Early Writings -- Study Guide


Lesson 1

17. Review details of the description of Jesus as Ellen saw Him. (16)

EW-SG 6.1

18. How long will it take for the righteous to ascend to the sea of glass when Christ returns? (16)

EW-SG 6.2

19. What is unusual about the appearance of the tree of life in heaven? (17)

EW-SG 6.3

20. What happened when the saved tried to recall their greatest trials? (17)

EW-SG 6.4

21. Review the descriptions of the following: The city. Flowers. The grass. The beasts. The woods. (18)

EW-SG 6.5

22. What was the meaning of the red border on the garments of a company Ellen met? (18, 19)

EW-SG 6.6

23. Review the description of the table prepared in heaven. (19)

EW-SG 6.7

24. Why was Ellen refused the opportunity of eating of the fruit of the tree of life? (19, 20)

EW-SG 6.8

25. How did Ellen react to the world after she came out of this vision? (20)

EW-SG 7.1

26. A week after the first vision, what message was given to Ellen in another vision? What was her reaction? (20)

EW-SG 7.2

27. How did the Lord promise to keep Ellen White from exaltation or pride? (21)

EW-SG 7.3

28. Some claimed Ellen’s visions came through mesmerism (hypnotism). Later when she was given a vision and she resisted it, thinking it might be mesmerism, what happened? (21, 22)

EW-SG 7.4

29. What was Ellen White shown in vision regarding the two fanaticisms in Maine, and how was her counsel received? (22)

EW-SG 7.5

30. What promise was given to Ellen when she was caught in a violent storm? (23)

EW-SG 7.6

31. Ellen was given 50 texts in vision at this time. Review these briefly. Do you see evidence of their being a basis for future beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church? (24-31)

EW-SG 7.7

1. In a vision given in 1847, what articles of furniture did Ellen see in the holy place of heaven’s temple? (32)

EW-SG 7.8

2. What furniture did she see in the Most Holy Place in heaven’s temple? (32)

EW-SG 8.1

3. Who was in the Most Holy Place, and what was He doing? (32)

EW-SG 8.2

4. List the three objects that Ellen saw inside the ark. (32)

EW-SG 8.3

5. What was unusual about the appearance of the two tables of stone inside the ark? (32, 33)

EW-SG 8.4

6. What was she especially shown about the Sabbath? (33)

EW-SG 8.5

7. Ellen saw that the Sabbath would be a separating wall between what two groups? (33)

EW-SG 8.6

8. How does Ellen explain the time of trouble she speaks of in connection with this vision? (85)

EW-SG 8.7

9. Will the latter rain come before or after the seven last plagues are poured out? What is it designed to accomplish? (86) EW-SG 8.8

10. When Ellen White speaks of this time of trouble, she is obviously talking about a time of trouble that will come after the close of probation and just before Christ’s return. What will happen at that time when the wicked try to kill the righteous? (34)

EW-SG 9.1

11. Review the description of the Second Advent shown Ellen White. (35)

EW-SG 9.2

12. Jesus will not leave the Most Holy Place until what happens? (36)

EW-SG 9.3

13. When God puts on the garments of vengeance, what will happen on this earth? (36)

EW-SG 9.4

14. Why do the plagues enrage the wicked? (36)

EW-SG 9.5

15. When the decree goes out to slay the saints, this is the time of _____________________. (37) EW-SG 9.6

16. Who are the company that Ellen was shown were howling in agony? (37)

EW-SG 9.7