Messenger of the Lord


An Overview by the Author

This book was written with two purposes in mind: (1) to provide Seventh-day Adventists with a fresh look at the life and witness of Ellen G. White, and (2) to provide resource material for college and seminary courses on the gift of prophecy, especially as manifested in the life and ministry of this inspired messenger of God. MOL xiii.1

Some people, lacking a clear understanding of how revelation/inspiration works, have permitted “problems” and criticisms to weaken or destroy their confidence in Mrs. White’s unique seventy-year ministry. Yet, millions of people around the world consider her an inspired, epoch-making religious leader. They have found their love for Jesus deepened as she directed their minds to the Bible, her chief source of enlightenment and joy. They have discovered that her writings provide clear, highly motivating and accurate insights for healthy, disciplined living. Most important, they have found in her writings coherent insights into the Biblical story of salvation. MOL xiii.2

Thus, in addition to the twin purposes mentioned above, this book is written for at least two groups: MOL xiii.3

1. Those who are immensely grateful for the pen of Ellen White and want to learn more about her, and MOL xiii.4

2. Those with unresolved questions about certain aspects of her long ministry. MOL xiii.5

This book sets forth abundant reasons for affirming her claim to be God’s messenger; it provides ample evidence to satisfy the most discerning mind. MOL xiii.6