The Sanctified Life -- Study Guide


Chapters 5 and 6

Daniel in the Lions’ Den and His Prayers

1. What did Daniel do that was better than boasting of his sanctification? (42)
SL-SG 11.1

2. The better Daniel was, the more his enemies hated him. Why? (43)
SL-SG 11.2

3. What methods did Daniel’s enemies use to get a decree against Daniel from Darius? (43)
SL-SG 11.3

4. Why would it have been wrong for Daniel to pray in secret after the decree was passed? (44)
SL-SG 11.4

5. What gentle rebuke did Daniel give Darius when he was brought up out of the lions’ den unharmed? (45)
SL-SG 11.5

6. In his prayer, how did Daniel identify himself with God’s chosen people who had sinned? (46)
SL-SG 11.6

7. Can you think of other leaders in the Bible who did the same? (See Exodus 32 and Nehemiah 1)
SL-SG 12.1

8. The description of Christ given to Daniel was similar to that given to what New Testament apostle? (49)
SL-SG 12.2

9. How were the circumstances of Daniel’s vision similar to the vision given to Saul at Damascus? (50) See Acts 9:3-8.
SL-SG 12.3

10. What will a clear view of the greatness, glory, and perfection of Christ do for us? (50)

SL-SG 12.4

11. Note the physical phenomena in connection with Daniel’s vision of chapter 10--no breath and extra strength. What is the more modern manifestation of these?
SL-SG 12.5