The Sanctified Life -- Study Guide


Chapter 3

Controlling the Appetites and Passions

1. What is the broader or larger meaning of Peter’s warning: “Abstain from fleshly lusts”? (25)
SL-SG 7.1

2. “It is ___________________ for any to enjoy the blessing of sanctification while they are ___________________ and ___________________.” (25) SL-SG 7.2

3. In what several ways did Israel in the time of Malachi depart from instructions to bring a perfect offering? (27)
SL-SG 7.3

4. For today: How does the ancient provision for a perfect sacrifice apply today? (27, 28)
SL-SG 7.4

5. The Lord gave counsel on the harmful effects of tobacco, tea, and coffee, in the first health vision. What year was it? See Counsels on Diet and Foods, p. 495. (28)
SL-SG 7.5

6. In what several ways do wrong physical habits affect our spiritual life?

SL-SG 7.6

7. The incense of tobacco is presented on whose altar? (31).
SL-SG 8.1

8. What are the harmful effects of
SL-SG 8.2

9. What are the specific effects of stimulants on the body? (33)
SL-SG 8.3