Early Writings -- Study Guide


Lesson 2

17. Not everything was explained immediately to Ellen in the vision. What Bible prophet had a similar experience? (37)

EW-SG 10.1

18. What instructions were given to the four angels holding the four winds? (38)

EW-SG 10.2

19. Review the effect our actions have upon the angels. (39)

EW-SG 10.3

20. When Ellen traveled to other worlds, what did she notice about the physical size of the inhabitants? (40)

EW-SG 10.4

21. When she asked why they were more lovely than those on earth, what was the reply? (40)

EW-SG 10.5

22. Review her conversation with Enoch. (40)

EW-SG 10.6

23. What final promise did the angel give Ellen that will affect us as well? (40)

EW-SG 10.7

24. At what place in the heavens did Ellen White see the Holy City would come through? (41)

EW-SG 10.8

25. At what time in history would the commandments of God shine out with all their importance? (42) EW-SG 10.9

26. When only could the present test on the Sabbath come to inhabitants of the earth? (42)

EW-SG 11.1

27. How will Satan use spirit manifestations of our relatives and friends to deceive in the last days? (87)

EW-SG 11.2

28. How may we successfully resist this delusion? (87)

EW-SG 11.3

29. What opportunity has the Lord given us to discover the snare regarding spiritualism? (89)

EW-SG 11.4

30. How does Satan use spiritualism to confuse us regarding the work of the apostles? (90)

EW-SG 11.5

31. How does Ellen later explain her statement that the time for salvation for sinners is past? (45)

EW-SG 11.6

1. Why are the temptations of Satan greater now than ever before? (46)

EW-SG 12.1

2. When we overcome trials, what effect does it have upon our later life? (46)

EW-SG 12.2

3. How are we to relate to a bitter cup that God may give us to drink? (47)

EW-SG 12.3

4. We must be _____________________ of Christ’s _____________________ here if we would share in His _____________________. (47) EW-SG 12.4

5. How can we show that we are followers of Jesus? (48)

EW-SG 12.5

6. What is done to rescue souls from the coming storm of wrath must be done before what happens? (48)

EW-SG 12.6

7. What meaning can be attached to the various symbols in William Miller’s dream? (81)

EW-SG 12.7

8. What will keep some from singing the song of redeeming love in heaven? (50)

EW-SG 12.8

9. Some are to sustain the cause by strength to _____________________ and others are to sustain it by their _____________________. (50) EW-SG 13.1

10. Will any of us be compelled to sacrifice? Explain your answer. (50)

EW-SG 13.2

11. In applying Malachi 4:1, Ellen White says that Satan is the _____________________, and his children are the _____________________. (52) EW-SG 13.3

12. In later comment on the January, 1850, vision, Ellen White says that the counsel regarding means applies more to that time than later. What change in emphasis did she make later? (93)

EW-SG 13.4

13. How was one brother hurt by putting too much means in his hands? (93)

EW-SG 13.5

14. What error were those who had no property guilty of? (95)

EW-SG 13.6

15. How is the writing of error different from the writing of truth? (96)

EW-SG 13.7

16. What will finally cause the destruction, or death, of the wicked? (52)

EW-SG 13.8