Early Writings -- Study Guide


Lesson 10

16. What were the waiting companies correct in? What was their mistake? (243)

EW-SG 40.1

17. How was the disappointment resolved for 1) the disciples who came to the sepulcher, 2) the disappointed Millerites? (244)

EW-SG 40.2

18. Which was the greater of the disappointments--that of the Millerites or of the disciples? (245)

EW-SG 40.3

19. How are different ones affected by the light of the angel who comes to prepare for the second coming of Christ? (245)

EW-SG 40.4

20. How did the first disappointment in 1843 affect the majority of the Millerites? (247)

EW-SG 40.5

21. Compare the experience of Elisha with those who looked for the second coming of Christ at the time of Miller. (247, 248)

EW-SG 40.6

22. What did those who rejected and opposed the light of the first angel’s message lose? (249)

EW-SG 40.7

23. What door did Jesus close in 1844? What door did He open? (250)

EW-SG 40.8

24. What took place in heaven at the close of the prophetic period in 1844? (251)

EW-SG 41.1

25. What represents the prayers of God’s people in the heavenly sanctuary? (252)

EW-SG 41.2

26. How do the sanctuary in heaven and earth compare? (252)

EW-SG 41.3

27. Contrast the work of the priests in the earthly sanctuary with that of Christ in heaven regarding the offering of the sacrifice. (253)

EW-SG 41.4

28. When did the earthly priest enter the most holy place to cleanse it? When did Jesus enter the most holy of heaven’s sanctuary to cleanse it? (253)

EW-SG 41.5

1. When Jesus moved into the holiest of heaven’s sanctuary, what message was sent to the world? (254)

EW-SG 41.6

2. What two groups are included in the judgment that is going on at the present time? (254)

EW-SG 41.7

3. As Jesus opened the door to the most holy, what light was seen? (254) EW-SG 41.8

4. What is special about the fourth commandment on the tables of stone in heaven’s ark? (255)

EW-SG 42.1

5. Why is it important to understand the three angels’ messages in their order? (256)

EW-SG 42.2

6. Why did Miller not accept the third angel’s message and the commandments of God? (257)7. Why was William Miller allowed to be laid in the grave? (258)

EW-SG 42.3

8. What promise do we have regarding his grave? (258)

EW-SG 42.4

9. What benefit was lost by those who rejected the testimony of John the Baptist? (259)

EW-SG 42.5

10. How is the rejection of John the Baptist parallel to the Advent movement of our time? (260)

EW-SG 42.6

11. What was Ellen White shown regarding honest ones among nominal Adventists and the fallen churches? (261)

EW-SG 42.7

12. Describe the power Satan has relating to our dead relatives. (262)

EW-SG 42.8

13. How can we be saved from being deluded by spiritualism and supposed contact with the dead? (262)

EW-SG 43.1

14. For what purpose does Satan assign the role of apostles to some of his angels? The role of infidels to others? (264)

EW-SG 43.2

15. Satan substitutes _____________________ in place of the Bible. (265) EW-SG 43.3

16. Satan makes the Saviour of the world to be no more than a _____________________. (265) EW-SG 43.4