The Ellen G. White Writings


Dr. Brown and the Visions

As our preachers went into Parkville, Michigan, some thirty miles southwest of Battle Creek, in 1860, and held evangelistic meetings, the people were told, among other things, about the visions given to Mrs. White. A spiritualist physician lived there, a certain Dr. Brown. He had boasted that he could explain it all in terms of spiritualism. He asserted that the visions that were given to Ellen White were just a form of spirit-mediumship, and that if he should ever be present when she was in a vision, he could bring her out of it in just one minute. That’s all the time he would need. EGWW 80.2

An Adventist church building was erected in Parkville in 1860 and was dedicated on Sabbath, January 12, 1861. Elder and Mrs. White, Elder J. N. Loughborough, Elder Uriah Smith, and some others went down from Battle Creek to be present for the service. In connection with the afternoon meeting, Ellen White was taken off in vision. Elder White always gave ample opportunity for any who wished to examine Ellen White while in vision to do so, and this time was no exception. He asked whether there was a physician who could be called who could examine Mrs. White while in vision and report to the people as to her condition. Remembering his boast, the people urged Dr. Brown, who happened to be present, to respond and conduct the examination. EGWW 80.3

Dr. Brown began to examine Ellen White but soon turned deathly pale and began to shake all over. Elder White asked, “Will the physician please report to the congregation concerning his findings?” EGWW 81.1

“Oh,” he said, “she does not breathe,” and he started for the door. When he got near the door, the brethren blocked it and said, “Go back and do like you said you would. You said you could stop the vision in one minute.” “Oh no,” he replied. “Well, what is it?” they asked. “God only knows,” he replied. “Let me out of this house.” He jerked the door open and ran. EGWW 81.2