Early Writings -- Study Guide


Lesson 11

17. Satan lays his snares especially for what group? (266)

EW-SG 43.5

18. What is one of Satan’s most effective snares? (266)

EW-SG 43.6

19. What work does Satan especially try to do to ministers? (267)

EW-SG 43.7

20. How much did Judas prize his Lord? (268)

EW-SG 43.8

21. How does Satan taunt the heavenly angels regarding those who are professing to be Christ’s followers? (268)

EW-SG 44.1

22. When does God become weary of us? (268)

EW-SG 44.2

23. Every _____________________ person will fall out by the way. (269)

EW-SG 44.3

24. During the shaking, what are evil angels doing? What are angels of God doing? (269)

EW-SG 44.4

25. What was Ellen White shown would be the means of shaking God’s people? (270)

EW-SG 44.5

26. Who will especially be shaken out and left by the way? (271)

EW-SG 44.6

27. What will happen to their places in the ranks of the church? (271)

EW-SG 44.7

28. What will be the effect of the outpouring of the latter rain upon those who receive it? (271)

EW-SG 44.8

29. How will the zeal and power of the people of God affect the wicked or unbelievers? (272)

EW-SG 44.9

1. What has happened in the church since the second angel’s message has been proclaimed? (273)

EW-SG 45.1

2. What two things are hateful to the carnal heart? (273)

EW-SG 45.2

3. How will the spirit of persecution be awakened in the last days? (274)

EW-SG 45.3

4. What contradiction can be seen among those who are holding other human beings in slavery? (275)

EW-SG 45.4

5. What will God do with those slaves who have been held in ignorance and degradation? (276)

EW-SG 45.5

6. What is the message of the mighty angel that follows the third angel? (277)

EW-SG 45.6

7. This message joins the third angel’s message, even as the _____________________ joined the _____________________ angel’s message in 1844. (277) EW-SG 45.7

8. What did Ellen White see the servants of God doing in the last days? (278, 279)

EW-SG 45.8

9. The precious were hurried out of the doomed churches as _____________________ was hurried out of _____________________ before her destruction. (279) EW-SG 46.1

10. When Jesus will move out of the most holy place, how will this affect human beings on this earth? (280)

EW-SG 46.2

11. Over which group will Satan obtain entire control? (280)

EW-SG 46.3

12. What happens while Jesus tarries a moment at the end of His work in the heavenly sanctuary? (280, 281)

EW-SG 46.4

13. When Jesus lays off His priestly attire, what does He put on? (281)

EW-SG 46.5

14. What two reactions come upon the wicked who begin receiving the plagues? (281)

EW-SG 46.6

15. What kind of famine will there be in the land at that time? (281)

EW-SG 46.7

16. What happens among families who are finally included among the wicked? (282)

EW-SG 46.8

17. Which group suffers tenfold greater that the rest of the wicked? (282)

EW-SG 47.1