Sons and Daughters of God


Good Behavior at Home Influences Others, September 6

Laborers Together With God in the Home

Be of good courage, and let us behave ourselves valiantly. 1 Chronicles 19:13. SD 256.1

The Saviour of the world loves to have children and youth give their hearts to Him.... Through childhood and youth, they will be found faithful disciples of our Lord.... In your earliest years you may be a blessing in the home.18The Youth's Instructor, August 10, 1893. SD 256.2

Even through children and youth the light of life may shine upon those who sit in darkness. Then watch and pray, and obtain a personal experience in the things of God. Your parents may teach you, they may try to guide your feet into safe paths; but it is impossible for them to change your heart. You must give your heart to Jesus, and walk in the precious light of truth that He has given you. Faithfully take up your duties in the home life, and, through the grace of God, you may grow up into the full stature of what Christ would have a child grow to be in Him.... SD 256.3

In childhood and youth you may have an experience in the service of God. Do the things that you know to be right. Be obedient to your parents. Listen to their counsels; for if they love and fear God, upon them will be laid the responsibility of educating, disciplining, and training your soul for the immortal life. Thankfully receive the help they want to give you, and make their hearts glad by cheerfully submitting yourselves to the dictates of their wiser judgments. In this way you will honor your parents, glorify God, and become a blessing to those with whom you associate.19The Youth's Instructor, August 17, 1893. SD 256.4

We want children and youth to be happy in this life, and to bring all that makes heaven desirable—a place of peace and bliss—into the home life. Train yourselves to behave at home, having the fear of the Lord before you, and it will become habit to behave well when away from home.... Let love be cherished, and peace, and Christian politeness, and angels will be your guests.20The Youth's Instructor, April 14, 1886. SD 256.5