Special Testimonies for Ministers and Workers—No. 9


Chapter 4—The Lord Has a Controversy with His People

“Sunnyside,” Cooranbong, N.S.W.,

July 5, 1896.

Care should be given to teach every man his dependence upon God; for he is the Source of all wisdom and power and efficiency. I have been shown that it is a mistake to suppose that the men in positions of special responsibility at Battle Creek, have wisdom which is far superior to that of ordinary men. Those who think that they have, supposing them to have divine enlightenment, rely upon the human judgment of these men, taking their counsel as the voice of God But this is not safe; for unless men are wholly consecrated to God, Satan will work through them to impart that knowledge which will not be for the present and eternal good of those who hear. SpTA09 37.3

Many have educated themselves to write or ask for counsel and advice when brought into difficult places. But it is a mistake for those who are placed in responsible positions in our different institutions to depend upon the men who have all too many burdens and responsibilities to bear. A weak, sickly experience will be the lot of those who are educated to depend wholly upon others. Those upon whom they depend, may have less of the fear of God than they themselves have; and not more mental power and talent than it is their privilege to possess if they will but realize that they are not to be children, but firm, brave men, seeking to gain more ability by exercising that which they already have, by trading upon the talents God has lent them. We are individually responsible for the use of the talents God has given us. Our intellect must be cultivated. Close, hard thinking must be given to the solution of difficulties. SpTA09 38.1

The Lord has given to every man his appointed work, and if he places men in positions of responsibility, he will communicate his Holy Spirit to them, giving them efficiency for their work. But the men who are called upon to take long and expensive journeys in order to help others to devise and plan, are not themselves in close connection with the God of all wisdom, if they put confidence in their own strength and wisdom. If they have not been willing to bear the yoke of Christ, or to learn in his school to be meek and lowly in heart as he was: if they have not learned to lift the burdens God has given them, and to follow wherever he may lead them, what will their expensive trips amount to? What is their wisdom worth? Is it not accounted foolishness with God? SpTA09 38.2