The Fannie Bolton Story


Fannie Bolton to E. G. White, May 4, 1893

I thought the mail was to go yesterday, as it usually does on Wednesday, and rushed downtown and mailed 11 articles to you. Think I mailed 7 or 8 to you last week, for Youth’s Instructor and 1 Signs and 1 for Review. But thinking the mail went yesterday, and having no time to look over all the articles, I have sent you four in which the typographical errors have not been corrected. Of course these errors will all be carefully looked after in the copies sent to papers, so do not worry about them. I know you always like to see the articles as soon as possible, so I mailed them at what I thought was my first opportunity. However I might have waited until today, as the mail goes out early tomorrow morning. FBS 12.1

You have never but once mentioned in the letters you have sent whether you receive the articles all right. I would be glad to know if you do receive them. Have been somewhat anxious about the matter you have mentioned sending me in your last two letters. From W. C. White’s letter I was led to think that you had a number of testimonies, tracts, and special work that you wanted done, and that I was to lighten up on paper work to do this; but nothing has yet come of this character. It may be that tomorrow’s boat will bring it to hand. Please state in your letters the date at which you send matter and what is its nature. It will be well to be very careful about sending as M.S. anything that is of a personal nature, such as testimonies. There is a risk in so doing. The first lot of articles you sent me, I returned to you, also testimony for Bro. Wessels. In this mail I send back articles made from some of the two last batches you sent. I think that you have mailed matters to me four times. If you have sent more, I have not yet received it; though tomorrow’s mail may bring everything. FBS 12.2

You will notice that I have prepared more articles than the papers can use in one month, so as to keep up the supply, if I have to turn my attention to office work. It seems too bad not to have the papers supplied, when they have thousands of readers. If I can have help in copying I can get off more work and not get more tired than I now do. FBS 12.3

I have been feeling much better, and have been able to sleep well. Nearly every day I work in the garden, and find it is a great help. The garden begins to look well. Everything is coming up fresh and beautiful. My courage is good, and I daily rejoice in Christ my Saviour. Am learning what it means to claim the victory by faith, and realize that Jesus keeps me in time of temptation and trial. He has brought me out into a “wealthy place,” and I call upon all that is within me to bless His holy name.... FBS 12.4

I am so pleased with some of the articles you sent, especially the one which I have headed, “Ye Did It Unto Me.” Praise God that “There’s a wideness in His mercy, like the wideness of the sea.” FBS 12.5