Radiant Religion

Joyful Worship in the House of the Lord, November 23

I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord. Psalm 122:1. RRe 329.1

Our God is a tender, merciful Father. His service should not be looked upon as a heart-saddening, distressing exercise. It should be a pleasure to worship the Lord and to take part in His work. God would not have His children, for whom so great salvation has been provided, act as if He were a hard, exacting taskmaster. He is their best friend; and when they worship Him, He expects to be with them, to bless and comfort them, filling their hearts with joy and love. The Lord desires His children to take comfort in His service, and to find more pleasure than hardship in His work. He desires that those who come to worship Him shall carry away with them precious thoughts of His care and love, that they may be cheered in all the employments of daily life, that they may have grace to deal honestly and faithfully in all things.—Steps to Christ, 103. RRe 329.2

“It is a joy to give thanks to the Eternal,
to sing Thy praise, O Thou Most High,
to proclaim Thy goodness in the morning
and Thy faithfulness at night.”
RRe 329.3

Psalm 92:1, 2, Moffatt.