The Sanctified Life -- Study Guide


Chapter 4

The Fiery Furnace

1. Why did God make Nebuchadnezzar forget the details of his dream? (34)
SL-SG 9.1

2. Nebuchadnezzar accused the magicians, astrologers, and sorcerers of seeking time to come up with an answer to his dream. See Daniel 2:8. SL-SG 9.2

What did Daniel ask for?

SL-SG 9.3

What was the difference? (35)
SL-SG 9.4

3. Daniel and his three companions asked God for the dream and its interpretation. Why were they able to do this? (35)
SL-SG 9.5

4. What opportunity did the knowledge God gave to Daniel afford him as he came before the king the second time? What did he do instead? (35, 36)
SL-SG 9.6

5. For today: What can we learn about astrologers in this story? (36)
SL-SG 9.7

6. How did the king’s image differ from what he saw in the dream? What is the significance of this? (36)
SL-SG 9.8

7. What lesson can we learn from the fact that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego had to meet a test without Daniel? (37)
SL-SG 10.1

8. Why do you think the king gave the three men a second chance to bow before the image?

SL-SG 10.2

9. How was the king able to identify the fourth Person in the furnace? (38)
SL-SG 10.3

10. What two questions will not be asked by those who possess genuine sanctification? (39)
SL-SG 10.4

11. For today: What lessons can we get from the experience of the three Hebrew youths? (40, 41)
SL-SG 10.5