Loma Linda Messages


In Conclusion

There are men in responsibility who are keeping before their minds the noble purpose of making Sister White's declining years the brightest of all her long life of service in the cause of God. These men are doing all in their power to vindicate before a gainsaying world the reliability of the Spirit of Prophecy—the gift that has been preserved in our midst these many years. LLM 403.2

In view of all that has been outlined in this “Statement of Facts,” is it not apparent that there is something more involved in this problem of the status of the Paradise Valley Sanitarium, than simply the question as to whether the institution is technically a private enterprise or a Conference enterprise? When determining the status of the Paradise Valley Sanitarium, we are compelled, by the very fact of circumstances, to rise far above mere technicalities. LLM 403.3

The facts herein set forth are abundantly sustained by documentary evidence, and by our own good judgment and our sense of justice and the right. LLM 403.4

In view of these facts, in view of the strange and inexplainable attitude of men in responsibility toward this enterprise in former years, in view of our knowledge of the burden of anxiety and care resting on the heart of Sister White, because of the long-continued failure of her brethren to understand the messages regarding unusual opportunities for carrying on medical missionary work in the vicinity of San Diego, we can not afford to do otherwise than to rise above every technicality, and determine the status of the Paradise Valley Sanitarium, in the light of God's over-ruling providences and His far-reaching purposes. LLM 403.5

Clarence C. Crisler


Jan. 14, 1909 K-94-'09

Bro. and Sr. D. H. Kress:

Soon after the Paradise Valley Sanitarium had been secured, the brethren at Los Angeles, after long search, decided to purchase a hotel property at Glendale, eight miles from the city. This property was offered at a price below its original cost, and within the reach of the Conference. As everything seemed favorable, it was secured, and has since been refitted and opened as the Glendale Sanitarium. Some additions have been made to the old building. LLM 403.6

When we first saw the Glendale property, so unlike some other properties we had visited in the vicinity of Los Angeles, we believed that this was a place that had been providentially reserved for us, and we have had no reason since for changing our minds. LLM 404.1

In less than a year after the establishment of the Glendale Sanitarium, the Loma Linda property was purchased. Thus within a comparatively short period of time, God wrought marvelously in the establishment of three sanitariums within the territory of the Southern California Conference. LLM 404.2

M. 70 ’09. April 12, ’09.

Loma Linda, Calif.

Eliza Morton


We are about to leave Loma Linda for our journey to College View, Nebraska. I have spoken once while here. Last Sabbath the patients and church members assembled on the beautiful grounds of the sanitarium, and I spoke to them from the 58th chapter of Isaiah. LLM 404.3

We hope that in the school established at Loma Linda many will be qualified to go forth and impart the knowledge of truth they have here received. A quick work will the Lord do in our world, for Satan is preparing his forces to seek to overcome the remnant people who love God and keep His commandments. He points to the smallness of their numbers, and flatters his followers that his larger army can out-number the believers. We know how powerful are the hosts of Satan; but God is more powerful than they. Our risen Saviour is all-sufficient for our needs. LLM 404.4