Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


Chapter 37—Public Labors in 1877

May 11, 1877, we left Oakland, Cal., for Battle Creek, Mich. A telegram had been sent to my husband, requesting his presence at Battle Creek, to give attention to important business relative to the cause. In answer to this summons, he went, and engaged earnestly in preaching, writing, and holding board meetings at the Review Office, the College, and the Sanitarium, often working into the night. This wore him fearfully. His constant mental anxiety was preparing the way for a breakdown. We both felt our danger, and decided to go to Colorado to enjoy retirement and rest. LS 219.1

While planning for the journey, a voice seemed to say to me: “Put the armor on. I have work for you to do in Battle Creek.” The voice seemed so plain that I involuntarily turned to see who was speaking. I saw no one; and at the sense of the presence of God my heart was broken in tenderness before Him. When my husband entered the room, I told him the exercises of my mind. We wept and prayed together. Our arrangements had been made to leave in three days; but now all our plans were changed. LS 219.2