Evangelism -- Study Guide


Chapter 9 — Clinching the Interest

Date_______________ Ev-SG 26.1

A. Read pages 279-333 in EVANGELISM.. Ev-SG 26.2

B. Test Your Comprehension Ev-SG 26.3

Supply the proper words in the quotations below, and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where the answer can be found. Ev-SG 26.4

1. “It is not flowery discourses that are needed, not a ________________________ of words without meaning. Our ministers are to preach in a way that will _____________________ people to grasp vital ____________________________.” (279:2) Ev-SG 26.5

2. “In ______________________ discourse fervent ___________________ should be made to the people to ______________________________ their sins and turn to Christ.” (280:3) Ev-SG 26.6

3. Conversion leads on to what experience? (289:2-290:0) _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 26.7

4. “We must have more than an intellectual belief in the truth. Many of the Jews were convinced that Jesus was the Son of God, but they were too proud and ambitious to ___________________________. They decided to resist the truth, and they maintained their opposition. They did not receive into the _______________________ the truth as it is in Jesus.” (291:1) Ev-SG 26.8

5. Who actually effects the work of saving souls? (291:2) _____________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 26.9

6. “The conversion of souls to God is the ______________________________ work, the ________________________________ work, in which human beings can have a part.” (292:1) Ev-SG 26.10

7. What precaution must we take regarding those who show a great interest in the truth? (295:1)________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 27.1

8. “Every expression that you have ever been in the habit of making, people and ministers, that is ______________________ or ______________________, every practice of thrusting upon the people the very strongest positions, that they are no more prepared to receive than a baby to receive _______________________________, must be put aside. There must be a _________________ __________________, Christ must be woven into everything that is argumentative as the ____________ and the ________________ of the garment.” (299:4-300:0) Ev-SG 27.2

9. What must we do in order to be able to respond to the attacks of the enemy with meekness and humility? (303:1) __________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 27.3

10. “We must expect to meet unbelief and opposition. The truth has always had to ________________________ with these elements. But though you should meet the ______________________ opposition, do not ___________________ your opponents. They may think, as did Paul, that they are doing God service; and to such we must manifest _______________________, ____________________, and long-suffering . . .” (305:2) Ev-SG 27.4

11. “There is need of a more thorough ___________________________ on the part of candidates for baptism. They are in need of more _____________________ instruction than has usually been given them. . . . We are not only to say, ‘I believe,’ but to practice the truth.” (308:4-309:0) Ev-SG 27.5

12. “The test of discipleship is not brought to bear as ____________________ as it should be upon those who present themselves for ______________________.” (311:2) Ev-SG 27.6

13. What is one subject on which new converts will need proper instruction? (312:1) _____________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 27.7

14. “There is one thing that we have no right to do, and that is to ____________________ another man’s heart or ____________________ his motives. Ev-SG 27.8

But when a person presents himself as a candidate for church membership, we are to examine the _____________________ of his ________________________, and leave the responsibility of his motive with himself. But great _____________________ should be exercised in accepting members into the church; for Satan has his specious devices through which he purposes to ___________________ ______________________ brethren into the church, through whom he can work more successfully to __________________________ the cause of God.” (313:3) Ev-SG 27.9

15. “After the believing soul has received the ordinance of baptism, he is to _______________ __________ ________________________ that he is dedicated to God, to Christ, and to the Holy Spirit . . .” (315:3) Ev-SG 28.1

16. “It is the grace of Christ that gives life to the soul. Apart from __________________, baptism, like any other service, is a worthless form.” (318:3) Ev-SG 28.2

17. Describe what happens when one receives salvation. (319:1)
a. ____________________________ b. ____________________________
c. ____________________________ d. _____________________________
Ev-SG 28.3

18. “The accession of members who have not been renewed in heart and reformed in life is a source of ____________________________ to the church. This fact is often ignored. Some ministers and churches are _______________________ _____________________ of securing an increase of _________________ that they do not bear faithful testimony against unchristian habits and practices. Those who accept the truth are not taught that they cannot _____________________ be worldlings in conduct while they are Christians in name.” (319:3) Ev-SG 28.4

19. “God would be better pleased to have ____________________________ (persons) ____________________________ converted to the truth as the result of their (the ministers’) labors, than to have ______________________________ make a _____________________________ _____________________________, and yet not be thoroughly converted.” (320:1) Ev-SG 28.5

20. If a minister leaves his field of labor as soon as a group of converts accept the truth, what will be the result? (322:1) _____________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 28.6

21. If new believers are not firmly grounded in the Word of God and thoroughly converted to Christ, and have not made radical changes in their lives, what will happen? (322:2)_____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 28.7

22. “When a minister enters a field, he should work that field _____________________ . . . If he has ________________________ instructed those under his care, when he leaves for other fields of labor the work will not _____________________ ______________________; it will be bound off so firmly as to be secure.” (322:3-323:0) Ev-SG 28.8

23. What counsel is given us concerning city evangelism? (323:1)_______________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 28.9

24. “Our ministers must be educated and trained to do their work more ______________. They should ______________ _____________________________ the work and not leave it to ravel out. And they should look especially after the interests they have created, and not _________________________ _________________________ and never have any special interest after leaving a church.” (324:1) Ev-SG 29.1

25. What is the reason we suffer such great losses when holding efforts in the large cities? (328:1) _______________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 29.2

26. “In comparison to the number that reject the truth, those that receive it will be _________________________ __________________________, but one soul is of more value than ____________________________ beside. We must not become discouraged, although our work does not seem to bring large returns.” (329:3) Ev-SG 29.3

27. Why does the gospel work meet with so little comparative success? (333:2) a. ____________________________ b. ___________________________ Ev-SG 29.4

C. For Meditation Ev-SG 29.5

1. Do I perceive the many people around me who are on the verge of the kingdom, waiting only to be gathered in? (292:2)
Ev-SG 29.6

2. As a parent am I conscientiously fulfilling the responsibility entrusted to me regarding the spiritual welfare of my children?

Ev-SG 29.7

3. Am I conscious of the fact that Satan does not want me to give myself unconditionally to the Lord?

Ev-SG 29.8