Manuscript Release No 1033


Sands, Virginia, Sabbath, November 8, 1890

I arose early and after seeking the Lord in prayer I wrote many pages. At half-past eight attended morning meeting and gave them a morning talk. I sought to revive their faith by relating my experience in Salamanca. [This may be a reference to the vision of Monday night, November 3, or it may merely refer to her experience in being given strength to deliver her messages on temperance and other subjects.] Hearts seemed to be touched. I urged them to ask greater blessings of the Lord and to believe that He would bless, and then not to go away and waver about it. The Lord would have us firm and importunate as was Elijah and the importunate widow who obtained their requests because they would not let go.... MR1033 23.1

I spoke in the afternoon from John 17. The Lord gave me much of His Holy Spirit. The house was full. I called those forward who wished to seek the Lord more earnestly and for those who wished to give themselves to the Lord a whole sacrifice. For a time not one made a move, but after a while many came forward and bore testimonies of confession. We had a precious season of prayer and all felt broken down, weeping and confessing their sins.—Manuscript 45, 1890, 3-4, 6 (Diary 16, pp. 294, 299). MR1033 23.2