The Ellen G. White Writings


The Writings in Practical Fields

Ellen White wrote much in such practical fields as: EGWW 145.2

1. Education and the development and operation of educational institutions. EGWW 145.3

2. Health and the health work. EGWW 145.4

3. The minister and pastoral and evangelistic work. EGWW 145.5

4. The publishing of the message through the public press. EGWW 145.6

5. Church finance and administration. EGWW 145.7

These counsels appear in clear, plain language, instructing, exhorting, and admonishing. No particular interpretation is called for. The reader is continually reminded that these counsels are based on the visions that God gave her. If any who have not for themselves read these counsels are tempted to think that they may reflect either Ellen White’s personal pet ideas or the theories of her contemporaries, the reading of the books will remind them of the true source and, hence, the binding claims of the counsel, by such expressions as: EGWW 145.8

The Lord has instructed me that as a general rule, we place too much food in the stomach.—Counsels on Diet and Foods, 136. EGWW 145.9

Dear Brother, In the past you have practiced health reform too rigorously for your own good. Once, when you were very sick, the Lord gave a message to save your life.—Counsels on Diet and Foods, 199. EGWW 145.10

I saw that God does not require anyone to take a course of such rigid economy as to weaken or injure the temple of God.—Testimonies for the Church 1:205. EGWW 145.11

The light given me was that a sanitarium should be established, and that in it drug medication should be discarded, and simple, rational methods of treatment employed for the healing of disease.—Counsels on Diet and Foods, 303. EGWW 145.12

I have received instruction in regard to the use of flesh meat in our sanitariums. Flesh meat should be excluded from the diet, and its place should be supplied by wholesome, palatable food, prepared in such a way as to be appetizing.—Counsels on Diet and Foods, 289. EGWW 146.1

I use some salt, and always have, because from the light given me by God, this article, in the place of being deleterious, is actually essential for the blood. The whys and wherefores of this I know not, but I give you the instruction as it is given me.—Counsels on Diet and Foods, 344. EGWW 146.2

It is for their own good that the Lord counsels the remnant church to discard the use of flesh meats, tea, and coffee, and other harmful foods.—Counsels on Diet and Foods, 381. EGWW 146.3

Those who use flesh meat disregard all the warnings that God has given concerning this question.—Counsels on Diet and Foods, 383. EGWW 146.4

From the light God has given me, the prevalence of cancer and tumors is largely due to gross living on dead flesh.—Counsels on Diet and Foods, 388. EGWW 146.5

The light given me is that it will not be very long before we shall have to give up any animal food.—Counsels on Diet and Foods, 357. EGWW 146.6

I have been instructed that the nut foods are often used unwisely, that too large a proportion of nuts is used, that some nuts are not as wholesome as others. Almonds are preferable to peanuts ...—Testimonies for the Church 7:134. EGWW 146.7

I have been instructed that the students in our schools are not to be served with flesh foods or with food preparations that are known to be unhealthful.” Testimonies for the Church 9:157. EGWW 146.8

The light that God has given upon the subject of disease and its causes, needs to be dwelt upon largely; for it is the wrong habits of indulgence of appetite, and careless, reckless inattention to proper care for the body that tell upon people.—Counsels on Diet and Foods, 291. EGWW 146.9

An hour spent in reading the counsels given in the area of health cannot but convince the earnest seeker for truth that Ellen White in her writings on this subject is attempting to convey in clear, plain language that all can understand just what God’s will is for His remnant church. The writing is not in figures or symbols or parables. This is also true of all of the practical counsels. EGWW 146.10