Medical Ministry


Promptness and Efficiency

The sick should not be compelled to wait when they need advice and relief. Never should the physician neglect his patients. He should have quick, penetrating judgment, and should carry into the sickroom a genial atmosphere. He should not be cold, reticent, or hesitating, but should cultivate those qualities which exert a soothing influence over the suffering ones. They want more than looks; they want kind, hopeful words. The doctor should be ready to give them cheerful, reassuring words, words spoken from the heart in wisdom, showing that he understands the cases of those under his care. This will inspire a restfulness and confidence, even at the first interview. MM 193.2

The physician should be a man of pure mind. If his principles are uncorrupted, he will exert a telling influence in favor of the right. Physicians need to be constantly imbued with the Spirit of Christ, learning lessons from Him, the greatest Teacher the world ever knew; then they will be pure in thought, in mind, in action. They will give no hint in word or manner that will lead them to impure thoughts. MM 193.3

Licentiousness is ruining many souls, and physicians especially need to watch and pray that they may not enter into temptation, and that they may have that grace which will make them examples of piety and purity. Their work is daily undergoing the close inspection of God, and their record will be accurately traced in the ledger of heaven. MM 193.4

Physicians in our health institution have many and weighty responsibilities. Their only safety is in keeping their thoughts and impulses under the control of the Great Teacher. They have golden opportunities for doing good; they can guide and mold the many and varied minds with which they are brought in contact. They should take a stand for God. Show men and women connected with the Institute how pure and noble they may become; show them that you have firm confidence in God, and that He is your Source of strength, that you are resting wholly upon the promises. Fulfill your duty with promptness, while claiming your heavenly Father's help to overcome all weakness of character. With the hand of faith grasping the arm of divine power, put your whole being into your work.—Letter 6a, 1890. MM 194.1