Selected Messages Book 2


The Toll of Large Wages

The incarnation of Christ was an act of self-sacrifice; His life was one of continual self-denial. The highest glory of the love of God to man was manifested in the sacrifice of His only-begotten Son, who was the express image of His person. This is the great mystery of godliness. It is the privilege and the duty of every professed follower of Christ to have the mind of Christ. Without self-denial and cross bearing we cannot be His disciples. 2SM 185.2

When the resolutions were proposed and accepted to pay the large wages to those working in the Review and Herald office, the enemy was succeeding in his plan to turn aside the purposes of God, and to lead souls into false paths. The selfish, grasping spirit accepted the large wages. Had the workers practiced the principles set forth in the lessons of Christ, they could not conscientiously have received such wages. And what was the effect of this increase of wages? The expenses of the family living were greatly increased. There was a departure from the instructions and examples given in the life of Christ. Pride was awakened and indulged; means were invested for display, for needless self-gratification. Love of the world took possession of the heart, and unsanctified ambition ruled the soul temple. The large wages became a curse. The example was not after Christ, but after the world. 2SM 185.3

Love to Christ will not lead to self-indulgence, it will not lead to any unnecessary expenditure of means to please and gratify self or to foster pride in the human heart. The love of Jesus in the heart ever leads the soul to humility and entire conformity to the will of God.—Letter 21, 1894. 2SM 186.1

When sin strikes inwardly, it assails the most noble part of a man's being. It makes terrible confusion and havoc with man's Godlike faculties and powers. While physical disease prostrates the body, the disease of selfishness and covetousness blasts the soul.—Letter 26, 1897. 2SM 186.2