Special Testimonies for Ministers and Workers—No. 9


The Angels Waiting

O how little, men, even presidents of conferences, know of the power and helpful strength that God gives to the earnest, humble seeker who puts his trust in God, and does not place men as counselors in the place where God alone should be. There are thousands upon thousands and ten thousand times ten thousand angels that minister unto those who shall be heirs of salvation. God is waiting to help all who look unto him. But what opinion can the angels, who wait to do the will and command of God to come to the help of his work in every place, have, when they see that the faces that should be uplifted to God, and the voices that should be heard in supplication with thanksgiving to God, are turned away from God and send their petitions to Battle Creek, asking counsel of human, erring men? SpTA09 36.1

Shall we not have a change in these things? Verily there must be a decided change. God's servants are amenable to him. No man is to be conscience for them. The Lord wants men to know how to do the work of God, to labor in his vineyard. SpTA09 36.2