“I'd Like To Ask Sister White ...”


How Can I Help My Mother?

Children and youth should be missionaries at home by doing those things that need to be done, and that someone must do. You do not think that washing dishes is pleasant work, yet you would not like to be denied the privilege of eating food that has been placed on those dishes. Do you think that it is more pleasant work for your mother to do those things than it is for you? Are you willing to leave what you consider a disagreeable task for your careworn mother to do, while you play the lady? There is sweeping to be done, there are rugs to take up and shake, and the rooms are to be put in order. Have you considered how many times mother has to attend to all these household duties while you are excused to attend school or amuse yourself? LASW 50.2

It is difficult for a loving mother to urge her children to help her when she sees they have no heart in the work. Children and youth, Christ is looking upon you. Your first duty is to help your mother, who has done so much for you. Lift her burdens, give her pleasant days of rest. The time has come for you to shed sunshine in the home. Take up your duty, go right to work. It has been her delight to wait on you, to cook for you, to serve you. LASW 51.1

Mother needs change and rest. Her children should seek to bring brightness and love into her life. Do they neglect their Saviour as they neglect their mother? LASW 51.2

The Spirit came in childhood,
And pleaded, “Let me in;”
But, ah! the door was bolted
By heedlessness and sin.
LASW 51.3

“Oh, I’m too young,” the child cried,
“My heart is closed today.”
Sadly the Spirit listened,
Then turned, and went His way.
LASW 51.4

Youthful friends, you are to be laborers together with God. 18 LASW 51.5