The Ellen G. White Writings


Appendix C—The 1911 Edition of The Great Controversy

A statement of approval “great controversy” new editionellen G. White’s statement regarding the 1911 edition of “great controversy”

An Explanation of the Involvements of the 1911 Revision

Great Controversy in its enlarged form was published in the early summer of 1888. Ellen G. White had furnished identical printing plates to both the Review and Herald and the Pacific Press. After the establishment of the Southern Publishing Association, it too was supplied with plates. All houses printed from these plates until 1907, when it became necessary to patch some of the badly worn plates. Some reillustrating was done at that time. A few years later it was seen that the worn-out printing plates must be replaced with new ones and that the type for the book must be reset. As explained by Mrs. White, it was this situation that led her to plan a slight revision of the book. It was only natural that any change in the text of an E. G. White book long in circulation would call for a discussion of inspiration and its bearing on the book in question. The statements comprising this document supply the information given at the time the new edition of Great Controversy appeared in 1911. EGWW 185.1