Medical Ministry


The Workers Needed

The Lord wants wise men and women acting in the capacity of nurses to comfort and help the sick and suffering. Through the ministrations of these nurses, those who have heretofore taken no interest in religious things will be led to ask, “What must I do to be saved?” The sick will be led to Christ by the patient attention of nurses who anticipate their wants, and who bow in prayer and ask the great Medical Missionary to look with compassion upon the sufferer and to let the soothing influence of His grace be felt and His restoring power be exercised.... MM 191.3

Overcoming Nervous Timidity

The nervous timidity of the sick will be overcome as they are made acquainted with the intensive interest that the Saviour has for all suffering humanity. Oh, the depth of the love of Christ! To redeem us from death, He died on the cross of Calvary. MM 192.1

Let our physicians and nurses ever bear in mind the words, “We are laborers together with God.” Let every physician and every nurse learn how to work for the alleviation of mental as well as physical suffering. At this time, when sin is so prevalent and so violently revealed, how important it is that our sanitariums be conducted in such a way that they will accomplish the greatest amount of good. How important that all the workers in these institutions know how to speak words in season to those who are weary and sin sick. MM 192.2

Physicians and nurses should ever be kind and cheerful, putting away all gloom and sadness. Let faith grasp the hand of Christ of His healing touch. MM 192.3

As our nurses minister patiently to those who are sick in body and soul, let them ask God to work for the suffering ones that they may be led to know Christ, and let them believe that their prayers will be answered. In all that is done let the love of Christ be revealed.—Letter 17, 1905. MM 192.4