Last Day Events -- Study Guide


Chapter 7

Pages 94-108

1. EGW’s message “for this time” (LDE 190:1) was “___________________ ” (LDE 95:2); and get out “as ___________________ as ___________________.” (LDE 95:1; cf. also 97:1; 100:0; 106:2) LDE-SG 16.1

2. Which two chapters of the Bible did EGW especially single out as detailing the potential dangers posed for those who remain living in the cities in the last days?
a. ___________________
b. ___________________ (LDE 95:4)
LDE-SG 16.2

3. Even though vacated by the righteous, the cities are not to be neglected, left unworked, and abandoned:
a. “As did Enoch, we must ___________________ in the cities but not ___________________ in them.” (LDE 96:2)
b. “The cities are to be worked from ___________________.” (LDE 96:3)
c. “For the present, ___________________ will be obliged to labor in Chicago [and other large cities], but these should be preparing ___________________ in rural districts from which to work the city.” (LDE 96:3LDE 96:6-97:0)
LDE-SG 16.3

4. When was the “now” when SDAs should “begin to heed” EGW’s repeated counsels to leave the cities in favor of “rural districts”? ____________________. (LDE 100:0) LDE-SG 16.4

5. In relocating SDA institutions in more rural areas, care must be taken not to go too far out and away from the cities, lest:
a. “They cannot be ___________________ with them [city-dwellers], to them good, [and] to let light shine.” (LDE 101:1)
b. Institutional workers be so distanced they are not “near enough” to church offices (LDE still in the city) to be able “to ___________________ with the workers there.” (LDE 105:2)
LDE-SG 16.5

6. EGW approved of the transfer of our publishing house from Battle Creek, Mich., to Takoma Park, MD, at the turn of the century; but with an eye on possible changing conditions, she also recognized that another move to a more rural area might be necessary: “If, after a time ___________________, ___________________” from the greater Washington area. (LDE 105:1) LDE-SG 16.6

7. DISADVANTAGES to living in the cities: LDE-SG 17.1

a. Personal/Physical Safety:
(1) Very soon God will rain “___________________ and ___________________” upon these cities. (LDE 95:3)
(2) The general “___________________ and ___________________” in the cities, plus “conditions brought about by the ___________________ and ___________________ would prove a great hindrance to our work.” (LDE 96:4)
(3) In the cities there would more likely be “___________________ of enemies.” (LDE 100:0)
LDE-SG 17.2

b. Conditions Particularly Unfavorable to Youth:
(1) During school hours: “Every phase of ___________________ is waiting to ___________________ and ___________________ them,” making character-building ___________________ harder for both parents and children. (LDE 98:1)
(2) After school hours: Children, with nothing to do,“obtain a ___________________” from which “they acquire habits of ___________________ and ___________________.” (LDE 97:3; cf. also LDE 98:2, LDE 98:3; LDE 106:2)
LDE-SG 17.3

c. Health Considerations:
(1) “The whole system is ___________________ by the ___________________, ___________________, and ___________________” of the city (LDE 98:5)--particularly by the “___________________ and ___________________” of noise created by public and private transportation. (LDE 98:4)
(2) The “peril to health” and “many evils to be met” from city-living include: “the ___________________ liability to contact with ___________________, the prevalence of ___________________ air, ___________________ water, ___________________ food, the crowded, dark, unhealthful ___________________. ” (LDE 99:2; cf. also 100:0; 103:0; 104:1; 106:0; 108:2)
LDE-SG 18.1

8. ADVANTAGES of Country Living: LDE-SG 18.2

a. Financial:
(1) Availability of land/houses, “without a ___________________ of ___________________.” (LDE 101:4; cf. also 105:3)
(2) Often one may “also find ___________________” (LDE 101:4), as well as a lower cost of living and lower institutional operating expense. (LDE 106:0)
(3) A garden enables one to provide food, especially in the future time of trouble when “the problem of ___________________ and ___________________ will be a very serious one.” (LDE 99:4-100:0; cf. also 95:1; 99:3)
LDE-SG 18.3

b. Health Concerns: LDE-SG 18.4

Apart from a rural environment aiding the achievement and maintenance of good health, we find here “the most favorable conditions for ___________________ of ___________________.” (LDE 103:2) LDE-SG 18.5

c. Educational Benefits:
(1) A rural setting may facilitate ___________________ being “educated in the ___________________ of the ___________________” (LDE 103:0) “and the ___________________ of ___________________.” (LDE 102:2)
(2) Equally important is “___________________” (LDE 102:2) and the learning of building construction techniques “in a ___________________ manner.” (LDE 108:1)
LDE-SG 18.6

d. Spiritual Benefits:
Our priority in lifework is “to seek for ___________________” (LDE 97:2); a rural setting enables us to “be alone with God, to learn His ___________________ and ___________________” (LDE 97:1) in “lessons of ___________________ and ___________________.” (LDE 95:1)
LDE-SG 18.7