Messenger of the Lord


Certainty, Authority, and Trust

This book is concerned with how young and old find certainty. Is there any “authority” anywhere that can speak with clarity, satisfying the head as well as the heart? MOL xiii.7

Seventh-day Adventists answer “Yes! there is an Authority.” We point to the One who made us, and call Him God—the God who communicates. Further, He made us capable of responding to Him. Wonderful thought; we were made to listen to our friendly Maker! And when we listen, we hear the truth about who we are, why we exist, and what kind of unending future He has planned for us—if we keep listening. MOL xiii.8

How does God “speak” to human beings? “Many times and in many ways,” Paul wrote in Hebrews 1:1 (TEV). For example: MOL xiii.9

• Through His created works, which we call “nature.” MOL xiii.10

• Through the Holy Spirit, who makes contact with each person’s conscience. MOL xiii.11

• Through Jesus Christ, who was God Himself. MOL xiii.12

But God did even more. He knew that thousands of years before Jesus would come as man, men and women needed to hear His side of the story of the great controversy between good and evil. MOL xiii.13