The Sanctified Life -- Study Guide


Chapter 2

Daniel’s Temperance Principles

1. For today: Why is Daniel’s life record left for our study? (18)
SL-SG 5.1

2. What circumstances would be against Daniel refusing to drink wine or eat unclean meats? (18, 19)
SL-SG 5.2

3. Can you think of others who stood up against kings in the Bible and risked their lives or position?

SL-SG 5.3

4. Some obey God’s laws for wrong reasons, and some reject His laws for wrong reasons. What are these? (20)
SL-SG 5.4

5. For today: What lessons for youth are found in the story of Daniel? (20)
SL-SG 5.5

6. What kept Daniel from departing from his temperate habits? (21)
SL-SG 5.6

7. Why do you think Daniel was able to get Melzar to allow him to test the diet for ten days? (21)
SL-SG 6.1

8. In what three ways were Daniel and his companions superior to the others after the ten-day test? (22)
SL-SG 6.2

9. How important was it to Daniel and his companions not to make a single departure from principle? (23)
SL-SG 6.3

10. What was Daniel taught by man?

SL-SG 6.4

What was he taught by God?

SL-SG 6.5