The Ellen G. White Writings


The Sermons

Akin to the messages conveyed by letter or published testimony were the sermons preached to congregations large and small. The largest congregation to which she preached was 20,000 at the Groveland, Massachusetts, camp meeting in 1877. In these sermons she usually spoke without notes. Her words were always well chosen and the style was simple. The people could easily understand the message presented in practical terms, whether admonition, reproof, doctrinal exposition, or prophetic interpretation. EGWW 144.1

Of such presentations she at times wrote: EGWW 144.2

I speak that which I have seen, and which I know to be true.—Letter 4, 1896. EGWW 144.3

When I attend meetings such as this camp meeting ... I speak the words of the Lord, with the authority that He gives me, and then I leave the matter in His hands, knowing that I have done my duty. This I must do, whether men will hear or whether they will forbear. But I am not to speak words of my own, lest I weaken the testimony God gives me.—Letter 145, 1902. EGWW 144.4

There was direct communication with the people in language they could understand and apply. EGWW 144.5