Medical Ministry


Promptness in Meeting Appointments

There have been defects in the management at the sanitarium. The patients have felt that they were not treated as they should be. Appointments have been made which have not been filled. Such failures as these will greatly militate against the influence of a physician. The patients will not be often thus disappointed, without feeling bitterness of soul and mind.... MM 192.5

The sick pay for their treatments in order that they may recover health; but if they are disappointed again and again, the reputation of the sanitarium will be imperiled. This evil must be corrected; the attention that has been promised must be given to the patients or the physician breaks the confidence of the patients in his word. If the leading physician cannot possibly meet the appointment, he should have his associate physician meet it for him, explaining to the patient the cause of his absence. MM 192.6

Unless the physicians in our sanitariums are men of thorough habits, unless they attend promptly to their duties, their work will become a reproach, and the Lord's appointed agencies will lose their influence. By a course of negligence to duty the physician humiliates the Great Physician, of whom he should be a representative. Strict hours should be kept with all patients, high or low. No careless neglect should be allowed in any of the nurses. Ever be true to your word, prompt in meeting your appointments; for this means much to the sick.—Letter 128, 1905. MM 193.1