The Conditionalist Faith of Our Fathers, vol. 2


Part IV — Spiritualism Climaxes the Conflict (A Determining Factor)

CHAPTER FIFTY: Spiritualism Invades Our Times

We have reserved until now the portrayal of the most significant development in the mounting conflict of the centuries over the nature and destiny of man. It is a development that is destined to dominate in time’s last hour. It began to erupt a century and a quarter ago with little fanfare, but it burgeoned to amazing proportions within a relatively short time. Its appearance both intensified and complicated the age-old issues. Not only did it embroil the Old World and the New in the controversy but it has been augmented by occult forces from the East that have now penetrated the West to an amazing depth. Its coming inaugurated a new epoch, fraught with new problems and beset by new perils-new, we said, and yet as old as the race. CFF2 1051.1

Its appearance-or more accurately its modern revival- was a matter not only of divine prediction but of inspired characterization and identification. It burst forth as foretold at the time forecast, and has met every specification depicted. It has withheld its real identity, operating in disguise, concealing its actual character. It is destined to assume an increasingly determining place in the last great struggle between truth and falsehood, involving fidelity to God or treason to truth. CFF2 1051.2

Because of the inescapable issues and alignments involved, mankind will in the end range itself into two great camps. No one will be able to avoid the crucial issues involved. None can remain neutral. The tremendous scope and significance of the involvements we will now seek to present in their historic perspective and stark reality. But to do so we must go back to the beginning. Only thus can we comprehend the present and fathom the future. We therefore take leave at this point of the tracement of the faithful witnesses to Conditionalism that have marked the centuries, and which have comprised the bulk of this volume. We shall enter a new world-one not pleasant to compass but imperative to have clearly before us and to understand. CFF2 1051.3