Last Day Events -- Study Guide


Chapter 8

Pages 109-122

1. The Bible notes that the first builders of cities were people who chose to live in rebellion against God. What is a possible reason for this? (LDE 109:1, LDE 109:2)

LDE-SG 19.1

2. What is to be the condition of cities just prior to Jesus’ return? Have they reached this condition yet? (LDE 110:3)

LDE-SG 19.2

3. Draw a mental picture of the judgments coming upon the cities of earth. (LDE 110:5-111:5)

LDE-SG 19.3

4. What will determine the extent of the judgment for each city? (LDE 111:3)

LDE-SG 19.4

5. What is in store for:
a. New York City (LDE 112:3-113:2)
b. Chicago and Los Angeles (LDE 113:3-114:0)
c. San Francisco and Oakland (LDE 114:1-3)
d. Other great cities (LDE 115:2)
LDE-SG 19.5

6. What will be the impact of labor unions upon Adventists at the end of time? (LDE 116:3-117:3)

LDE-SG 20.1

7. What does God require from us on behalf of the cities? (LDE 117:4-118:3)

LDE-SG 20.2

8. What plan has God presented for the work in cities and the work of the church in general? (LDE 120:1)

LDE-SG 20.3

9. What is the signal to move out of the large cities? (LDE 121:1)

LDE-SG 20.4