Manuscript Release No 1033


Sands, Virginia, Monday, November 10, 1890

[See below where Ellen White gives this date as “Monday, November 11, 1890.” Monday fell on November 10 in that year. For the next several days her diary dates are all one day off. On November 10 she wrote an 8-page letter to Albert Harris (Letter 72, 1890), urging him to come back to the Lord.]

I slept this morning unusually long. It was five o'clock before I left my bed. After a season of prayer, I wrote important matters to which my mind was called in a dream. I know it was a message for this people. I read the same in the early morning meeting.... MR1033 24.1

I spoke to a full house in the afternoon from John 14. The Lord put His Holy Spirit upon me in large measure. There was a large attendance of unbelievers. We hoped when we made the call for all who wished to take their stand for the Lord more fully, that several would have strength to decide, but something held them. The enemy seemed to have power over them and none led out on this occasion. After much labor and a season of earnest prayer some responded, and yet we felt that there should have been a more earnest response. We had done our duty. We could do no more. But we were disappointed at the reluctance to move.—Manuscript 45, 1890, 8 (Diary 16, pp. 302-303). MR1033 24.2