Last Day Events -- Study Guide


Chapter 6

Pages 75-93

1. Develop a philosophy of life that will meet the challenges of everyday life yet allow for a state of preparedness for Jesus’ soon return. (LDE 75:1-77:3) LDE-SG 14.1

2. How does true Sabbath observance preserve a knowledge of God among men? (LDE 77:4-78:2)

LDE-SG 14.2

3. What is the relationship between paying tithe and offerings and a fitness for heaven? (LDE 78:3-79:3)

LDE-SG 14.3

4. Define true temperance. (LDE 81:2)

LDE-SG 14.4

5. Why is temperance important? (LDE 81:4; 82:1)

LDE-SG 14.5

6. On the basis of the instruction given on page 82:2, 3, what menu would you plan for a day set aside for fasting and prayer?

LDE-SG 15.1

7. What are the extremes to be avoided in our association with the world? (LDE 84:3-85:0)

LDE-SG 15.2

8. What is to be done with new doctrines and interpretations of Scripture? Why? (LDE 91:3)

LDE-SG 15.3

9. What experience is to be avoid in our worship services? (LDE 93:1-3)

LDE-SG 15.4