Evangelism -- Study Guide


Chapter 11 — The Work in The Large American Cities


A. Read pages 384-406 in EVANGELISM. Ev-SG 34.1

B. Test Your Comprehension Ev-SG 34.2

Supply the proper words in the quotations below, and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where the answer can be found. Ev-SG 34.3

1. What other good means are there for evangelizing large cities? (386:1) _____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 34.4

2. “The men in the business houses of New York and other large _________________, as verily as the ________________________ in foreign lands, must be reached with the message.” (388:2) Ev-SG 34.5

3. What happened in the big eastern cities in the United States? (389:2) _____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 34.6

4. “The ________________________ missionary work is a _________________ through which the truth is to find entrance to many homes in the ___________________. In every city will be found those who will appreciate the truths of the third angel’s message . . .” (391:2) Ev-SG 34.7

5. In what way can the medical work be linked with the evangelistic work? (392:2) _____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Ev-SG 34.8

6. “There is a great work _____________ ______________ ________________ in sounding the gospel ______________________________________ for this time in these _________________________________________ cities, . . . . .” (406:4) Ev-SG 34.9

C. For Meditation Ev-SG 34.10

Do you believe that the counsel given by the Spirit of Prophecy concerning how the work is to be accomplished in the large U.S. cities can be applied to our large cities also?.

Ev-SG 34.11