“I'd Like To Ask Sister White ...”


Were There Any Needy People Around In Those Days? Did You Do Dorcas Work?

Monday, January 3, 1859.—Paid Widow Cranson $1.00 for making a couple of shirts. Paid Sister Bognes $1.00 for making a coat. She was unwilling to take it, but I felt it duty to hand it to her. She is poor and sickly. May the Lord pity and care for her. Said Jesus, “The poor always ye have with you.” May the Lord rid us of selfishness. LASW 51.6

Thursday, January 6.—Give Agnes a half-worn dress for her mother. They are poor. The husband and father is sick. Their crops have failed. They have breadstuff to buy and nothing to buy with. Agnes is their main support. She is only seventeen. There are four children now at home. They must suffer unless the church interest themselves in their behalf. May the Lord have mercy upon the needy. 19 LASW 51.7

Tuesday, March 8.—Brother John Andrews comes up to visit us in the eve. Get together a few things for him to take home. Send Angeline a new calico dress, nine shillings, and a stout pair of calfskin shoes. Father gives the making of the shoes and the making of a pair of boots for Brother John Andrews. I send the little boy a nice little flannel shirt and yarn to knit him a pair of stockings. I send Sister or Mother Andrews a nice large cape, well wadded, for her to wear. LASW 52.1

I made a bag to put them in of towel cloth. 20 LASW 52.2