Loma Linda Messages


The Proposed Transfer

As to the proposed transfer of the Paradise Valley Sanitarium to Conference control: This was in harmony with Sister White's mind, provided the Conference wished to take over the property in the right spirit, and were ready to foster the enterprise whole-heartedly. LLM 400.5

And why was the transfer not carried through?—Simply because, to all appearances at least, the Conference officials failed to recognize the providences connected with the purchase of the property originally, and proposed such terms of transfer as would have indicated to our own people, and to the world at large, that those who had led out in the enterprise, moved unadvisedly, and that it would have been better had they never secured the property in the first place. The impression was being left on the minds of many, that, inasmuch as the property had been purchased contrary to the judgment of the Southern California Conference officials, now the Conference would take over the enterprise as a matter of policy, and not because they even yet saw wisdom in the action taken by the original purchasers at a time when Conference officials refused to act. LLM 400.6

Sister White was instructed, during the night season, that, under the existing circumstances, it would be wrong for the transfer to be made. There were providences connected with the purchase of the property, that should be recognized by those who take the management of the institution. Until such a time as the General Conference may be in a position to carry the burden of the Paradise Valley Sanitarium whole-heartedly and with freedom of spirit because of their conviction that the institution has been planted of God; until such time as they are prepared to act nobly and generously as men of faith in a heaven-born enterprise; until such time as those who assume control will have a desire to vindicate the reliability of the words that have been spoken regarding the work this institution is to do in the world,—until such time as the brethren in Southern California are prepared to take over the Paradise Valley Sanitarium on this basis, the present stockholders will in all probability be inclined to hold the property, and, as wise stewards, fulfill their God-given trust. LLM 401.1