Early Writings -- Study Guide


Lesson 12

18. What will angels provide for the righteous while the wicked are going through the time of trouble? (282)

EW-SG 47.2

19. When the decree goes forth for the righteous to be executed, what unusual help will be given them? (283)

EW-SG 47.3

20. Why will God not allow the wicked to destroy any of those who are expecting translation? (284)

EW-SG 47.4

21. When God chooses to deliver His people, what happens in the physical, or natural, world? (285)

EW-SG 47.5

22. What special group will be raised at this time? (285)

EW-SG 47.6

23. Review the second coming of Christ, His appearance, and the order of events. (286)

EW-SG 48.1

24. How will the righteous be different in appearance when they are resurrected from when they died? (287)

EW-SG 48.2

25. Who will bring the crowns for the righteous, and Who will place them on our heads? (288)

EW-SG 48.3

26. Where will Jesus lead the righteous? (289)

EW-SG 48.4

27. After the saints have been delivered, where do the wicked turn their rage? (290)

EW-SG 48.5

28. Where will Satan make his home for a thousand years? How will he be limited? (290)

EW-SG 48.6

29. At the end of one thousand years, where does the heavenly city finally settle? (291)

EW-SG 48.7

30. Contrast the appearance of the wicked at their resurrection with the righteous when they are raised. (292)

EW-SG 48.8

31. What unusual response will the wicked give to the return of Christ to the earth? (292)

EW-SG 49.1

32. What kinds of activity are taken up by the resurrected wicked? (293)

EW-SG 49.2

33. The same fire that destroys the _____________________ will _____________________ the earth. (295) EW-SG 49.3