Evangelism -- Study Guide


Chapter 10 — Establishing and Holding New Converts


A. Read pages 334-383 in EVANGELISM. Ev-SG 30.1

B. Test Your Comprehension Ev-SG 30.2

Supply the proper words in the quotations below, and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where the answer can be found. Ev-SG 30.3

1. After having presented the truth for the first time during an evangelistic series, what then needs to be done? (334:2) __________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 30.4

2. “Our efforts are not to cease because public meetings have been __________________ for a time. So long as there are _____________________ ________________________, we must give them opportunity to learn the truth.” (337:1) Ev-SG 30.5

3. “Much __________________________ upon the work done by the members of the ____________________________ in connection with and following the tent meetings that shall be held in our _____________________________.” (338:4) Ev-SG 30.6

4. Upon what points should one firmly establish new believers? (343:4)
a. ___________________________________________________________
b. ___________________________________________________________
c. ___________________________________________________________
d. ___________________________________________________________
Ev-SG 30.7

5. “Everyone who claims to be a __________________________________________ is to ____________________ the responsibility of keeping himself in ________________________________ with the guidance of the Word of God. God holds each soul ___________________________ for following, for himself, the pattern given in the life of Christ and for having a character that is ______________________ and __________________________.” (343:2) Ev-SG 30.8

6. “How much better it would be for the cause, if the messenger of truth had _______________________ and _________________________ educated these converts in regard to all these essential matters, even if there were ___________________ whom he could number as being added to the church under his labors.” (343:5) Ev-SG 31.1

7. “When men and women accept the truth, we are not to ____________________ and ________________________ them and have no further burden for them. They are to be looked after. They are to be _________________________ as a __________________________ upon the soul, and we must watch over them as stewards who must render an _______________________.” (345:2) Ev-SG 31.2

8. What must be rooted out of the heart, and why? ((347:2)
a. ___________________________________________________________
b. ___________________________________________________________
Ev-SG 31.3

9. A little corner of the sermon should be reserved for whom? (349:1) ___________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 31.4

10. What sermon topic should be presented to statesmen, learned men and “honorable Ev-SG 31.5

personages”? (350:1) __________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________. Ev-SG 31.6

11. “Those who have newly come to the _____________________________ should be ___________________________ and ____________________________ dealt with, and it is the duty of the ______________________________ members of the church to devise ways and means to provide help and sympathy and instruction for those who have conscientiously withdrawn from other churches for the truth’s sake, and thus cut themselves off from the pastoral labor to which they have been accustomed.” (351:1) Ev-SG 31.7

12. “The ministers may do their part, but they can never perform the work that the ________________________ should do. God requires His _____________________ to nurse those who are young in faith and experience, to go to them, not for the purpose of _____________________ with them, but to ________________________, to speak unto them words that are “like apples of gold in pictures of silver.” (352:1) Ev-SG 31.8

13. “Personal responsibility, personal activity in seeking the _____________________ of others, must be the _________________________ given to all newly come to the faith . . .” (354:2) Ev-SG 31.9

14. Why is it that some new believers do not advance? (355:2) _____________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 32.1

15. “Those who are most ____________________ employed in doing with interested fidelity their work to win ______________________ to Jesus Christ, are the best developed in ____________________________ and __________________________.” (356:3) Ev-SG 32.2

16. “Many know so _____________________________ about their that they are unsettled in the faith. They remove the old landmarks, and ______________________________ and _______________________________ of doctrine blow them hither and thither.” (362:3) Ev-SG 32.3

17. So that new believers will be firmly established in the faith, what books should they read? (366:3)
a. ___________________________________________________________
b. ___________________________________________________________
c. ___________________________________________________________
d. ___________________________________________________________
Ev-SG 32.4

18. “The efforts made to cleanse the church from moral ________________________ must be made in God’s ________________________. There must be no ___________________, no hypocrisy. There must be no _______________________________, whose sins are regarded as less sinful that those of others.” (369:0) Ev-SG 32.5

19. Concerning the matter of rebaptism, how should we deal with the brethren who have come from other religious bodies who had a Bible baptism but did not have a full knowledge of the truth? Why? (374:2, 3) _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 32.6

20. “Wherever a company of believers is raised up, a _________________________ of ______________________________ should be built. Let not the workers leave the place without accomplishing this.” (376:1) Ev-SG 32.7

21. “In ____________________________ city where the truth is proclaimed, ________________________ are to be raised up. In some _____________________ cities there must be churches in _______________________ ___________________________ of the city. In some places, meeting houses will be offered for sale at reasonable rates, which can be purchased __________________________.” (377:1) Ev-SG 33.1

22. “We have no command from God to erect a building which will compare for richness and splendor with the ___________________________. But we are to build a humble house of worship, ____________________________ and ____________________________, _______________________________ and ___________________________ in its design.” (377:3) Ev-SG 33.2

23. When planning to build a church, what other provision should be made as well? (380:2) ____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 33.3

24. “Instead of keeping the ___________________ at work for the churches that already know the truth, let the members of the churches say to these laborers: ‘Go work for souls that are perishing in darkness. We ourselves will carry forward the services of the church. We will keep up the meetings, and, by abiding in ______________ will maintain _______________ life. We will work for souls that are about us, and we will send our ____________________ and our _____________________ to sustain the laborers in more ___________________ and ____________________ fields.’” (382:1) Ev-SG 33.4

C. For Meditation Ev-SG 33.5

1. What am I doing to help establish new converts in the faith?

Ev-SG 33.6

2. By the fruits that are evident in my life, could it be said that I am under the influence of the Holy Spirit?

Ev-SG 33.7

3. Am I now “rooted and grounded” in the truth so that I am able to stand firm against the temptations of the enemy?

Ev-SG 33.8

4. As a church member, am I a help to the pastor and an inspiration to my fellow brothers and sisters in the faith?

Ev-SG 33.9