became turbulent with disappointed hopes after their fall SR 25

bitter recrimination among SR 25

bring all their powers to bear upon God’s people 1T 263

brought into: camp meetings 5T 165

meeting 4T 246

busy 1T 178

can counterfeit dead people’s looks, words, and tones GC 552; 4aSG 84; SR 393

can destroy your possessions when permitted GC 517

can disorder and torment men’s bodies GC 517

can make representations of dead persons visible to human eyes Ev 604; SR 393

cannot break through guard stationed about God’s people CG 517

cannot harm you without your consent AH 405

cannot shut out God’s presence from His people GC 529

cast out by: Christ’s word DA 390

Paul in Ephesus AA 286-7

cast out of: deaf and dumb boy DA 428

Syrophoenician woman’s daughter DA 401-2

woman engaged in soothsaying AA 212-3

casting out of, claimed in fanatical demonstrations 1MCP 40:1

Christ acknowledged by, as Holy One of God DA 467

as Son of God DA 542

Christ made, to tremble DA 755

cloud of, Moses Hull surrounded by 1T 427

combined against God’s people 1T 197

commissioned by Satan to: be vigilant against God’s people EW 105

employ men as their agents on earth 2T 105

communion with, proof that a person is in 5T 225

condition of, before their fall DA 760; GC 493-4, 513; PP 33-6; 3T 418

confederacy of GC 513

confined to desolate earth during millennium EW 290; GC 659

contemptible triumph of, over souls whom they secure 2T 555

control of, how men invite 5T 310

persons who invite DA 258

co-operate with Satan in warfare against God’s authority GC 513

council of, to plot defeat of Christ EW 158-9

created sinless in beginning GC 513

cunning, work of 1T 378

Daniel’s godly influence feared by 1T 295

dead apostles impersonated by EW 90, 264; GC 557

dead friends impersonated by EW 87, 262; GC 560; PP 684-5

dead generals impersonated by 1T 364

dead infidels impersonated by EW 90, 264

dead leaders of American Revolutionary War impersonated by 1T 364

dead persons impersonated by 2BC 1022; Ev 603-4; EW 87, 90, 262-4; GC 552-3, 560; PP 676-80, 684-6; 4aSG 84, 118-9; SR 393; 1T 298-300, 364

dead relatives impersonated by EW 87, 262; GC 560

dead saints impersonated by Ev 604

dead warriors impersonated by 1T 364

dead wicked men impersonated by Ev 604; EW 264

direct work of, mysterious rapping that was GC 553; SR 394

discord among GC 505-6; SR 25

disputed Christ’s right to raise Moses from grave PP 478

dissension in church is exploited by 1SM 123

do Satan’s bidding GC 552; SR 393

doctrines of: alpha of danger of 1SM 197

belief in spiritual manifestations opens door to GC 604

keep careful watch against MM 90

many church members will give heed to Ev 361

omega of danger of 1SM 197

doctrines presented by, as pretended visitants from world of spirits GC 552

efforts of, to array mankind against God’s government GC 624

eight, parable of DA 323-4

employ all their arts to deceive and destroy AA 290

erroneous idea that men’s evil thoughts and impulses are SD 79

evil men and: form confederations DA 487; Ev 365; TM 62

exulted during French Revolution GC 286

leagued (united) in desperate companionship against God GC 505; SD 41

no man can serve God without uniting against himself 4T 595

no natural enmity between SD 41

unite to defeat God’s purpose PP 393

war against Christ’s kingdom 6BC 1119

evil men confederate with, under pretense of zeal for righteousness DA 487

existence of: not considered as it should be 5T 533

peril of persons who deny GC 516

regarded as fiction by many people 1SM 270

set forth in God’s word 5T 533

expulsion of, from heaven 6BC 1116; 7BC 973; EW 146; GC 497-9, 513; PP 41-3; 3SG 37-8; SR 17-9, 30

exult when means of God’s professed people flow into their hands 1T 200

exulting and sneering triumph of, over professed Christians’ faults and wrongdoings 2T 171

false doctrine that opens way for spirits of, to deceive Ev 603

familiar guests in: gaming room 4T 652

place where there is card playing 4T 652

familiar spirits of Bible times were PP 685

fell from high estate through insubordination 3T 418

fled from Christ’s tomb at approach of heavenly angel DA 782

followers of Christ are ever safe against GC 517

fretting and scolding opens home to AH 441

fruit of 1T 188

gather as invited guests around careless souls 5T 511

God’s people safe against, while under Christ’s watchcare GC 517

God’s people will have to meet MM 93

God’s restraining power removed from, when Israel rejected His grace GC 28

God’s word is only weapon His people can use successfully against DA 257; 1T 302

God’s work cannot be hindered by GC 529

government of GC 513

grinned in exultation over Moses Hull 1T 430

guilt of, is unpardonable 4BC 1163

habitation of, mind that was DA 568

handkerchiefs and aprons used in casting out AA 287

hate one another 1T 346

have easy access to unconverted children CT 118

hearts are hardened by GC 599

held in check by angels’ brightness and glory 5T 475

host of, around Christ’s tomb DA 779

how men are deceived into worshiping 1T 298-9

how men bring themselves under control of 2SG 277-8

impersonating dead people: miracles will be wrought by EW 87, 262

un-Scriptural doctrines will be advocated by EW 87, 262-4

will sanction change of Sabbath EW 87

influence of: angels help persons who energetically resist 1T 181

men’s unrestrained thoughts and feelings brought under 5T 310

miracles will be wrought by men under 7BC 939

over Medo-Persian rulers 1T 295

will be felt in popular churches GC 604

innumerable host of, crowding popular churches EW 274

intelligence of GC 513

intercourse with, youth who hold MYP 276

Judas Iscariot was possessed by DA 645

judged by the righteous during millennium EW 291; GC 660-1

Laodiceans who will be left to control of 2SG 226; 1T 187

large number of, sinned 9T 21

last struggle of, against God at close of millennium EW 293-4; GC 663-4; 3SG 85

leagued together for dishonor of God and destruction of man GC 513

led into rebellion by power of a lie 6T 190

legion of, company of no less than GC 514

legions of: aid Satan in his work 2T 287

around Christ on Calvary 2T 214-5

enclosed Christ in Gethsemane DA 693

Satan will call to his aid, to wrest one soul from Christ 1T 345-6

used by Satan against God’s work 4T 210

watching for opportunity to get hold of human minds SD 196

like roaring lions, seek to destroy Christ’s followers EW 192

lying dreams given to men by 1T 433

make every effort and use every device to advance error and wrong 1T 467

malicious designs of, against man’s peace and happiness GC 513

malignity and power of, no man can safely be ignorant or unheeding of GC 513

man forbidden by James and John to cast out DA 437

man in his own strength has no defense against GC 517

man who led people to think they were possessed by 2SM 45

men are set free from, through God’s grace DA 323

men used by, as mediums of communication DA 338

men who debate with spiritualists communicate with 3T 485

men who have, as attendants 2T 514

many people resort to, rather than to trust in God’s power CH 454

mark mean and covetous acts of professed Christians EW 268-9

marshaled in companies GC 514

marvels and miracles wrought by, in sight of men 1T 302

Mary (sister of Lazarus) delivered from, by Christ seven times DA 568

mind once yielded to direct control of, weakness of 3T 414

minds blinded by GC 599

minds can be distracted by, when permitted GC 517

minds of, controlled by Satan GC 507-8

ministers against whom, will be arrayed 2T 515

most active during: Christ’s ministry DA 257

great final conflict DA 257

multitudes today are under power of MH 92

name of host of, is legion 9T 22

nine apostles mocked by, with fresh display of power DA 427

no dissension between, re hatred for Christ GC 505

on Christian’s track every moment MYP 61; 1T 302

on schoolground, at Australian school CT 350

on side of Pharisees arguing with healed blind man DA 473

once inhabitants of New Jerusalem 3SG 85

once were glorious seraphim who ministered in heavenly courts DA 760

one third of angels became 3T 115; 5T 291

only delight of, is in misery and destruction GC 517

opposition to, opposition to teachings of spiritualism is GC 559

OT history occasionally mentions GC 513

Paine’s (Thomas) writing’s largely dictated by EW 90, 264-5

part played by, in Civil War in USA 1T 364-6

people in total darkness seen surrounded by 1T 347

persecution inspired against God’s people by EW 221-2

persons over whom, exult Ev 594

persons possessed of, Christ imparted life to DA 823

should hear God’s voice through His people WM 22

persons rent by, Christ’s feelings re DA 823

pleasures used by, to ensnare souls CT 281

plot of: against God’s law EW 215-6

to destroy Daniel PK 540, 543-4

to make Garden of Eden their home SR 28

power given by Christ to resist 9T 22

power of: angels guard subjects of God’s grace against PP 65

angels guard (protect) the faithful from EW 60, 127, 152, 283; 2SG 277-8

angels restrain 7BC 967

angels wrench struggling souls from 1T 301

over children may be broken by parents’ prayers CT 118

over men in their disobedience GC 516-7; 1SM 94

protection of the faithful against GC 517

subject to Christ’s control DA 341

power to cast out, man who thought he had 2SM 45

predictions made by, sometimes come to pass GC 552; SR 394; 1T 364

prepared to counteract influence of Christ’s discourses 5T 253

presence of: expression of doubt encourages 1SM 122-3

how men invite 5T 310

indulging in unbelief encourages 1SM 122-3

not discerned with natural vision 5T 533

present at celebration of ordinances of church DA 656

present in assemblies where gospel is preached COL 44

present when God’s law was given at Mt. Sinai PP 334

press around: God’s people after shaking time 1T 182

to shut out Christ from men’s view 1T 180

pretending to cast out 2SM 46

pride prompted and encouraged by 1T 134

prince of, Beelzebub as DA 730

profess to put the living in communication with the dead GC 552

professed Christians who are attended by 2T 514

propositions made to careless souls by 5T 511

punishment and destruction of, at close of millennium EW 294-5; GC 660, 673; SR 428-9

with everlasting destruction 2T 396

quote Scriptures 2T 171

ready to contest every step of advance PP 423

rebellion of, in heaven EW 145-7; GC 492-504, 513; PP 33-43; 3SG 36-8; SR 13-9, 29-30

regarded as spirits of the dead PP 685

reinforced by Satan: around soul seeking Christ 1T 346

around victims of spiritualism 1T 344

in efforts to keep a soul captive MYP 53

rejoice to see Christ denied in SDA schools 6T 166

rejoiced when plan of salvation was revealed PP 66

rejoiced while Christ hung on cross PK 701

remorse of, after expulsion from heaven SR 25-7

restricted to earth during millennium EW 290; GC 659

results of tempting, to tempt you MYP 60

role of, in spiritualism EW 86-91, 262-6; GC 551-62; PP 675-89; SR 393-8

See also Spiritualism

Satan assigns to each, his part to act EW 90, 264

Satan taught, to be sly, artful, and cunning EW 90, 264

seduced from loyalty to God by Satan’s scientific theories 8T 290

seek access to God’s people constantly GC 517

seek to: control men’s bodies DA 257

control men’s minds AH 405; 2SG 278; 2SM 53

discredit Christ’s miracles EW 266

divert minds from Christ 1T 543

know your waywardness and besetting sins EW 105

sent by Satan to speak for Christ’s apostles EW 90

sent with messages contradicting Bible EW 90

sick people will be healed by, before God’s people 2SM 53; 1T 302

sickness can be caused by 2SM 53

snares laid by, for SDA EW 266

souls that cannot be impeached by MH 90

spirits of: appearing as visitants from other worlds GC 556

army officers during Civil War in USA received instruction from 1T 364

be prepared to withstand, with Bible truth EW 87

fruits of 2SG 226; 1T 188

haunt of, abode of witch of Endor was PP 679

lying communications given by 1T 364

many professed Christians resort to 5T 193-4

press their darkness around God’s people 5T 199

wicked men surrounded, influenced, and aided by 5T 199

will go forth to deceive rulers and subjects alike GC 624

work with all power to deceive and destroy 5T 199

strife among SR 25

strive for dominion over every human being MH 128

struggles of, to wrest one soul from Christ 1T 301

subject to God’s power AA 287

subtlety of GC 513

swine destroyed by, in Decapolis DA 338, 404; GC 514-5

telegraph agents on earth what course to pursue 1T 430

terrible destructive power will be exercised by, when God permits GC 614

tremble at sound of fervent prayer MYP 53; 1T 346

true ministers of God are hated by EW 267

try to invent ways to annoy and destroy God’s people EW 60

twofold plan of, to oppose Moses’ work 1T 291

unpardonable sin committed by 4BC 1163; EW 146

unwilling to lose their prey MYP 60

use every means in their power to destroy souls CT 267

vacancy created by fall of, filled by the redeemed 7BC 949; 5T 473

various orders of GC 513

vast army of, exert power to destroy souls 7T 30

vast number of, seduced by Satan PP 331

war with one another 1T 346

watch: for opportunities to defeat efforts of God’s people Ev 67

people who spend most of night in courting MYP 457

ways and means suggested and devised by, to lead people from truth 2T 555

weakest saint is more than match for all, through divine strength 5T 293

whisper in men’s ears 4aSG 118; 1T 433

low and corrupt teachings 4aSG 118

wicked men influenced by 5T 199

wicked people and rulers left to control of, after Christ leaves most holy place 1T 204

will create what some people will claim to be advanced light Ev 590; TM 229

wise to do evil Ev 590; TM 229

wished to be reinstated in heaven after their fall EW 146

work all around us 5T 533

work of, as evil spirits GC 511-7

if human eyes could be opened to discern 1T 302

mysterious rapping with which modern spiritualism began was GC 553; SR 394

working all the time upon men’s hearts 2SM 51

working with: all deceivableness of unrighteousness 1SM 194

mighty power 1T 271

worldly treasure offered by, to lure men away from God 1T 168

See also Angel; Demon; Satan; Spirit

Devil possession

Devil possession DA 255-6; GC 515-6

modern, cases of 2SM 353

physical suffering not always involved in GC 516

spirit of divination and GC 516

See also Demon possession

Devil worship

Devil worship, ancient and modern PP 685-6

seen in vision by John 6T 15


Devotion, abstract, Christ never taught LS 80

time should not be spent in 5T 276

acts of, make everyday duties become CM 77

Christ’s, to work of saving souls Ev 644

continual, establishes close relation between Christ and disciple DA 251

makes disciple like Master GW 285

cultivation of, needed 5T 423-5

encourage, to God 3T 326

fervent, has given place to hollow formalism PP 166

incentive to, persons who lack SC 101

Israel’s, worthy of imitation PP 344

love and, Christ bound men to His heart by ties of Ed 80

love for, must be cultivated 4T 105

martyr’s, foreign missionary must have GW 469

men of, God calls for PK 263

ministers should be GW 124

more fervent, needed among God’s people 6T 51

must take place of irreligion and careless indifference 4T 582

needed in God’s work 9T 124

Nehemiah’s firm, to God’s work PK 660

no special increase of, seen as SDA increase in numbers 4T 535

now is time to show, to Christ’s service SD 54

one person’s, will not offset lack of it in another GC 490; SD 355

persons knowing least of, most eagerly seek highest places 5T 174

persons who are best developed in Ev 356

rare among God’s people 1T 469

robbing God of 5T 434

should be sincere, earnest, and heartfelt CT 502

should correspond to light given 5T 717

spirit of: cherish 3BC 1157; SD 109

surrender of self in willing service to God and man shows DA 278

true, how to manifest DA 278

youth should cultivate 2T 237

spurious CS 205; WM 290

offerings should not be brought into God’s treasury by means of CS 205

supreme, God demands His people’s SD 57

thought and, should go together 3T 217

to Christ, result of continual DA 251

to God: first requisite in preparing sanctuary PP 343

more important than singing Ev 506

need of loving 1SM 353

not detrimental to health CH 627

true, encourage spirit of 2T 48

wholehearted, give to God MB 91

unselfish, first requisite of acceptable service for God PK 65

See also Faithfulness; Fidelity; Loyalty


absence of, through denying Christ our righteousness FW 15:1

actions to all become HP 201:3

attachments (courtship) between workers lessens PM 74:1

awakening, in others after being taught by Christ TDG 90:3

desire to express, with God in the heart OHC 105:4

Enoch educated his mind to TMK 320:2


care of, demands our TMK 127:5

has a right to command our HP 90:5

health reform required for pure 2MCP 407:2

love for souls reveals 1MCP 241:2

necessity of special seasons of HP 69:2

sexual excess destroys love for TSB 113:1

subjects that increase, discipline thoughts on TDG 66:3

thoughts controlled by discipline lead to greater OHC 112:4; RC 163:6

See also Piety; Worship

Devotion (prayer)

Devotion (prayer), mind should be trained to delight in 2T 265

morning and evening, should not be neglected because of inconvenience 2T 280-1

seasons of: humble Christian will have 2T 507

should be calm, tranquil, deep, constant, and earnest 2T 507

should not be spasmodic, fitful, or superstitious 2T 507

too great haste in, caution against Ed 260

why many people fail to receive blessing in Ed 260

secret, prayers in MB 84


Devotional, woman who was not naturally 5T 288

Devotional exercise, Devotional exercises

Devotional exercise, Devotional exercises, daily, needed in sanitariums MM 208

schools should give part of each day to FE 73

grace and spiritual vigor increased by 3BC 1157

love for, sexual excess destroys 2T 477

should not consist wholly in asking and receiving SC 102-3; 5T 317

songs as part of SC 103

weighed by angels ChS 211

Devotional feeling, Devotional feelings

Devotional feeling, Devotional feelings, cultivate 2T 264, 289

persons who lack, on Sabbath 3SG 254

Devotional meeting, Devotional meetings

Devotional meeting, Devotional meetings, use of voice in CT 245

Devotional spirit

Devotional spirit, SDA are losing 2SM 314-5


morning, Ellen White ended prayer in, with the Lord’s Prayer TMK 261:3


Dew, Baal worshipers’ claims re PK 115-6, 120

bears witness to Creator 6T 358

chilling, fell on Christ in Gethsemane DA 687, 689; 2T 202, 508

Christ as spiritual, to new converts Ev 284

Christ’s words as, softening and subduing souls SL 61

falling gently, Christ called attention to DA 525

God’s blessings as, on praying ones in family worship ML 33; 1T 31; 7T 44

heavenly, be ready to receive Ev 702

gospel seed must be quickened by GW 284

hills of Gilboa devoid of See Gilboa

kind words as, to souls AH 435; GW 122

lack of, in Elijah’s time PK 120, 123, 144; 3T 263

let your words be as, in seeking to win souls MYP 227; 6T 400

let your words fall gently as, to win men from error MH 157

mistlike, watered earth before Flood PP 96-7; GC 338; SR 66

obeys God’s laws 8T 327

of divine grace: caviling and criticism leave soul devoid of LS 325; TM 466

hearts refreshed by DA 153

Jacob’s vow made while he was refreshed with 4T 466

minister needs to seek God for, before preaching GW 176; 4T 315

refreshes and nourishes seed of truth DA 192

thirsty soul may be refreshed by GW 176; 4T 315

of youth, children should be taught self-denial in CSW 129

plant of love watered by 5T 343-4

religious pretense that fades as, when sun shines on it TM 427

repentance that is as vanishing, under morning sun 1SM 108

restoring love seen in Ed 101

sent by God 1SM 294

to cause seed to germinate TM 506

to water earth COL 351; 2T 652; 5T 312

to water plants 3BC 1155; COL 66-7; DA 353; Ed 106; MYP 189; 2T 327; 6T 400; TM 367, 494

souls like desert unrefreshed by 2T 575, 599

spirit of peace rests as, upon hearts MB 28

Spirit’s work as, in gospel work TM 506

torrent of words that are not as 6T 400

under God’s supervision 6BC 1067; COL 81; MM 7; 8T 327

words should fall gently as, in proclaiming truth GW 119

words sweet and kind are as, to souls COL 336


improved by will power OHC 228:3

Diadem, Diadems

Diadem, Diadems, of glory, worn by Christ at second advent GC 641

placed on David’s brow PP 702

redeemed will wear 3BC 1159; 6BC 1081; GC 650; SD 185; 5T 620

uplift Christ’s, above earthly potentates 6T 402

See also Crown


Diagnosis, physician’s careless, may cause sacrifice of a life MH 117

Diamond, Diamonds

Diamond, Diamonds, crown studded with 1T 347

deeds more valuable than CS 226

prayer mixed with specks like 7BC 939


Diana, Ephesian goddess AA 286, 291-2; 7BC 957


Diarrhea, three-year-old boy who had CD 240


Diary, persons who should keep 2BC 1012

EGW’s, for part of 1859 WM 322

Dictate, Dictates

Dictate, Dictates, gospel workers should not act out, of natural heart DA 353

no man should be compelled to obey, of finite mind TM 483

of conscience See Conscience


Dictate, man who would, to angels 4T 238


Dictating, authority for, position of trust in church gives no DA 414

in gospel work, warnings against TM 483

like officer to soldiers, leaders of God’s people should not be 7T 38; 9T 146

sister who needed less faultfinding and 4T 64

some SDA will want to be TM 300

teachers given to CT 192-3


Dictation, church leaders should not assume power of, over conscience of others TM 349

God has not placed any of His workers under, of erring mortals TM 347

human, young gospel workers are not to grind out certain subjects by 6T 415

Jeremiah’s message given by, to Baruch PK 432

Dictator, Dictators

Dictator, Dictators, authority of, position in church does not give 8T 170

avoid being like; preach the love of Christ 1MCP 40:3

canvassing teacher not to stand as PM 265:3

conference officer should not become TM 477

dismiss, from God’s work 9T 282

gospel workers should never attempt to act as CS 147

in church, warning against AA 199

men in positions of responsibility should not be 9T 282

leaders of God’s people should not be 3BC 1131; 8T 145; 9T 146

med. miss. work is not to bind anybody to 8T 164

teach men to rely on them instead of God 8T 145; 9T 146


Dictatorial, do not be, in dealing with gospel workers Ev 633

fanatics who were 2SM 27

gospel workers should not be Ev 168

husband who was, reproved 2T 84

it is natural for some people to be TM 223

ministers should not be 1SM 181

SS teachers should not be CSW 98

teachers without Christ’s love become CT 269

Dictatorial advice

Dictatorial advice, never give Ev 638

Dictatorial manner

Dictatorial manner, Scriptures should not be taught to youth and children in CT 429; FE 385

Dictatorial orders

Dictatorial orders, never give Ev 638

Dictatorial person

Dictatorial person, not needed in God’s work LS 275

not qualified for work of teacher CT 233

Dictatorial spirit

Dictatorial spirit, assertions and advice savoring of, not good fruit 3T 535

church leaders warned against TM 347

development of, warning against 2T 572; 3T 417

manifest in many families AH 83

must be overcome 2T 164-5

overbearing, man whose life was cursed by his 2T 320

pitying angels grieved by 2T 253

self-caring 2T 320-1

souls lost to God’s cause as result of TM 223

unbecoming to head of family 2T 253

Dictatorial tone

Dictatorial tone, of voice, do not cultivate AH 435

Dictatorial vigilance

Dictatorial vigilance, pastors cautioned against AA 526


Dictionary, people did not need to consult, to understand Christ’s words CT 240

use of, to find meaning of medical names 2SM 294


Die, it is solemn to, but more solemn to live 5T 466

men have scarcely begun to live when they begin to COL 342; CT 21


Diet CD 15-498; CH 107-61; MH 295-336; MM 273-89; 4aSG 120-6; 2SM 411-9

1. Article(s) of

2. Impoverished

3. Improper (ill effects of)

4. Improper (kinds of)

5. Proper

6. Proper (classes of)

7. Simple (plain)

8. Miscellaneous


1. Article(s) of

causing pain in head, discard CD 335

chief, nut foods should not be CD 363-4

flesh foods as See Flesh food

fruit should be used as CD 437

grains should be used as MM 229

harmful, wholesome and palatable food needed in place of CD 92; 6T 373-4; 9T 163

injuring digestive organs, discard CD 335, 444

porridge should not be principal CD 394

some currently used, may have to be discarded MM 289; 9T 162

that should not be used 2T 367

2. Impoverished 2T 367

adoption of, not in harmony with health reform 2T 367

warning against CD 202-6; CH 118; MH 318

blood impoverished by MH 321; 2T 367-8

disease difficult to cure caused by CH 155; MH 321

dyspepsia caused by MH 321

flesh food diet should not be given up for 2T 63

general debility caused by MH 321

good blood not made by MH 318; 2T 368

health injured by MH 318

health reform brought into disrepute by CD 206; MH 318; 9T 161

ill effects of, during pregnancy 2T 381-2

not recommended CH 154; 2T 367

not right 1T 681

often results from: erroneous ideas of health reform MH 321-2

ignorance or negligence MH 321-2

physician who lived on CD 366-7

puny children victims of Ed 204

SDA need not live upon CD 268

student’s physical breakdown by Ed 204

usefulness impaired by MH 318

3. Improper (ill effects of)

animal propensities strengthened 2T 400

blood impoverished CD 105

complexion made sallow CH 111-2

digestive organs enfeebled CD 105

disease 9T 160

dyspepsia CH 111-2; 9T 160

mental breakdown CD 122-3, 395; CT 299

mind confused MH 307; 6T 357

need of understanding MM 273; 9T 160

paralytic stroke, danger of 1T 546

self-murder 2T 69-70

upon persons who make important decisions MH 309-10

4. Improper (kinds of)

complex, not best MH 296

concentrated, instructors should make plain effect of Ed 204

deficient, patient should not be undernourished by MH 221

depraved, children’s animal passions strengthened by 2T 62

expensive, children should be trained to avoid AH 386; CS 295-6

feverish, animal passions increased by 2T 365

avoid 2T 365

body injured by 2T 404

Israel’s, in Egypt 1BC 1102; CD 378; PP 378

flesh food See Flesh food

insufficient, do not feel it your duty to live on CH 565; GW 241

lacking proper elements of nutrition, reproach brought on health reform by CD 92; MM 273

liquid: eating largely of porridge is too much like CD 394

indigestion caused by CD 105

kidneys taxed by CD 105

luxurious, Egyptians accustomed to PP 377

meager: do not tie yourself down to MM 288

minister should suggest additions for persons living on Ev 439

sanitarium patients unfavorably impressed by CD 289

poor, food of poor quality constitutes 3T 74

poverty-stricken: blood impoverished by CH 155

body injured by CD 203; 2SM 303

do not adopt, for sake of economy CH 155

in quality or quantity, avoid CD 259

warning against CD 211-2, 489-90; 2T 63

rich: leads to thirst for strong drink Ed 203

nerves disordered by Ed 203

persons accustomed to MH 298

stomach affected by Ed 203

unnatural craving results from Ed 203

starvation, med. institutions should not use CD 281

never advocate MM 275; 9T 112

stimulating: children’s animal passions strengthened by 2T 62

ill effects of Ed 204; 2SM 420

leads to thirst for strong drink Ed 203

nerves disordered by Ed 203

not best MH 296

not conducive to best health CD 420; Te 75

persons accustomed to MH 298

stomach ill affected by Ed 203

unnatural craving results from Ed 203

too abstemious, mind unbalanced by CD 191

warning against CD 191

too meager, adopted by some in their view of health reform CD 196

unhealthful: conscience stupefied by MH 384

milk of nursing mother poisoned by CD 228

nursing baby ill affected by 2SM 432

nursing baby poisoned by CH 79

unwholesome, downfall of promising youth caused by Ed 203

very meager, simple diet does not mean MH 318

wrong, children’s animal passions excited by CG 188

5. Proper

adapt, to climate CD 95; MH 297

baby’s CD 228-9; MH 383-4

camp meeting CD 55, 369; 2T 602-3

eliminate all spices and grease from 2T 602

should be vegetarian 6T 112

choose, for upbuilding of body MH 319

chosen by God for His people consists of grains, fruits, nuts, vegetables MH 296; Te 160

chosen for Israel at time of Exodus MH 311-2

conducive to spirituality, minister should present Ev 439

converted man’s, should correspond with his profession of faith CD 297

differences of opinion re, should not be barrier between brethren MM 269

disease prevented by 1T 491

education should be given re CD 406

enabling you to accomplish greatest amount of good, adopt CD 19

essential for health, minister should present Ev 439

for cases of fever 2SM 457; 2T 384-5

for dying consumptives CD 292

for dyspeptic stomach 2T 373

for persons who have: diseased livers 2T 67

inactive livers 2T 68

for persons whose blood rushes to head CD 102

for Sabbath CH 577; MH 307

should be more simple 3SG 254

for visitors and guests CH 156

good blood dependent on 2T 254

healthful digestion preserved by CG 391

healthy man’s and invalid’s, cannot be exactly the same CD 295

if SDA are intelligent re, they will be considered sound on Bible doctrines CM 133

in different countries of world, caution re CD 95

problems of 9T 163

in med. institutions See Medical institution

in poverty-stricken districts MH 320

in sanitariums See Sanitarium

Israel’s: distinction between clean and unclean in MH 280

God’s plans for 1BC 1102

rebellion against Ed 38; PP 292-5, 377-82; 4aSG 122; 1SM 277; SR 129

why God would exclude flesh foods from CD 375

John the Baptist’s DA 102

purely vegetable Te 91

let none think: himself a criterion for all in regard to CH 156

that he may do as he pleases in regard to CD 34

level head and sensible ideas re, keep CD 211

mental workers’ MH 310, 297

needs to be different from that of person doing physical labor Ed 205

ministers’ See Minister

ministers should be able to give counsels on Ev 439

most advanced phases of health reform in, when to present CD 273

mother’s AH 252

no precise line marked out to be followed in CD 390; 9T 159

nurse’s, special attention should be given to MH 219

nursing mother’s CD 228; 2SM 432

of God’s people, milk will soon be excluded from CD 411 See also Milk

should be object lesson to others CD 473

should consist of food made from materials God has provided 7T 125

will soon have to be very different from present diet MM 281

of high and low, what should be CD 85

of man highly nervous and excitable 4T 365

of most wholesome and nourishing food, follow 4T 365

of people preparing for translation CD 380-1; 2T 352

of person doing hard physical labor MH 297

of ten-year-old child afflicted with chills and fever CD 241

one of God’s healing remedies 5T 443

physician’s duty to educate people re MM 224

poor people’s CD 205-6, 358, 463; MH 320; 9T 163

consisting largely of bread and milk 7T 135

pregnant woman’s MH 372-3; 2T 378-9, 381-3

prescribe, with care CD 205-6

remedial agency 2SM 287; 1T 489

remedy for disease MM 225; 4aSG 134-5; 2SM 451

right ideas re, do not unduly urge MH 316-7

rules for, cannot be laid down precisely for all persons CD 494

san. patients’ See Sanitarium patient

san. workers’ See Sanitarium worker

school See School

seasoning should not be eliminated from CD 203

sedentary workers’ CD 110; MH 297, 310; 2T 485

stomach debility arrested by CH 148; 4aSG 131

students’ See Student

suit, to season of year MH 297

teacher’s See Teacher

traveler’s CH 120

young women should be rightly instructed re FE 75

6. Proper (classes of)

abstemious: athletes required to follow AA 311

benefits of Te 191

consisting of fruits, grains, and vegetables MM 227

Daniel and companions followed CD 31; FE 79-80; SL 21-2

Daniel and companions showed benefits of CD 155

erroneous ideas re CD 31

essential to health 4T 502

for month or two, would help many recover health MH 235

important in Christian warfare AA 311

recommended for persons suffering rush of blood to head CD 102

adequate, possible without flesh foods, tea, and coffee Ev 534

appetizing, of grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables CD 443

clean, health institutions need to present principles of CD 446

continuous, all-wheat flour is not best for CD 321

health reform: adopt a sensible CD 289

do all possible to show people the value of 7T 126

God’s people greatly benefited by adoption of CH 531

God’s people should be instructed re CD 268

let, be progressive MH 320

some sanitarium workers only half converted on question of MM 155

ways to publicize WM 285-6

when advanced propositions re, should not be presented 7T 135

healthful: adoption of MH 298

consisting of fruits, grains, and vegetables MM 227

disease intelligently treated by 1T 553

God will give skill and understanding in efforts to secure 7T 132-3

health institutions are to present principles of CD 446

be intelligent on subject of CW 125

office workers need to adhere most strictly and perseveringly to 1T 588

prevents desire for unnatural stimulants Ed 203

recommended 2T 372, 485

student should be taught value of Ed 203

tact and discretion needed in introducing 9T 161

treatment of sick by 1T 561

train yourself to enjoy CD 35

inviting, recommended 2T 485

liberal, sanitarium patients pay for and should have CD 207

man’s original 1BC 1102; CD 81, 378; MH 295-6; PP 378; 3SG 76; 4aSG 120; 3T 50; Te 161

come back as far as possible to God’s plan of CD 488; CH 450; MH 317; MM 229

God is trying to lead His people back to CD 81, 322; CH 450; MM 277; 7T 125

no flesh food in CD 395; MH 311, 316

study God’s plan for MH 295

was best diet MH 311

most healthful, described CH 115; 2T 400

flesh foods are not 2T 400

most nourishing 2T 400

flesh foods are not 2T 400

most simple, needed now 2T 352

nutritious (nourishing): Daniel followed FE 227

family should be provided CH 114; 2SM 437

foods that destroy relish for 4aSG 130

need of well-regulated 2T 485

persons who cannot immediately relish CH 148

persons who labor with hands need 1T 206

possible without coffee and tea 9T 112

possible without flesh foods MM 275; 9T 161

recommended 1T 681; 2T 372, 485

study to prepare 2T 400

palatable, med. institution should provide CD 281

san. patients should have CD 296; CH 212

plentiful, needed 1T 681

pure, health institutions are to present principles of CD 446

recommending itself to intelligent people, take course in 2T 369

sensible, abundance of wholesome and appetizing food required for CD 284

sanitarium patients should be given MM 260-1

spare: benefits of 2T 61

failing to nourish system, warning against 2T 485

heavy torpor overcome only by 2T 428

man with terribly broken skull benefited by LS 185-6; 2T 18

office workers need to adhere most strictly and perseveringly to 1T 588

person who would benefit by 1T 546

persons need, who do heavy mental labor without physical exercise MH 306

persons sick from overwork are benefited by MH 236

recommended for young women who think they are invalids MM 107

remedy for sickness 2SM 458

weight may be reduced by 2T 61

JW and EGW followed in 1850 2SG 143-4

strength-giving, sanitarium workers should have CD 297

strictest, not yet to be prescribed for the poor 9T 163

time has not come to prescribe CD 206, 353, 358; MM 289

strictly healthful, time needed for some people’s health to improve on 2T 62

unstimulating, intemperate people need MH 172

vegetarian: adoption of CD 291; 7T 126

benefits of 6T 112

camp meetings should serve CD 462

composition of CD 380; MM 229; 2T 62

containing all elements of nutrition Ed 204-5

food wisely prepared and well cooked needed in CD 108

follow, where possible to do so 9T 156

God would have His people live upon CD 81

high time that SDA educated themselves to subsist on CD 322, 407

nutritive properties needed for good blood can be supplied by MH 316

physical and mental strength best promoted by Ed 204-5

san. patients should be taught how to live on CD 444

SDA should adopt CH 115

simple, keep more strictly to CD 329

what to do when changing from diet of flesh food to CD 108, 291-2, 318; CH 450

EGW’s experience in adopting 4aSG 153-4

wholesome, persons who have no appetite for CH 148; 4aSG 130

well cooked, needed 1T 681

wholesome, can be had from grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables CD 443

family’s needs easily supplied by 4aSG 132

foods that destroy relish for 4aSG 130

healthful digestion preserved by CG 391

med. institutions should provide CD 281

persons who cannot immediately relish CH 148

possible without coffee and tea 9T 112

possible without flesh food MM 275; 9T 112

san. patient should have CH 212

san. workers should have CD 297

SDA should have Ev 265

EGW followed CD 491

without flesh food, Israel never heartily accepted MH 311-2

7. Simple (plain)

athletes followed Te 144

best for holiday MYP 312

best for physical and spiritual advancement 9T 153

care needed in selection and preparation of food for MH 318

children should be taught by example and by precept to follow FE 152

children should be taught to be grateful for CG 391

Daniel and companions followed CD 31; CH 64; FE 79-80, 227; SL 21-2

Daniel and companions tested by CD 31; CH 50, 64-6; PK 481-4

Daniel benefited by ML 147; 4T 515-6; Te 156

Daniel followed CD 154; FE 227; MM 276; TM 263

Daniel’s clearness of mind due in great degree to MYP 242

disease treated by 2SM 446

do not murmur because of SR 129

does not mean a very meager diet MH 318

educate yourself to become accustomed to 4aSG 131

family should subsist on 2SM 437

family’s needs easily supplied by 4aSG 132

foods that destroy relish for 4aSG 130

health preserved by 2T 45

home should maintain FE 288

med. institutions should provide CD 281

parlor talks needed re, in med. institutions CD 294

persons who cannot immediately relish CH 148

person who did not relish 2T 67

pregnant woman needs 2T 382

prevents desire for unnatural stimulants Ed 203

recommended CD 284; 2T 45

for general meetings and camp meetings CH 121

reluctance of many people to adopt 3SG 252

san. patients should have CD 296; CH 212

san. patients should be educated to see need of CD 284; MM 261

sanitariums are to advocate Te 89

sanitariums need to follow CD 304

school should maintain FE 288

students need to be taught value of Ed 203

study to prepare 2T 400

time coming when God’s people will understand meaning of MM 281

EGW favored MM 261

EGW followed CD 491

8. Miscellaneous CG 378-93; MH 295-310; MM 273-89

abstemiousness in: control of passions aided by MH 308

intellect preserved by 3T 491

rewarded with mental and physical vigor MH 308

adulterated substances should not be used in CD 85

animals’, vegetables and grains as CD 396

at Health Institute See Health Institute

attention should be given to CD 383

carefulness in, results of CD 52

carelessness in, results of 9T 156-7

changes in CD 92; CH 148; 7T 133-4

abrupt (sudden), urge no one to make CD 465; GW 233; MH 316-7; MM 261

carefully and wisely make 2T 369-70

family, tact and discretion needed in MM 273

needed when you see you are becoming weak CD 366-7

tact and discretion needed in making 9T 161

EGW made 2T 371-2

children should not dictate re CG 391; ML 82

children’s CD 232-3, 235, 239-40; CG 188, 389, 460-1; ML 82; 2T 359-62, 400; 3T 489

at home, is important matter FE 425

food simple and prepared in healthful manner is needed in 2T 400

free from grease and spices 2SM 471

mothers’ duty re AH 262; 3T 563

nutritious, needed 2SM 471

parents need intelligent understanding of right 3T 568

parents’ duty re 2SM 427; 2T 61-2, 400; 3T 488

plain and healthful food needed in CD 228-9

consider your MH 323

continuous sameness in, avoid CD 408

criterion for others in, EGW did not make herself a MM 285

discarding of hurtful articles of, does not mean to eat as much as you please CH 119

disposition to yield to sin is influenced by CD 52

do not choose, merely for gratification of appetite MH 319

do not move presumptuously re MM 261

do not withhold from, food which system needs CD 352

dyspeptics worry too much about CD 108-9

errors in 1T 204-9

children’s delicate health often caused by CG 389; FE 150

common 3T 563

mental confusion and dullness often caused by Ed 204

ministers’ 4T 416-7

no need of CD 211

of JW and EGW at Rochester, N.Y. 1T 205

popular, disease and suffering are largely due to MH 295

extremes in CH 153-6; MH 318-24

avoid CD 206; 2T 538; 9T 161-3

health injured by 1T 205

health reform brought into disrepute by 9T 162

Health Reformer advocated 3T 19-20

physician who went to MM 286-7

sanitarium’s reputation hurt by CD 289

warning against CD 211-12; 1T 205; 2T 377; 6T 373-4

extreme views re, do not advocate CD 210

man who advocated, but did not practice them 3T 19-20

extremists in 2T 375

warning not to become 2T 254

extremists whose, does not provide enough nourishment 6T 373-7

family 2T 485

Galilean fisher folk’s, barley loaves and fish DA 366-7; MH 47

great reformation needed in, for many people CD 268

grease-free, man who would have been blessed by 2T 45

habits of: character influenced by PP 562; 1T 489

fashion’s baleful effects on CD 258

health influenced by PP 562; 1T 489

investigate your CH 155

man’s eternal destiny affected by PP 562; 1T 489

man’s usefulness affected by PP 562; 1T 489

health influenced by CD 159; FE 143

health preservation requires careful attention in CH 61

if you err in, err on side of people CD 211

intemperance in, exercise of patience and self-control made nearly impossible by CD 243; CG 461; 4T 141

interesting experience in 3T 74

less feverish, control of passions facilitated by 2T 352

mind and disposition affected by AH 252

modern, includes many things God did not give to Israel 1BC 1102

moral health affected by FE 143

most strenuous, caution needed in adopting CD 288

nervous children’s CG 390; Te 158

nurse’s duty re patient’s MH 221

of children practicing self-abuse 2T 400-1

plain living indispensable to high thinking in Ed 248

principles of hygiene as applied to, give more attention to Ed 197

proper rules in, observe CD 159

reason from cause to effect re CD 113

reform in: advocates of CH 153; WM 128-9

family that failed in 2T 485

lectures needed on MM 286

patience required in order to accomplish 3T 20-1

progressive work of education needed in CW 129

rules not easily prescribed for every case in MH 308

slow work to accomplish 3T 20-1

regularity in, ministers having no rule for GW 230

relation of: to board meetings 7T 257

to clearness of mind 4T 515-6

to health and morals CH 107-21

to intellectual development Ed 204

to sensuality CG 460-1

to work of blood-making organs 2T 254

seasoning should not be eliminated from CD 203

self-control in, cultivate MH 323

sick people should give strict attention to 4aSG 134

sick people’s MH 221

mistaken ideas re CD 202-3

more good can be done by regulating, than by baths CD 408

palatable food needed in MH 221

strict attention should be given to 2SM 455

that is not recommended CD 358

vary CD 203; MM 287

simplicity in, observe MM 273

simplifying of, intelligent advancement needed in CD 94

sin committed by some SDA women in 2T 485

spices should be excluded from 2T 45

spirituality affected by CD 62

strict rules of, observe CD 36

subject of, needs to be treated so as not to disgust and prejudice people 2T 370

suit, to occupation followed MH 297

taste and pleasure should not rule in 2T 360

too strenuous restricting of, to certain articles of food CD 199-200

uniformity of, there should be 2T 435

variation needed in CD 408; 1T 681

very spare, given till danger of fever has passed LS 185-6; 2T 18

when, becomes too much a matter of thought CD 108-9

EGW’s experience in CD 323-4, 481-94; MM 285

wrong habits of: changing fashions lead to Ed 246-7

disease caused by Ed 247

do not delay in reform of MH 308

intemperance caused by Ed 247

health institutions should teach people to cease CD 447

See also Eating; Flesh food; Food


abstemious, old worker unwise in RY 126:3

animal products may be included in LDE 81

carefulness in, required for health UL 253:2

Daniel 1 teaches about UL 253:3

Daniel and his companions tested on HP 261:2

duty to treat, conscientiously TDG 206:3

Egyptian, would have caused unmanageable spirit TDG 77:3

extremes in; starvation plan OHC 265:4

God to be glorified in 3SM 290:3

healthful, same for parents as for children 3SM 294:2

influences this life and eternal destiny TMK 86:5

instruction on, to Samson’s mother is for all mothers CC 130:2

learn to manage; arrange for regular meals 2MCP 387:4

modern, God would not have approved all in, for Israelites TDG 77:3

parents obligated to conform to right habits of 3SM 290:1

practice reforms advocated in CME 37:1

reason is to be used in investigating, when strength fails RY 128:2

reform in, need of instruction on RC 246:5

restrictions of, for Israelites; they would represent God TDG 77:2

rules not to be made on; some can eat beans 3SM 294:4

self-denial in, to help those in need SW 64:1

simplification of, advance intelligently in TDG 136:5

study, and move wisely TDG 136:3

tea, coffee, tobacco and alcohol in LDE 81

test not to be made of; eating butter, meat or cheese 3SM 287:1

unwillingness to endure restrictions in Con 77:2

vegetarian LDE 81

See also Appetite