Special Testimonies for Ministers and Workers—No. 9



When the president of the General Conference is standing overloaded with work, let some young men, or some men of age and experience, come close to the weary man, and lift the burdens, sustaining him with encouraging words, standing in his place, and doing the work he would have done, even though he fell under the burden which was disproportionate to his strength. SpTA09 36.3

In time of pressure there are spiritual forces to be called in which should always share the burdens; but more than this, the field should be apportioned off in sections to men who will stand as burden-bearers. There must be a number of forces which may be relied upon; but men must not be held in one position of responsibility year after year. The field is too large for this. SpTA09 36.4

Men have learned to send every petty request to Battle Creek, until the elevated, sacred work has passed through so many human elements that it has become contaminated. The tainted influence of unsanctified human nature has been brought in, so that nothing is sure, sacred, and holy. But it is little use to make appeals to the men who have held their superior position until in their mind the sacred is blended with the common. SpTA09 37.1

I have just touched upon these important matters. More yet to come. SpTA09 37.2

Mrs. E.G. White