Selected Messages Book 2


Higher Wages Proposed for Superior Men

My heart is deeply stirred by the scenes which during the night have passed before me. In the night season I heard from some of my brethren propositions with which I cannot agree. The statements they made indicate that they are on the wrong track, that they have not an experience which will guard them from deception. I was grieved to hear from the lips of some of our brethren expressions that show neither faith in God nor loyalty to His truth. Propositions were made that, if carried out, would lead away from the straight and narrow way. 2SM 186.3

Some think that if higher wages were paid to men of superior talent, these men would remain among us; then more work would be accomplished, in a more thorough manner, and the cause of truth would stand on a more elevated platform. 2SM 186.4

Concerning this question I have received instruction from One who never errs. Suppose this plan were followed, “Who,” I ask, “is competent to measure the genuine usefulness and the influence of his fellow workmen?” No man is qualified to judge of another's usefulness in the service of God. 2SM 186.5

The position or office a man may hold is not alone an indication of his usefulness in the cause of God. It is the development of a Christlike character through sanctification of the spirit that will give him influence for good. In the estimation of God the degree of his faithfulness determines the value of his service. 2SM 186.6

God accepts the services of those only who are partakers of the divine nature. Without Christ man can do nothing. Love for God and man alone places human beings on vantage ground with God. Obedience to the divine command enables us to become laborers together with God. Love is the fruit that is borne on the Christian tree, the fruit that is as the leaves of the tree of life for the healing of the nations.—Manuscript 108, 1903. 2SM 187.1