Early Writings -- Study Guide


Lesson 3

17. The saints will sit in judgment after they are changed to _____________________ and after they receive their _____________________, their _____________________, and their _____________________. (52) EW-SG 14.1

18. The book of life contains _____________________, and the book of death contains _____________________. (52) EW-SG 14.2

19. At what time will Jesus stand upon the Mount of Olives again? (53)

EW-SG 14.3

20. The fire that comes from God at the end of the millennium will accomplish what two things? (54)

EW-SG 14.4

21. In vision, Ellen was told by Jesus that if she should behold the glory of the Father, she would cease to _____________________. (54) EW-SG 14.5

22. How does Ellen later explain her statement that she saw the Father rise from the throne? (92)

EW-SG 14.6

23. How does she explain her statement that Satan appeared to be by the throne and that a company was bowed before the throne? (92)

EW-SG 14.7

24. When Jesus breathed upon the righteous, what was in the breath? (55)

EW-SG 14.8

25. When Satan breathed upon his followers, what was in it? (56)

EW-SG 15.1

26. Why are the saints not to lay up food for the time of trouble? (56)

EW-SG 15.2

27. How may the righteous know when they should dispose of houses and lands? (56)

EW-SG 15.3

28. How is it possible for us to keep from having a place in our foreheads for the seal of the living God? (58)

EW-SG 15.4

29. We are to live and act holy in reference to the _____________________. (58) EW-SG 15.5

30. Rapping and mesmerism will yet be used by Satan’s followers to account for what events in Christ’s life? (59)

EW-SG 15.6

Note: The term “messengers” was early used for those who were ministers in the Advent cause. It is of interest to note that Ellen White used this term in regard to her own work as well. Though she had clear indication that she had the prophetic gift, she chose to use the title “messenger” rather than “prophet.” EW-SG 15.7

1. Why could not God use some would-be messengers? (62)

EW-SG 16.1

2. What group would be first to run before God sends them? (62)

EW-SG 16.2

3. What other group was apt to be urged into the field too quickly as messengers? (63)

EW-SG 16.3

4. What two subjects were the principle ones on which messengers should dwell? (63)

EW-SG 16.4

5. What would happen if messengers would wait until every obstacle is moved out of their way? (63)

EW-SG 16.5

6. Which commandment was given to help us to best remember our Creator? (65) EW-SG 16.6

7. One who thinks to change this commandment puts himself in what position regarding God? (65)

EW-SG 16.7

8. In order not to receive the mark of the beast, when must we make a decision regarding the institution of the beast? (67)

EW-SG 16.8

9. Those who opposed the Sabbath among the Advent people at this time were some of the Millerite Adventists. This was the larger group that survived the disappointment of 1844. In contrast with this group, those who observed the Sabbath of the Bible were united in what way? (68)

EW-SG 17.1

10. Ellen White often refers to a scattering and a gathering time. The scattering time was the few brief years following the disappointment. Obviously, the gathering time had begun by 1850. What did she see the Lord was doing among those who claimed to be Adventists, but who were rejecting the present truth? (69)

EW-SG 17.2

11. What is the effect of rejecting the light of truth? (70)

EW-SG 17.3

12. What careless actions sometimes cause petitions to be shut out of heaven? (70)

EW-SG 17.4

13. Who only will receive the seal of the living God in the time of trouble? (71)

EW-SG 17.5