Loma Linda Messages


A Summary of Facts

There is every evidence that God has a wise purpose in view, in the presence of His appointed servant on the Pacific Coast, in placing on her a special and continuous burden in behalf of medical missionary work in the Southern California field. LLM 401.2

We read in the extract quoted at the beginning, these words, that have been given us regarding the work of Sister White: “When My servant whom I have called to make known My will was sent to Australia, you in America should have understood that you had a work to do in cooperation with her.” Again: “When My servant was sent to establish the work in a new field, could you not see that He who owns all the gold and silver was calling for your cooperation.” LLM 401.3

We read still further: “When the work was to begin in another field, I would be with My servant to indicate the work, and you should have been ready to aid.” LLM 401.4

What means the continued presence of the Lord's appointed servant in the California field? LLM 402.1

What means the bearing of repeated messages to our people, messages in which are indicated definite lines of work to be carried forward in several places in Southern California? LLM 402.2

What means the intensity of Sister White's burden in behalf of medical missionary work in San Diego County, prior to the establishment of the Paradise Valley Sanitarium? LLM 402.3

What means the counsel, oft-repeated, that those in responsibility make advance moves in the San Diego field, as well as in the Los Angeles district and in the San Bernardino valley? LLM 402.4

What means the fact that simultaneously with the plain instruction that was being given as to the advantages of establishing small sanitariums in country locations, repeated efforts were made to invest large sums of money in medical missionary work in the heart of the city of Los Angeles? LLM 402.5

What means the personal action taken by the servant of the Lord, when, in anguish of spirit over the refusal of men in responsibility to step forward by faith and secure the Paradise Valley property, she herself and a few others assumed the responsibility? LLM 402.6

What means the fact that those who thus advanced in faith made special provision for turning the property over to Conference control whenever a change of conducting might make it possible for a transfer to be made; in other words, whenever changed conditions would result in a willingness on the part of Conference officials to accept the property in the right spirit, and to conduct sanitarium work there in harmony with the divine plan? LLM 402.7

What means the opportunity afforded the brethren in responsibility to take over the property, in the fall of 1907? LLM 402.8

What means their action in proposing terms so exacting that the acceptance of these terms of transfer would have brought severe hardships upon the very ones who stepped forward in faith at a time when Conference officials refused to advance in the opening providence of God? LLM 402.9

What means the counsel of the Lord through His servant, not to accept these terms—terms the acceptance of which would have made very difficult the vindication of His word concerning the wisdom of saving to the denomination the Paradise Valley property at a time when three days’ longer delay would have made it well-nigh impossible to secure the property? LLM 402.10

What means the attitude of many men in responsibility, even today, toward an enterprise, which, from the very beginning, might have been a Conference enterprise had Conference officials fulfilled their duty in the fear of God; but which, because of the inability of men in responsibility to discern the opening providences of God, has to this day remained in the hands of a few who acted quickly in a crisis to save to the denomination a passing opportunity to secure facilities for doing strong work in a needy field? LLM 403.1