EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Child, Children (Part 3 of 5)

close confinement in schoolroom injures FE 420; 3T 143

compared to: plastic clay that should be molded 5T 416

vines CG 35

confinement of, indoors ML 138

desiring company of strangers AH 529-30

do not educate, from books CG 300

do not manifest feelings of superiority and aristocracy 3T 529

do not send, to school too early FE 156-7

to school when very young FE 145

erroneous idea that, are too young to be punished PP 578

evil tendencies in, should be restrained FE 150

few months old, Satan works in self-willed CG 289

finds diversion and development in play Ed 215

first discipline of, should be of highest order 5T 416

first few years of, importance of AH 221

more important than any other period 5T 543-4

first important lesson to be learned by, proper denial of appetite is 2SM 437

first instructors of, parents as CT 107

first lesson that should be taught, is that God is their Father CG 487; MH 460; 8T 320

first lessons impressed on, are seldom forgotten CG 193

first lessons of: are of great importance CT 143, 145; FE 416

powerfully influence formation of character CT 143

should be on respect, obedience, reverence, and self-control CT 107

first lessons to be learned by: habits of industry should be among CT 145-6

in becoming Christians ML 164

obedience is one of Ed 287

re Christian life DA 515

self-control is one of CG 91

first manifestation of temper in, importance of correcting 1T 218

should be subdued 1T 218

first school of, home should be CT 107, 145-6; MH 400

first seven years of, have most to do with forming his character CG 193

first teacher of, mother is CT 145; Ed 275

first teachers of, parents as CG 21-5

first teaching of, is to be given by parents CG 23

first textbook of, Bible should be CT 108-9

first three years of CG 82-3, 194

time to bend tiny twig is during CG 194

first years of, mind is most susceptible to impressions during CT 132

time to encourage every good inclination is during AH 246

free use of eggs is harmful to 2T 712; 9T 162

give little notice to CG 37

giving special notice to, is not wise COL 83; CT 141; Ed 237

God used, to proclaim first angel’s message SR 356

God wants, in His family AH 486; ML 228

gospel is made plain enough for MYP 15

habits first formed by, not easily forgotten 1T 396

have: idea of appropriateness of things AH 254

sense of fitness AH 254

having old parents CG 284

hearts of, easy to influence toward piety and virtue CT 180; 4T 142

strong to retain impressions CT 180; 4T 142

household that was ruled by 4T 500

how, become dyspeptics 3T 489

how self-abuse is started among 2T 391

important lessons for, to learn 2T 700

innocent, Christ found rest and peace in society of CT 179

instruction and training of, parents should direct PP 244

large portion of Bible can be made interesting and profitable to CG 513-4

lead, to footstool of prayer in earliest years CG 488

learn the bad more readily than the good CG 302; 2SM 437

love: companionship MH 388

society AH 527; 2SM 438-9

love to God is learned by, at family altar 5T 416

loved to: climb upon Christ’s lap 3T 422

kiss Christ’s pensive face 3T 422

many, have high sense of honor Ed 289

laid away before time of trouble CG 566; 2SM 259

may be: Christians COL 84; CT 142; DA 515

taught lessons from books CT 146

may begin to learn to work while quite young AH 289

may have correct views of sin and salvation while very young CSW 79-80

may have experience in accordance with their years COL 84

meek and humble spirit of, need of 4T 220

mother’s room is place for AH 527

mothers brought, for Christ to bless DA 511

naturally consult mother in little matters of perplexity 2SM 439

nature scenes should be schoolroom of, till eight or ten years of age FE 61; 3T 137

nature’s treasures should be only textbook of, till eight or 10 years of age CG 48; 3T 137

need to come especially close to nature CT 188

need to learn: about their physical structure at first dawn of reason CT 125

from things of nature CG 300

self-denial for good of others 6T 429

that they eat to live and not live to eat MH 383

to be useful in their earliest years CT 146; FE 416-7

to sacrifice from earliest years for good of others 6T 429

what it means to follow Christ CG 490

needs: access to nature’s wonderful lessonbook from his earliest years Ed 100-1

religious instruction at very early age CG 120

notice it if parents disregard God’s word CG 509

of preschool age find delight and instruction in nature Ed 100

offerings of, please God 3T 412

often taught to indulge appetite from cradle AH 261

parents should be only teachers of, till eight or ten years of age FE 61; 3T 137

parents should exercise judgment and discretion for CG 93

parental neglect during first years of, ill effects of 4T 313

persons caring for, are too often ignorant of its physical needs Ed 275

petted and indulged, are harder to manage later 4T 201

physical development of, importance of 3T 137

physical training of, is easier than spiritual training CT 108

practicing self-pollution in infancy 2T 481

pranks learned by, which they will have to unlearn 1T 396

precious religious experience can be had by, of tender age CT 169

religious experience that may be enjoyed by CT 169

religious instruction needed by CT 169; 6T 93

give, in cheerful and happy spirit 6T 93

Satan begins to work with tempers and wills of, at birth AH 202

seldom enjoy themselves alone AH 527; MH 388; 2SM 438-9

should be: free as lambs to run and play out of doors 3T 137

permitted to run and play out of doors FE 60-1

prepared at home to attend church school CT 150

should be taught to: be helpful MH 401

be useful 1T 393, 686

bear light burdens AH 286

bear smaller responsibilities of life CG 340

control their passions 3T 565

deny appetite from cradle 3T 565

exercise self-control CG 400, 457; CT 127; FE 139; PP 562

figure and keep their own accounts CT 168-9

follow temperance principles 3T 567

help others 1T 393, 686

help themselves 1T 393, 686

obey ML 164; 5T 327

overcome selfishness from cradle 3T 565

practice self-denial FE 139; CT 127; GC 400; PP 562

read and write CT 168-9

should not be sent to school when very young CT 145; 3T 137, 143

six years old and upward, should bear share of life’s burdens 2T 700

spiritual training of, must not be neglected CT 108

susceptible to: demoralizing influences at very early age CG 198

divine influences while very young AH 321

tantrums of, mothers duty re CG 92-3

teach: claims of God’s law from their early years 5T 329

faith in Christ to cleanse from sin in their early years 5T 329

habits of industry FE 416

in earliest years that God is their Father CG 487

lessons of purity CH 103

principles of temperance from babyhood MH 334; PP 562

sacredness of religious obligations 5T 37

simple lessons from book of nature CT 146

to know and love Christ AH 183

to obey 1T 390

teaching, lessons of helpfulness CT 145-9

tell, Bible stories while very young AH 320-1

temperance lessons should commence with, in cradle Te 179

things that, should learn early MH 401

three characteristics of, that are characteristics of real greatness DA 437

three years old, teaching self-control to CG 194

too young to reason, how to discipline CG 244

train: as younger members of God’s family 5T 326

to help in domestic burdens AH 283; FE 417

to right habits from babyhood 4T 313

train and discipline, from babyhood 5T 323

trembling touch of, heaven’s golden gate will open wide to COL 404

two to four years old CG 132

should learn lessons of self-denial CG 132

undisciplined, become harder to discipline later 1T 219-20; 4T 92

what Christ meant in saying we must become as 3T 529

who is greater in God’s sight than talented and learned man MYP 190

year-old, relatives who laugh at temper of CG 288-9

See also Baby

16. Teach (educate, instruct, or train)

Bible history and doctrine CT 171

by: instruction, discipline, and example 5T 37

precept and example 4T 200

use of simple language 6T 105

constantly in God’s word CT 159

diligently and mercifully CG 493

for: duty 3T 563

fitness in better world 3T 565

God’s kingdom CG 548

heaven 2T 466

service in church SD 223

usefulness AH 265; 1T 686-7; 2T 459-60; 3T 563, 565; 4T 368; 5T 327

world to come CG 38

habits of: order CH 103

self-denial and self-control 3T 567

humility and modesty at home and at SS CSW 46

importance of: how, what, and when they should eat CG 388; ML 146

humble round of everyday duties PP 574

in: childlike simplicity COL 83; CT 142; Ed 107

principles of moral purity 7T 66

right ways of thinking by parents 5T 319

simple language to obey parents CT 169

spiritual things DA 515

various lines of miss. effort MH 402

knowledge of practical life AA 346

laws of health 7T 65

lessons in: economy AH 376, 383, 388; 5T 329; 9T 130-1

frugality AH 376

physiology 2T 537, 536-7

self-denial MYP 314

simplicity CG 139-42

love and fear of God FE 65

love of Christ CG 487

meaning of typical Day of Atonement 5T 520

neatness, order, and thoroughness at home CG 319-20

need of being controlled by principle 3T 147

not to: place themselves in temptation AH 471

willfully rush into danger AH 471

patiently and carefully CG 493

pleasantly and without scolding or faultfinding CT 159

principles of health reform CG 409

re: Christ’s life, death, and resurrection CG 494

practical duties of life 3T 150

Sabbath ML 287

their own bodies 2T 563

tithes and offerings CSW 140

violation of laws of health CG 459

reverence for God CG 99

right use of money by letting them use it Ed 238-9

rudiments of physiology and hygiene Ed 196

self-control during their first three years CG 194

self-restraint CT 113

truth CSW 78

in simple language easy to be understood 5T 330

value of: money AH 387-8

time COL 345; 1T 687

what it means to transgress God’s law CG 558

with: affection CG 33

kindness CG 33, 42

love 4T 142

patience AH 205; CG 244; 4T 142

tenderness AH 205

17. Training (education) of CT 107-18; DA 516; FE 420; MH 379-87; MYP 345; PP 175-6, 572-3; SD 312; 2T 405; 5T 319-31, 505-7; 8T 320

Aaron’s failure re 3T 294-5

Abraham’s example in PP 142-4; 1T 405

among Waldenses GC 67

as has been, so their character inclines 3T 367

as tender plants in garden CT 144

begin, from babyhood CG 82

while child is in mother’s arms MH 383

best methods of, parents need to understand CG 477

Bible gives explicit directions re importance of 5T 328

Bible rule should be followed in 4T 381

Bible should be your guide in CG 515

Bible stories as means of Ed 185

blind and foolish fondness in, warning against 4T 383

careful, parents should provide PP 561-2

conduct, on different principles from animal training FE 57

constant self-control needed in, by parents CG 94

co-operation between home and school in CT 150-7

co-operation between parents is needed in Ed 283

counsel given by Solomon re 3T 131

defective 3T 132

Nadab and Abihu as example of PP 360

seen in glutton, tobacco devotee, winebibber, and inebriate 3T 564

devolves chiefly on mother CT 127

discipline in, mother’s duty re CG 238

objectives of CG 223-8

double patience, perseverance, and love needed in AH 173-4

during: first six or seven years of life CG 300

preschool years CG 300-2

early: Christian life is much affected for good or evil by 2T 74

father’s responsibility re Ed 276

is subject that all should carefully study CG 27

educated people are too often ignorant re Ed 275

Eli’s neglect and failure in, results of PP 575-80

extremes in, parents warned against 4T 368-9

faith and works should be combined in CG 66

faithfulness and love should be united in CG 258

father should co-operate with mother in CT 127

father should share with mother in AH 224-5

father’s duty re AH 220-3

father’s neglect of FE 65-6

father’s responsibility re AH 216-9; MH 390-3

first, should be to render loving obedience MH 460; 8T 320

first great object in, soundness of constitution is 2SM 426

God works with faithful parents in 2T 700

God’s curse upon parents unfaithful in 1T 219

God’s method of government as example of CT 155

great care and skill needed in FE 57

greatest burden of, rests on mother CG 230

greatest obstacle to proper, blind parental affection is CG 235

guilt of parents who neglect 4T 204

harsh discipline in, warning against 3T 133

home CG 24; FE 149-61

is needed as well as school education 4T 197

should help teacher CG 319

youth unwilling to submit to proper authority because of improper FE 62

inconsistent and uncontrollable spirit in, is like insidious poison 4T 500-1

indulgent, that leads to gluttony MH 384

inefficient, much moral wretchedness caused by 4T 202

instruction given Israel in, is for us MH 405

is: continual school for mother CG 215

continuous work CG 242

sacred work CG 23

justice and mercy should be blended with patience and self-control in 5T 305

knowledge of Scripture is important in CG 41

lack of, leaves heavy responsibility on parents 3T 367

lax, lax training of parents is reflected in 5T 325

laxity and negligence in, results of 5T 325

lesson in, from garden plants COL 83

love and duty should be combined in 3T 195

love and firmness needed in CG 258-68

mistakes of injudicious parents and teachers in 3T 137

modern, is superficial CG 184

moral, intellectual culture must not be exalted above 3T 142

moral and religious, church is not wholly responsible for 4T 198

mother needs to learn right methods of CG 31

mother’s co-operation with God in CG 68

mother’s first duty is CG 171

mother’s special responsibility in AH 184

mother’s work as miss. in 2T 366

mothers should work with wisdom, calmness, and determination in 4T 92

much frivolity and unnecessary pretense in CG 478

must be different from that given to animals FE 57

must not be spasmodic CG 242

need of more, in home duties AH 288

neglect of, displeases God 5T 424

neglect of earliest, makes education more difficult later Ed 295-6

never become impatient or fretful in 3BC 1154

nicest and most difficult work committed to human beings is Ed 292

object lesson in COL 82

from plant development Ed 106

one-sided, develops mental at expense of physical powers CT 145

parents do not commence, early enough 1T 218

parents must devote their best time and thought to CG 184

parents need Spirit in AH 342

parents neglecting God’s instruction re, warning to 3T 294-5

parents should be united in 5T 324

parents should co-operate with God in, by prayer and work CG 22

parents should give more time and care and prayer to AH 161

parents should not let business or pleasure interfere with CG 38

parents should pray for wisdom and help in CG 189

parents should understand principles that underlie MH 380

parents should work unitedly in 2T 405-6

parents who have erred in, encouragement for CG 173

parents’ word should be law in CG 87

parental neglect of 4T 54

parental responsibility for FE 139-44

part of God’s plan for demonstrating Christianity is AH 235

physical and moral health are closely united in 2SM 426

physical culture is important in CT 108

playthings in CT 123

prayer needed in CG 245

principles that should guide in AH 305

proper 3T 131-60

no work requires greater care and skill than FE 57

parents cannot with impunity neglect 7T 66

proverb that applies to CG 18

religious: both parents should work in AH 321

father’s responsibility re AH 216

most successful method of CG 498

neglected by some parents 1T 397

parents’ duty re AH 319

parents should not leave, to church AH 188

parents who neglect 1T 398-9

requires cultivation of mind on part of parents CG 67

responsibility of SD 371

results of wrong, begin to appear in childhood CG 491

results to be expected from 2BC 1039

right, costs something CG 479

parents have not given 2T 365

requires time, perseverance, and prayer CG 506

rule for all who undertake Ed 292-3

sadly defective today AH 265

school, parents who neglect 1T 398-9

Scriptures instruct parents re 5T 329

secret of parents’ success in 4T 198

should be in harmony with principles of God’s word CG 66

should begin in home CT 107

should consist of more than book knowledge CG 195; 3T 131

should prepare children for religious duties CG 224

simpler methods of, return to CT 187

some commanding may be necessary in CG 234

songs as aid in CG 93

spiritual, too little attention given to 4T 54

street, by vicious associates 4T 136

strict discipline essential to CG 85

study lessons given by God in nature for DA 516

subject of, Christian parents need thorough conversion re FE 66

successful, things detrimental to 2T 406

surroundings are important in MYP 78-9

system of, that delights Satan and grieves angels 5T 324

that makes children little more than automatons Ed 288

things that mother should neglect for AH 191-2

things that parents learn in CG 94

threefold, need of FE 59

unfaithfulness in, Eli as example of PP 575-6

unwise and disastrous FE 57

use of Scriptures in CG 242-3

valuable, performance of home duties is CG 36; 1T 558

work in garden or field is 6T 179

violence or harshness not needed in CG 205

when to begin CG 26-8

EGW’s experience in CG 249, 253-5

will as factor in CG 209-14

wisdom in, false notion that to indulge child and not restrain him is 5T 324

wise, is not easy CG 233

work of, devolves chiefly on mother CT 127

mother must stand pre-eminent in CG 24

wrong, given by parents 1T 686

wrong course in physical, bad state of things worsened by 2SM 425

See also Education

18. Miscellaneous

ability and proficiency of, warning against seeking to display CSW 46

absolute control of, destroys self-reliance 3T 132-3

accept Christ more readily than grownups do MH 42

acquaint, with Christ’s name and life from their earliest dawn of reason 8T 320

active hands and minds of, mother should plan amusement or light work to employ CT 115

activities of: must be trained in right direction CG 35-6

parents need not feel it necessary to repress CG 35

susceptible to training AH 286

adoption of WM 232-6

by childless families WM 232

childless couples may do good by WM 232

persons who should not consider WM 232

See also Adoption; Orphan

adults should not manifest cold, harsh, unsympathetic spirit toward CSW 85

affection due to parents by AH 295

affection of, severe discipline by parents weans away 2T 98

win CG 148

all, cannot be treated same way CG 205

all kinds of characters in, to deal with CT 192

allow no pettishness in CG 17

allowing, to do as they please is cruelty CG 326

amusement found by, in garden 4T 136

amusement of, some parents give too much time and attention to CT 123

amusements for See Amusements

angels attend persons who point, to Christ DA 517

animal passions of: depraved and stimulating diet strengthens 2T 62

flesh foods tend to excite 4aSG 132

wrong diet excites CG 188

apostate Israelites sacrificed, to Moloch CG 277

appetite and selfish indulgence grow with 3T 564

appetites of: education of 3T 567-8

parents form 3T 488

parents should restrain CG 388

parents should train MH 384

approach, with kindness 4T 142

are: born to evil 2T 360

Christ’s precious possession CSW 158

Christ’s property bought with His blood 5T 40

God’s property AH 280, 309-10; CG 498; CT 159; 3T 568

heritage from God CT 143

heritage of God COL 195

hope of church 1SM 319

miniature men and women 4T 398

most susceptible to gospel teaching CT 180; DA 515

naturally active and inclined to be busy AH 286

precious trust committed to parents by God AH 161

sacred trust MH 376; 9T 37

what parents have made them FE 140; 3T 144

younger members of God’s family AH 161; CG 268; DA 515; Ed 292; FE 158; 2T 259, 366; 4T 398; 6T 94, 201, 205; 7T 63

as: missionaries for God AH 487

mother’s helpers AH 282

precious plants in home garden AH 200; CT 130

as you treat your, so you will treat Christ SD 255

associates of, parents should be very careful re 1T 405

association with, father who was harsh, relentless, unfeeling, cold, and stern in 4T 136-7

associations of: parents should closely guard CG 114

parents warned re 5T 320, 545

should be most favorable for growth in grace 5T 545

bad habits learned by, during leisure hours with nothing to do 3T 148

baptism does not make Christians of CG 499

baptism of Spirit may be received daily by CT 131

be firm and yet kind to 4T 66

be kind, forbearing, patient, and forgiving to 4T 362

be kind and gentle with CG 218

be kind and tender to, at all times GW 164

be kind and tenderhearted to CG 260

bear with, and yet restrain them 2T 405

become Christ’s disciples by simple process of giving their hearts to Him FE 369

become criminals as result of parental neglect 4T 292

beds of, cleanliness of CG 109

behavior of, away from home reveals history of their home life SD 113

belong to God to be ruled by Him 5T 548

bequeathing property to 3T 121-3

best friends of, parents should be 6T 94

best gifts for, are healthy body, sound mind, and noble character MH 366

best schoolroom for, during his first eight or ten years Ed 208; FE 61; 3T 137

best teacher of, during its first eight or ten years Ed 208

better off dead than taught to treat lightly principles of loyalty to truth 7T 185-6

better off when families stay with smaller churches 6T 198

better portion for, habits of economy, industry, and sobriety are CS 37

better to rear, in rural areas AH 137-8

better to request than to command Ed 290

Bible is not tiresome book to CT 171

Bible lessons should be made simple for CG 43

bind your, to your heart by affection 4T 142

birth of, Jews presented offering to God at AH 473

birthdays of, instruction needed re SD 152

parents’ duty re AH 473-4

blamed sometimes for what parents do 1T 384

blessed by Christ DA 511-7; MH 40-3

blessings brought to family by 2T 647

blind affection that lets, do as they please CT 112

blind and foolish fondness for 4T 383

blind and selfish sentimentalism toward, evil effects of PP 142

bones and blood of, poisoned by father 3T 454

books that: are instructive and interesting entertain SD 178

are Satan’s cunning devices for destroying MH 446-7

should never be placed before 8T 309

born deaf, blind, diseased, or idiotic, parental responsibility for thousands of PP 561

born of aged father, disadvantages of 2SM 423-4

both sexes of, corrupting doctrine re mingling of 2T 482-3

erroneous idea re association of 2T 559

evil that increases twentyfold by improper mingling of 2T 482-3

improper association and mingling of 1T 391-2, 401; 2T 460, 481-3, 559, 564; 4T 95

who slip out during church services 2T 481-2

who take back seats in religious meetings 2T 481-2

brief talks to, are better than lengthy ones 2T 420

brought up generally to indulge appetite 2SM 433

bulwarks around, parents should build CG 479

bureau for, how to make CG 111

butter harms 2T 362

called to be: laborers for God MYP 197

missionaries for God PK 245

can be: acceptable miss. workers in home and church MYP 225

blessing to other youth 4T 55

educated to be helpful AH 286

means of giving truth to parents 6T 106-7

trained in home to do miss. work MYP 225

can be easily taught to: stifle its outbursts of temper CG 194

subdue its fits of passion CG 194

can earn money for offerings AH 387

can reason CG 326

can take part in med. miss. work 6T 203

Canaanites offered, to Moloch 5T 320

cannot add to its stature by anxiety or its own power SC 68

cannot be brought to God by force AH 307; CT 114

cannot be: made adults in their acts at once 1T 387

made as sober as sire CT 335; Te 211

successfully trained by scolding CG 33

care of AH 260-3; MH 379-87

educated people too often ignorant re Ed 275

few persons realize benefits that, brings to family 2T 647

in sickness MH 385

knowledge of, is essential Ed 275

parents benefited by 2T 230, 329, 647, 649-50

parents should understand principles underlying MH 380

parents too often are ignorant re Ed 275

principles of hygiene as applied to, give more attention to Ed 197

requires parents to spend much time at home 2T 231

youth should not marry without knowledge of AH 88

caring for garden benefits 4T 136

carnal tempers of, mother’s duty re 4T 92

catch spirit of contention over mere trifles AH 178

character(s) of: development of Ed 288

is to be developed AH 234

mother does much toward formation of 2SM 433

on parents rests important work of forming 1T 686

parents’ example and influence mold 2T 498

parents’ gratification of animal passions and gross sensuality have marked 2SM 423

parental accountability for development of 2SM 424

parental responsibility for 3T 144

symmetry and proportion needed in 5T 319

warped by indulgence, flattery, and indolence 3T 364

cheeks of, sunlight brings healthful color to 2T 527

cheerful and sunny demeanor attracts Ed 240

cheerfulness and ambition in, scolding parents destroy 1T 384-5

childbearing that robs, of needed care, education, and happiness 2SM 425

Christ always treated, with kindness and respect 6T 201

Christ answered questions of MH 42

Christ as example of what all, may strive to be SD 151

Christ did not disdain to answer CT 180

Christ invites, to come to Him DA 512; GW 207; MH 19, 41-3; 2T 700

to give themselves to Him MH 44

to take steps sinners must take to become His children 4T 42

Christ loves MH 390; 6T 201; MYP 333

Christ loves to have, give their hearts to Him SD 99, 256

Christ presented truths in words that could be understood by SD 86

Christ saw in, heirs of His grace and subjects of His kingdom DA 512; MH 42

Christ simplified His important lessons for DA 515; MH 42

Christ was ever a lover of DA 511

Christ was interested in CSW 54-5

Christ’s early life as example for ML 299

Christ’s gracious invitation to 2T 700

Christ’s message to all Christians re MH 42-3

Christ’s ministry to 9T 175

Christ’s presence never repelled CT 179

church’s responsibility to feed its CG 42

claims of, that parents should acknowledge and respect FE 67

clever sayings of, should not be repeated before them COL 83; CT 141; Ed 237; 4T 200

close confinement in schoolroom is injurious to Ed 207-8

clothing (dress) of 2T 532

durable material needed in CG 107

improper, ill effects of 2T 532

parents who are foolish re CG 434

should be easily washed and ironed 4T 642

should be free from embroidery and adornment 2SM 438

should be kept sweet and clean 4T 642

should be neat and appropriate to their age 4T 142

should be plain and simple CG 107

should be without useless ornamentation or display 4T 72, 642

See also Clothing

clothing that is unbecoming mortifies 4T 142

come to mother naturally with their little perplexities AH 527

commanding and dictating too much to, danger in 3T 134

commit your, to God in prayer AH 536

committed to parents to educate for heaven DA 515

comprehension of, adapt Scripture lessons to PP 504

concealing wrongs of, encourages in them disposition to deceive 1T 157

conduct of, effects of indulgence of appetite seen in 2T 368

confidence of: how mother can gain CT 115

importance of keeping Ev 582

parents must win CG 185

confiding love of, heaven values DA 437

confinement of, for long hours in schoolroom is harmful 3T 135

consecration of, to God before birth AH 255

constant application to study by, is harmful 3T 153, 155

constant neglect of duty to, many parents live in 4T 193

continual talk will not convert 4T 609

contribution made by, to SS offerings TM 217

conversion of: burden of work for, rests on parents 5T 495

labor for, at camp meeting 6T 105

mother’s prayers for 2T 274

parents should labor for 6T 93-5

parents should pray for 5T 322-3

parents should seek 1SM 190

work for DA 515

conversions among, chief hindrances to CG 498

copy pattern parents give them 5T 530

corrupting influences of city life upon 2SM 360

corruption of, at school CT 200; 3T 148-9

by corrupt or vicious associates 1T 388; 2T 402-3, 407; 4T 136; 6T 193

country living is best for many 4T 135-6

crime of bringing into world, without proper care, food, and clothing 2T 380

critical time for 1T 387

crooked ways and dispositions of, parents’ responsibility for CG 473

cultivate in, beautiful and attractive traits of character CT 115

love for things of nature CG 48

cultivation of self-respect in 3T 532

cunning little sayings and doings of, parents cautioned re comment on 4T 200

cursed by parents with poverty, imbecility, and degradation 2SM 422

dangerous undercurrent that carries, to ruin CG 235

death is preferable for, than to join ranks of apostates MYP 88

debt parents owe to God to care for, good done for others will not cancel SD 252

deceive parents with falsehoods 4T 651

dedication of, by ministers See Dedication

defective characters of, publish parental unfaithfulness 7T 66

reveal lax system of family government 5T 326

defiant spirit in, avoid developing CG 212

demoralization of, by evil associates in school 4T 205-6

derive life and being from parents AH 280

desire naturally to follow pleasure-loving worldling’s example 1T 405

desire to be treated with confidence and respect Ed 289

desires and inclinations of, should be restrained 3T 26

destiny of, is in mother’s hands AH 243

mother holds to great extent PP 244

rests to great extent in parents’ hands 7T 66

develop characters similar to those of parents 3SG 291

development of, parents and teachers should study how to direct Ed 288

development of character rests with 1T 402

diet of AH 262; CG 188, 389, 460-1; 2T 359-60; 3T 563-4

feverish 2T 365

that contains seeds of disease and death 3T 136

that is unhealthful 4T 140-1

that makes them nervous, impatient of restraint, self-willed, and irritable ML 146

See also Diet; Food

differ widely in disposition, training, and habits of thought CT 181; Ed 279

disease among, and its causes 2SM 420-40

disease inherited by, from sick parents 2SM 423

disease transmitted to, by parents 2T 94

disobedience and transgression of, father’s responsibility for 5T 627

disobedience of: dishonors mother AH 268

God’s law forbids all SD 40

God’s word gives no license for CG 259

must be punished CG 249

must not be allowed CG 84

disobedience to parents by, Bible condemns 2BC 1019

should not go unpunished 1T 546; 2T 701

disposition of: can be trained from earliest years CG 208

grows with their growth 4T 201

mother’s thoughts and feelings influence AH 241

overbearing spirit creates worst evils in CG 236

pray God to temper CG 256-7

that cannot be laid aside as he matures to riper judgment 4T 201

that grows with his growth 4T 201

dispositions and temperaments of, parents should study 1T 384

disrespect in, should be corrected AH 268

do not always discern right from wrong CG 259

do not animalize, by flesh diet CD 399

do not arouse combative disposition in CG 286

do not believe in removing temptations entirely away from 2T 374

do not encourage association of, with ungodly 5T 541

do not exhibit, as prodigies of wit or wisdom CG 38

before visitors CG 38

do not expect, to be altogether guileless CG 150

do not frown at AH 196

do not hinder, in coming to Christ 1SM 319

do not keep, indoors like dolls CG 107

do not let, see that you are ever guarding them CG 206

do not measure, with yourself 2T 332

do not need costly surroundings and expensive furniture to make them happy AH 154-5

do not overtax, with study 3T 137

do not overwhelm, with praise and flattery CG 38

do not refuse, innocent gratification that would make them happy 4T 141

do not repel, by lack of sympathy in their sports, joys, and griefs 3T 532

do not require unreasonable exactions of AH 308

do not scold and fret at CG 480

do not speak carelessly to CG 216

do not speak of religion as something that cannot be understood by MH 44

do not threaten with God’s wrath when they do wrong CG 253

do not withhold from, indulgences that are simple, harmless, gratifying 4T 136

doing wrong, what to do re CG 515

dress, in becoming manner AH 253; 4T 142

duty of: to aged parents AH 360-4

to parents MYP 33

to unbelieving and disagreeable parent AH 361

dying, when divine love touched DA 199

early habits of, influence character most MH 380

early life of, foundation of strong constitution should be laid in FE 61

early training of, is important CG 193; MH 380

that parents should give CG 26-7

early years of, parents’ duty re CG 193-8

easily made unhappy CT 114; MH 388; 3T 532

easily pleased CT 114; MH 388; 3T 532

eating at any or all times makes, dyspeptics CG 388

gourmands CG 388

eating too much makes, dyspeptics CG 391

education that is needed by 6T 127

educators of, persons easily impatient and irritated should not be CT 192

efforts to save, use every spiritual sinew and muscle in CT 156

Eli allowed, to control him PP 575

Eli’s fondness for, overlooked their faults and sins PP 578

employment of, should be suited to their years AH 284

encourage every noble action in CG 264

encouragement of, parental neglect of 4T 135-6

endangered by teachings in public schools 6T 193

endowment of, that is more precious than wealth of all ages PK 245

energies of, should be turned into useful channels FE 417

entire lifetime of many, prove failure 3T 148

entire religious experience of, influenced by instructions received in childhood 1T 390

envy or jealousy of, bears witness to parental neglect FE 67

erring, do not scold CG 501

erroneous belief that restraining, is injurious 5T 541

erroneous idea that, will outgrow their evil tendencies PP 578

erroneous idea that letting, follow their own inclination wins their love 1T 393

eternal welfare of, parents should look after 6T 429-30

every: born into home is sacred trust CT 145; FE 416

has work to do for honor of God and uplifting of humanity Ed 58

increases parents’ responsibility CG 205