The Conditionalist Faith of Our Fathers, vol. 2


IV. Perspective Provided for Individual Conclusions

It has been the purpose of this work to provide a comprehensive, over-all historical perspective, that the conflict of principles and issues may be clearly understood, with part related to part, and vicissitudes and advances placed in true relationship and perspective. In that way a sound basis may be had for intelligent decision by the individual investigator of the great issues involved. CFF2 1047.5

The tabular charts, appearing periodically throughout volumes one and two, give the names of the most prominent spokesmen, their nationality or location, religious affiliation, and official position, as well as their stand on the three great aspects, or angles, of Conditionalism. The summarizing statements that accompany, which analyze and epitomize the facts, should aid the reader in reaching his own conclusions with confidence. CFF2 1048.1

The two large chronological charts, appearing at intervals in sections, visualize in outline the sweep of the centuries, and portray in tangible form the major conflicts of the past which are covered in detail in the text of these two volumes of The Conditionalist Faith of Our Fathers. All this should aid the student in his quest for truth. If these objectives are achieved, and sound conclusions are reached, the purpose of the author will be achieved, and the tremendous toil compassing some seven years of intensive investigation will be fully compensated. CFF2 1048.2