The Conditionalist Faith of Our Fathers, vol. 2


I. The Consummation of the Original Lie of Eden

It was the alluring assurance of the Old Serpent, uttered in the beginning in the Garden of Eden-that man would “not die” should he violate the divine prohibition regarding the forbidden fruit-that enticed and emboldened Adam and Eve to transgress and thus to bring death upon themselves and in turn upon the entire human race. CFF2 1052.1


Since the Fall, all along the death-strewn pathway of mankind across the ensuing centuries, Satan has been seeking to vindicate and validate that fateful lie, first in heathen lands, then among God’s ancient people, Israel, and finally throughout the checkered career of the Christian Church. All through the early centuries and the medieval period, during Reformation and post-Reformation times, this original contention has been maintained. It finally reached its climax in modern history. But we have also portrayed the paralleling witness of those who believed God’s pronouncement and denied Satan’s conflicting claim. That is the historical background to date. CFF2 1052.2

We now come to the climactic portion of this basic conflict of the ages. And it involves Satan’s stellar role in the consummation of the lie of Eden as mankind approaches history’s great finale. Because of its vital importance this portion of the conflict will necessitate an unusually full presentation of Spiritualism’s character and major part in the climax of the ages, along with the complete vindication of God’s solemn declaration in Eden, “Thou shalt surely die” (Genesis 2:17), and the establishment for eternity of the Bible-revealed truth on the mortal nature and final destiny of man. CFF2 1052.3


The presentation will be candid but fair. It will be thorough yet Christian, tracing the emergence, the stages of development, and the climax of the modern Spiritualistic Movement that is destined soon to affect every soul on earth. The origin, rise, history, teachings, fruitage, and perils, together with the Biblical warnings and exposures concerning Spiritualism will be traced. Spiritualism will be tested by the standard of the Word. And to conclude, the searchlight of divine prophecy will be focused upon Spiritualism’s eleventh-hour maneuvers in connection with mankind’s final struggle over truth and error-a conflict that will involve all the heavenly and demonic agencies as well. We will close with a portrayal of the triumph of truth. With such a foreword let us turn first to the historical side. CFF2 1053.1