Selected Messages Book 2


An Appeal for Equality

Let there be more equality among us. There is too much eager grasping for recompense. Selfish estimates of the labor done are being made. Let no man receive so large a salary because he supposes he has adaptability to do a certain work, thus placing the work done for God and for the advancement of His cause on a mercenary basis. To whom much is given, of him much will be required. Let those who argue that they should receive large salaries because of their abilities and peculiar gifts inquire of themselves, “Whose are the talents I am trading upon? Have I used these talents in such a way as to bring the greatest glory to God? Have I doubled the talents lent me?” A consecrated use of these talents would bring a revenue to the cause of God. All our talents belong to God, and both principal and interest are one day to be handed back to Him. 2SM 183.3

If those who have been connected with the work of God for many years would study carefully how much injury they have done the Lord's vineyard by unwise moves, by departing from right principles and diverting means from the cause of God by using their influence to lead others into crooked paths, instead of grasping for higher wages they would humble themselves before God with a repentance that needeth not to be repented of. Let them ask themselves the question,” ‘How much owest thou unto my Lord?’ (Luke 16:5). What account shall I render for the talent misused, for following my own unsanctified imagination? What can I do to blot out the evil results of my unwise moves which have so limited the resources of the cause?” Had every man occupied his position of trust with faithfulness, there would be no dearth of means today in the Lord's treasury. 2SM 184.1

Our relation to the work of God is not to be placed on a mercenary foundation—according to the estimate of man, so much work, so much pay. It is a great mistake for men to suppose their services are invaluable. Let God be true to his word, and there will be a great change in the estimate of work done for the Master. 2SM 184.2

Oh, there are many things to be corrected in the men who are ready to grasp so much. How inappropriate are the selfish graspings for reward. This craving for high wages has expelled the love of God from many hearts. Pride of position is a deep-seated evil which has ruined thousands. Yes, tens of thousands, full of ambition for distinction and display, have been ruined because they have lost sight of principle. They have measured themselves among themselves, and compared themselves with themselves. Their eager grasping for credit and reward has resulted in diminished spirituality. This is a lesson all should study carefully, that they may be warned against selfishness and avarice, against pride which destroys love for God and corrodes the soul. 2SM 184.3

When any man connected with the work of God refuses to work for the wages he is receiving, when he is receiving a reasonable sum for his services, he may obtain what he asks for, but it will often be at the loss of the grace of God from his heart, which is of more value than gold and silver and precious stones.—Manuscript 164, 1899. 2SM 185.1