Manuscript Release No 1033

Sands, Virginia, Sunday, November 9, 1890

Attended morning meetings and walked to them. There were crowds coming in to the meeting. Not more than one half could get entrance into the house. Brother Miles spoke in the forenoon. MR1033 23.3

I spoke in the afternoon from Matthew 6:19.... Nine hundred and thirty-five, by count, were in the house, and outside. Platforms were made by the windows and many stood by the windows on the platform of boards and others on the ground. The windows were opened so that they could hear. Many were in uncomfortable positions, pressed up as close to the windows as possible to hear the Word of life. The platform of the desk was crowded with men and women.... I was surprised that there was as much quiet as there was. Many, many were standing all the time. Many scarcely moved from their positions during the one hour and a half I was speaking.—Manuscript 45, 1890, 6-7 (Diary 16, pp. 300-301). MR1033 23.4